World of Warcraft Gold Making in Cataclysm Guide

World of Warcraft Gold Making in Cataclysm Guide by Zurble
This guide will give you a list of things that could sell quite nicely in the Auction House or through advertising them in Trade Chat. If you are looking for bots, cheats, hacks, acount theft tools, or other dishonest methods of aquiring gold, this is not… I repeat… NOT the place to find these things. This is a guide for players who wish to make some cash while following the Blizzard Terms Of Service and who wish to avoid any scam tactics at all costs. It will consist of trade goods to gather and sell, and where / how to obtain these materials. 

Now that I got that off my chest, there is just one important quote that I need to share with you before we begin:
Time is money, friend.” – Goblin Merchants
This is absolutely correct. Goblins don’t lie!.. most of the time… um, sometimes?.. Ok, atleast this one statement is true. 

If you can take the time to gather trade goods for over an hour, this is a trait that will greatly bennifit you in the gold-making long run… If you can last longer, your profit will increase. The impatient and easily frusterated dare not tread the path I will be laying before you… If these words describe you, turn around right now before you end up in a mental hospital swinging imaginary swords at the wall yelling profanities about flying in circles and chasing shiny things.

The following lists will tell you what trade goods you should be looking for, based on professions you are trained in. If you have the gold, do not be afraid to purchase specialty bags that can only hold certain items. The proffit you make will fill in the hole quickly enough. 

Cataclism Materials Worth Gathering:

-Obsidium Ore / Obsidium Bars
-Elementium Ore / Elementium Bars
-Pyrite Ore / Pyrium Bars
-Any gems (using these in Jewelcrafting patterns will sometimes maximize profit)
-Volatile elements (also dropped by the apropriate Elemental mob)
-Truegold (with help form an Alchemist)

-Azshara’s veil
-Twilight Jasmine
-Volatile Life

-Savage Leather
-Blackened Dragonscale
-Pristine Hide

FISHING (using these in Cooking recipes will sometimes maximize profit):
-Albino Cavefish
-Algaefin Rockfish
-Blackbelly Mudfish
-Deepsea Sagefish
-Fathom Eel
-Highland Guppy
-Lavascale Catfish
-Mountain Trout
-Striped Lurker
-Volatile Water (from water fishing areas)
-Volatile Fire (from lava fishing areas)

MEAT (using these in Cooking recipes will sometimes maximize profit):
-Basilisk “Liver”
-Blood Shrimp
-Crocolisk Tail
-Delicate Wing
-Dragon Flank
-Giant Turtle Tongue
-Monstrous Claw
-Snake Eye
-Toughened Flesh

-Hypnotic Dust
-Lesser Celestial Essence
-Greater Celestial Essence
-Heavenly Shard
-Maelstrom Crystal

-Draenei Tome
-Dwarf Rune Stone
-Highborne Scroll
-Nerubian Obelisk
-Orc Blood Text
-Tol’vir Hieroglyphic
-Troll Tablet
-Vrykul Rune Stick

-Embersilk Cloth (dropped from most Humanoids in Cataclism)
-Rare Spawn loot (most Rare Spawns will drop a blue-quality item that is BoE, containing an iLevel of 333)
-Drinking a Potion of Treasure Finding will allow you to sometimes loot a Tiny Treasure Chest from mobs killed in Cataclism zones (excluding Tol Barad, potion obtained from an Alchemist) which will usually contain a random amount of Embersilk Cloth and Volatile elements and the ocasional rare trade good such as Pyrite Ore
-An Engineer can obtain extra Volatile Air if he or she has an Electrostatic Condenser in their bag
-A crafting profession can sometimes take raw trade goods, such as cloth or leather, and make bolts of cloth or heavy leather and sell them for more profit if the market is in demand. Others include Electrified Ether from Engineering or various Inks from Inscription

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