Fortune Online Tips and Tricks Guide

Fortune Online Tips and Tricks Guide by Atropos

OK, so now with v1.1 out, everything has been wiped and major changes have been made! I’ll give a list of very basic tips and tricks that apply to all classes (except for one that will be just for Warrior, and one that will be just for Guardian).

1) Manage your Energy usage: Every active skill (at least that I’ve used so far) costs 2 Energy. Keep in mind that this will really add up over time, and that once you’re out of Energy…well lets just say you’ll be very disappointed. So use your skills wisely! This has been removed with version 1.4…skill spam away!

2) Trade with other players for better gear: Making friends of the other class type, or of the same class type can sometimes let you get some good gear! People pick up extras, and things they can’t use, all the time! Just try and make sure you don’t leech off em, but maybe offer them the amount of gold they’d get for selling it.

3) When partying, if you see rare drops (potions, equipment) that are NOT for your class, don’t pick them up! Potions are bound on pickup, as are rare boss drops! So don’t deny others the chance to get some good gear!

4) THERE IS NO DEATH PENALTY (aka BROG): Use this to your advantage! Rush into a group of enemies, focus on the weakest one, kill it (hopefully) and then die, and rush them again! Enemies don’t respawn, so you’ll basically destroy them one by one, and even though the run back might be really long, it may be worth more to do that than to use precious energy for skill spamming!

5) (For Warriors) When you hit level 5, put at least one point into Anger Management. It really helps! For those of you who don’t know, Fury is the yellow bar to the left of your HP. It gains when you use skills, and after it hits certain milestones on the bar, your Fury Skill will be available to use. The 1st Fury Skill is a nice one…major damage, some AoE (Area of Effect) damage, and it heals you. Keep in mind though, you may have to use skills (aka Energy) to build up your Fury meter, especially when you’re going against large groups of enemies…like what the game throws at you EVERY single time.

6) (For Guardians) You know that end boss in dungeon level 1-10? Wanna know an easy way to pwn him? Get that 1 skill on the top bar that can slow an opponent…use it on him run/spam him with Ninja, repeat.

Anyhow that’s all for now, I’ll add on more later, when I get more experience (just started playing today).

Additional information:

If an item says +10 Critical Hit Chance it means + 1% Critical Hit Chance (basically +1 Critical Hit Chance = +0.1% Critical hit Chance), same applies for Dodge Chance.

Things like Inferior Mind Brew, Thin Agility Potion, and Small Potion of Power add to a stat depending on your level. It goes +1 to stat per character level (e.g. a level 15 character would get +15 Mind from an Inferior Mind Brew, while a level 20 would get +20 from the same Inferior Mind Brew).

At level 20, each point in Agility gives about 0.06% Critical Hit Chance and 0.04% Dodge Chance.

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