Castlot Hero System Guide

Castlot Hero System Guide by Castlot Team

In Castlot, facing the formidable enemies or NPCs, you are not the only fighter struggling in the fierce battle. You can conquer or award the brave epic heroes to assist you to reach the top. Click the bottom-right shortcut Hero to view your current heroes.

How to recruit epic heroes?
Click the bottom-right shortcut Hero and then click the Epic Hero tab. In the Epic Hero panel, click the Conquer or Award button to recruit them. Once recruited, the avatar of the epic hero will be lit up.

You can also check the detailed information of the hero you recruited in the Hero panel, such as Level, Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intellect, Talent, War Element, etc.

Hero Training
One of the efficient ways to upgrade your heroes is to send them to get some training in the Avalon Training. You will gain bountiful EXP in the Avalon Training. The longer you train, the more EXP you will gain. You can use Diamond or Magic Potion in the training to gain more EXP.

There are 4 different Training Mode in the Avalon Training: 2-Hour Mode, 2-Hour Advanced Mode, 8-Hour Mode, 8-Hour Advanced Mode. Using the advanced mode will grant you with 150% EXP.

Hero Attributes
There are four attributes for the hero: Stamina, Strength, Intellect and Agility. Different attributes have different effect on an hero.
Stamina: affect hero’s Armor and HP limit.
Strength: affect hero’s Damage.
Agility: affect hero’s Crit Chance and Armor, Marching, Skill releasing and PK Speed.
Intellect: affect the yields of resources and speed of building construction if appointed as Castellan.

Increase of Hero Attributes
Attribute Points Allocation: Each upgrade of the hero will generate certain Attribute Points. Attribute Points can be allocated to increase the four basic attributes. Click the Attribute button to enter the Allocate & Wash Attributes panel. Click the small icon “+” to allocate the attribute points.

Attribute Boost: You can also increase the attributes of the hero by boosting in the Attribute panel. Attribute books are required for the boosting. Stamina Book is used for boosting a hero’s Stamina; Strength Book is used for boosting a hero’s Strength; Agility Book is used for boosting a hero’s Agility; Intellect Book is used for boosting a hero’s Intellect.

You can buy the attribute books in the Shop and click the Boost button to increase certain attributes of the hero.

Equipment: Every lord desires for supreme equipment because they can increase their attributes, Damage and Armor to a great extent. It makes a difference to the heroes’ attributes when they wear different equipment: Weapon, Shield, Cloak, Helmet, Necklace, Spaulders, Cuirass, Belt, Ring, Tasset, Shoes, etc.

Hero Ranking
There is a ranking list for the lords to show their formidable heroes in the Hero Hall. You can view the Level, Stamina, Strength, Intellect and Agility of other lords’ same heroes in this list. The lords with the hero of highest level and attributes in the faction will be ranked in the front of the list.

Go and find your name in the list. Are you recorded in the first page of the list? Now try hard to reach the top of the list to show your great power.

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