Fortune Online Warrior Build Guide

Fortune Online Warrior Build Guide by Atropos

Special Thanks to Mystique (or Oracle, depending on whether they’re playing as a Guardian or Warrior) for getting rank 5/5 Life Suck and Pinpoint Hack and giving me the values.


Here’s the talents I HIGHLY recommend having, as well as their ranks:

Mega Cleave Rank 1/5: This talent gives you a chance to hit more than 1 enemy with a single swing…currently have not tested if the Proc Rate is correct or goes up with additional points. It’s nice to hit more than 1 enemy, and even though it does less damage than a normal attack, it still does significant damage, especially with critical hits. Unsure if this talent works together with Anger Management, since this talent sometimes modifies your auto-attack, so it might be possible that the two work together, which means every time you multi-hit you might be getting a chance at gaining Fury from each opponent hit by the effects of this talent.

Anger Management Rank 5/5: This talent allows you to gain Fury from your auto attacks. 60% Proc rate at rank 5. A MUST have skill if you’re planning on saving Energy, as Fury attacks don’t use up Energy…also great because the Fury attack we have heals you atm, and also is an AoE (Area of Effect), and thus useful for wiping out the groups of enemies that appear.

Inexplicable Magic Physics Rank 5/5: This talent gives you a chance to reflect damage back onto your attackers, as well as allows you to gain Fury. Now I know the talent says that it gives +0 Fury, even when at Rank 5/5 but I’ve moved near a group of enemies and not attacked them, and I gained Fury as they hit me, so it does give some. Now it’s not as effective as the Anger Management for Fury Gain or Proc Rate (only 30% at Rank 5/5), but it does reflect back damage when it works that’s about equal to the Rank 1 Ubiquitous Violence skill (for minimum damage), and significantly higher than the Rank 1 Ubiquitous Violence skill (for maximum damage).

WIP: Really Significant Paper Cut Rank 5/5 vs. Pinpoint Hack Rank 5/5 vs. : OK, so both skills have the same cooldown, they give about the same amount of Fury. Pinpoint does more base damage than Paper Cut, but Paper Cut adds on a significant DoT (Damage over Time). It also seems that Paper Cut’s DoT stacks, which can lead to some MAJOR damage. Also, just to give a comparison for the base damage, Rank 5/5 Paper Cut does the same amount of BASE damage as Rank 1/5 Pinpoint. Life Suck does the same damage as Pinpoint for the corresponding Ranks, and has an increasing amount of life stolen, but has a 6 second cooldown. Also, Life Steal will give you quite a bit of life when you rank it up…probably close to 200 when you’re level 20 and have it maxed.

IMPORTANT: Also remember that to get Life Suck or Pinpoint Hack to Rank 5/5, you only need to spend 4 points in each to take it to Rank 5/5, whereas the Significant Paper Cut will cost you 5 points to get to Rank 5/5.

At level 20 Rank 5/5 Pinpoint Hack apparently does 192-256 damage
At level 20 Rank 5/5 Life Suck apparently does 192-256 damage, and heals for 192
At level 20 Rank 5/5 Significant Paper Cut does 82-109 damage, and does 33-38 Damage per Tick (5 ticks, 1 every 2 seconds)

Edit: Well, I finally have decided that getting Rank 5/5 Pinpoint Hack and 5/5 Life Suck combined with my other skills will probably be the best route. The fact that at level 20 my Life Suck does good damage and heals almost as much as my Fury (Life Suck heals 192, Fury heals 200), and that if I was able to use both in quick succession (wouldn’t be too hard to get Fury up with my current build, plus the usage of skills) it would heal me for almost 2/3 of my HP (If I had full level 20 gear on).

My build is quite efficient with Energy. I can run until the boss of the level 11-16 dungeon using about maybe 150 or less Energy, and maybe 5-6 deaths. And that was a FULL CLEAR…as in every map area explored and every monster group killed. (Btw, this was at level 16). Now once I hit the boss…well then things change a bit.

Also, I tried to focus most of my gear on +Agi and +Critical Hit. This allows me to hit criticals more often, which can be DEVASTATING with skills.

Will eventually post a final build sometime in the next couple of days.

So to recap for now my recommendations are (in this order):

Rank 1/5 Mega Cleave
Rank 5/5 Anger Management
Rank 5/5 Life Suck
Rank 5/5 Inexplicable Magic Physics
Rank 5/5 Pinpoint Hack

Focus on Critical Hit and Agility gear.

EDIT: OK so I just made the Warrior Skill guide…and while making it I found something EPIC…Here’s my new current build I’m using:

Rank 1/5 Pinpoint Hack
Rank 1/5 Mega Cleave
Rank 5/5 Life Suck
Rank 5/5 Anger Management
Rank 4/5 Inexplicable Magic Physics
Rank 5/5 Frenzied Bucket of Anger

The reason for the Frenzied Bucket of Anger? Well, if you want to know, take a look at its Rank 5 stats on my other post about Warrior skills here.

By the way…the +375 Fury is equal to right after the arrow pointing up at skill #4.

So yea…the skill basically gives you a huge bonus to Critical Hit Chance…and gives you an instant Fury basically, which is great for healing

Also, only has about a 7 second cooldown time from when it stops working on you to when it is available.
I might get rid of anger Management now, because 5 Fury is almost nothing. I’d probably put the points from it into Pinpoint Hack, maxing it, and then maybe put a point into either The Emasculator, or into Inexplicable Magic Physics.

VERSION 1.3 EDIT: So with the whole new Fury mechanism…I changed my Talent Points once again. I’m still trying to get more Agility Gear, but these are the Talents I have (which work quite well for Energy Conservation).

Rank 1/5 Pinpoint Hack
Rank 5/5 Life Suck
Rank 1/5 Mega Cleave
Rank 2/5 The Emasculator
Rank 3/5 Inexplicable Magic Physics
Rank 4/5 Weasel Dance
Rank 5/5 Frenzied Bucket of Anger

VERSION 1.4 EDIT So now that talent usage costs no Energy, I could have changed my talents back to their original settings, but I haven’t. My build still works great, and being able to use skills just is frosting on the cake…sure I might not kill things AS fast, but I mean if the Energy system is ever put to the skills again, my build will still be able to handle it.

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