Ogame Useful Tools List

Ogame Useful Tools List by zulu

Here’s a collection of all tools, sites and addons which can be used with Ogame. Unless written so, they’re all avaliable online, without instalations.

Browser addons
See a list of all legal addons here: List of “tolerated” ogame addons

Battle simulators

Fleet simulators
Speedsim – offline version (Doesn’t copy coordinates, so it works just the same as the Online version)
GPL Ogame Simulator

Missile simulators
Raksim 2

Expedition simulators

CR converters
http://crconv.dejma.net/ – works with redesign
Takana CR converter – works with the redesign
http://www.oraiders.com/converter.php?view=combat_report – works with redesign
eZc Redesign Only CR Converter – wrong TD calculation – it adds deut to TD, otherwise works with the redesign
Halo CR Converter – works with the redesign however it messes up the names and puts tes instead of the players name
Invader Skodge CR Converter – is currently still bugged due to the redesign

Recycler report converters
Recycler Converter

IPM converter
http://b00m.forged.co.nz/index.php http://nikejoshua.comuv.com/conv/ipm.php

Cost calculators
O-Calc – calculates almost anything
http://crconv.vafan.se/acssplit.php – ACS split tool
DC Trade Calc – trade calculator
DC Graviton Calc – graviton calculator

Galaxy tools
eX0du5’s Galaxy Map Tool

Ogame statistics
Game Stats – search for any member in a universe
ostat – Ogame player stats
Server status – status of the servers

Report handling
Ogame Winner – espionage report sharing
ORP for Redesign Universes – Ogame report processor (downloadable PC version – offline)
DC Espionage Report Converter – redesign espionage report converter

Help sites

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