Eldoran Beginner’s Guide

Eldoran Beginner’s Guide by Feanor

Welcome to the Eldoran!

After logging in the Game you arrive at the Main Location screen, from where you can visit different locations and structures.

First you should visit the Blacksmith. Here you can buy new weapons, armor and so on. When finish, click the “door” button on the right-top corner of the screen – you will enter the Main Location again.

Now you are ready to fight other players. Visit Portal where you can choose an opponent for duel battle. You can choose whether to fight in automatic or manual mode.

You also can visit a Magic Tower where you can purchase magic potions and scrolls – they will give you an advantage in combat.

Now you are acquainted with combat system and ready to walk the 3D and 2D Worlds or go down to the terrible Dungeon. There you will meet a lot of monsters and NPCs, take quests and gather some loot.
Also here you can walk in groups – team up with other players and kill strong monsters together!

As you become tired of battles it is time to visit Tavern and have a drink there to restore your Energy points. If not, your Energy will restore automatically – one point in half an hour. Here in the tavern you can find your private room (click on the stairs) and there, in chest, keep different items and elds.

If you tired of combats or going offline it is better to send your character on works. When you are working you can not fight. After each hour spent on works your character will earn some elds and to get them you should click the “Interrupt” button on work inlay.

If you want to buy special items you must have some mercurium to spend. You can purchase it in the Bank. Also there you can find your referral link to send it to your friends, inviting them to the Game.

Have fun and good luck!

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