Castlot Talents and War Elements Guide

Castlot Talents and War Elements Guide by Castlot Team

Talents and War Elements are two distinctive features in Castlot. Taking advantage of the Hero’s Talents and War Elements can be crucial to the combat results. You can check out every hero’s Talent and War Element in the Hero Hall.

Every Hero will be randomly assigned with certain Talent and War Element which will not change until you refresh it. You can refresh Talent and War Element for free once a day. After using up the free quota, you will have to spend Diamonds for each refresh.

There are currently 16 Talents and 12 War Elements in the game, each of which has its own special effects. Unlike Talents, War Elements cannot be used alone. Two, three or four of them have to be used together to achieve the effects. Different combination of War Elements can generate different powerful combined skills to help you smash your enemies.

List of Talents

List of War Elements

How to make use of War Elements
In other words, War Elements are like scattered pieces that need to be collected. But one hero can only have one War Element, so you need to recruit other heroes to collect war elements for you. War elements are applicable in the multi-hero combat mode. For example, if you want to generate the skill Mist Siege in a battle, here are the two basic steps you need to complete:

Step 1: Recruit three different types of troops in your Barracks, which requires Barracks to be upgraded to Lv 40.
Step 2: Deploy three heroes with War Elements Siege, Mist and Confine respectively to lead the three different troops. Please note that Mercenaries and Condottieri are needless to be led by heroes. Only the other four basic types of troops have to be led.

After completing the above two steps, you can now launch an attack and watch the dazzling effects of Mist Siege.

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