Dofus Enutrof Chance Build Guide

Dofus Enutrof Chance Build Guide by eotkodekff

Hello and welcome to my guide to the world of Enutrofs! Before I introduce you to the jack of all trades class of the World Of Twelve I’m going to say a couple of words. This is my personal guide to Enutrofs and includes my personal oppinions that are in no way more correct than any one elses, this is a subjective guide so to be said. I’m a proud owner of an “epic level” wis/cha build Enutrof as well as many other characters who make up my personal team. So, keep all the flaming to yourself, ofcourse you can disagree with the points I make and probably will, but as I said this is my view, so keep those arguments mature!

Introduction to Enutrofs
Enutrofs are a very versatile class being able to do a lot of different things, the true support class as I call them. Lets not forget that just like other classes Enutrofs can be very offensive too! Enutrofs are capable of many things, including: MP rape, AP rape, Unbewitchment, Bribe (makes someone skip a turn), mid and long ranged damage as well as many other things. Enutrofs are by most thought of as a class which cast their buffs sit in the corner and wait for the fight to end to get as much drops as they possibly can, sure Enutrofs have high prospecting which in most cases makes them go first in the rolls, but they are as well capable of other things. In this guide I will simultaneously introduce you to three different types of chance builds: full chance (offensive), chance / wisdom (hybrid), and last full wisdom (requires funds). For new players the offensive build most likely is the best, cha/wis hybrid being for those with some funds and want their Enutrof to be a good alt, full wisdom being for those who want their Enutrof to be an almost full support build.

All Enutrofs start with a base prospecting of 120 (20 more than the other classes), giving them a head start in the drop rolls. Well what are these drop rolls I have been talking about? Let me explain it to you, when you are in a fight and all the monsters are dead its time for drops! The person with the highest prospecting (usually Enutrofs) will first get his chance at getting the best drops in a way being more likely to drop something rare. Each 10 points of chance will grant you one point of prospecting (almost all higher level equipments give decent prospecting bonuses).

From here I shall start my guide as the basic introductions have been done.

Build Descriptions
Full Chance Build: Offensive build as its damage will be the highest (due to higher chance), mostly intended for those who want their Enutrofs to be capable of dealing nice damage and as well to those who are new to Dofus. No funds required

Chance / Wisdom Build: Perhaps the most common build for Enutrofs in the higher and epic levels, having some base chance and the ability to deal moderate damage as well as capable of good MP rape and other support skills. Highly suggesting to scroll

Full Wisdom Build: Damage lower than the other two builds, mostly intended for fast levelling and for higher MP rape. Scrolling required for maximised efficiency

Characteristic Points
Full Chance build: If you follow this build you will put all of your characteristic points into chance, as the name gives out.

Chance / Wisdom hybrid build: This build is intended for those with funds, but can be done by those with no funds. Basicly 1) scrolling both chance and wisdom to 101 then investing spell points into chance until 230 then putting the rest into wisdom 2) putting points into chance until it is 230 then putting rest into wisdom.

Wisdom (full support) build: (requires funds) scrolling both chance and wisdom to 101 then investing all characteristic points into wisdom.

Levels 1-50
If you dont have friends or a main to leech you the first 25 levels will for sure be a bit painful. As the first chance spell (offensive) is available at level 26. First levels you will have to rely on shovel throwing or close combat, at level 15 Strong Bow becomes available. Incarnam will be the best place for you to level on single monsters and small mobs of low level monsters. As you level up to 26 you will get your first offensice chance spell Coins Throwing this spell will benefit a lot from +dmg. Once you have obtained this spell levelling becomes a lot easier, you can for instance try single piglets and mushds.

Fortune: boosts chance, level this to 5
Ghostly Shovel: Awesome spell, on a critical hit unbewitches its target (at level 5 1/10 base critical hit rate). Level this once your coins throwing is level 5.
Coins Throwing: First offensive chance spell with small AP cost and long range, level this immediately to 5 when you get it.
Clumsiness: Excellent MP rape spell obtained at level 42, after boosting Ghostly Shovel and Coins Throwing save your spell points for this spell. Low AP cost and long range.

Other spells available during levels 1-50
Reducing Key: this spell is great but wont be too useful at lower levels so this will be boosted later on
Pandoras Box: at the moment there are more important spells to be levelled but this can be boosted later on
Greed: good for team buff, but at the time being other spells should be levelled first
Mass Clumsiness: the Enutrof classes AP rape spell, can have it uses but is a bit unreliable due to long cool down (although it can prove to be a life saver, can be optionally levelled later on)

Coins Throwing will benefit a lot from +dmg equipments, thus the Robber set is an excellent choice, combined with the Moskito set. Once Prespic set becomes available combine it with the robber set for a huge +dmg bonus. With the robber + prespic combo you can choose to use Royal Gobboots for more +dmg and life or Tarsy boots for more wisdom.

Incarnam is probably the best for the beginning levels, quests, etc. Personally I stayed at Incarnam till level 43 Incarnam dungeon + chafers are (well chafers were) fast exp. After 26 levelling will become much easier and you will get more choices on where to level, as mentioned below by some active posters ^^ dinks etc at the rocky inlet are good exp for low levels.

Levels 51-101
These are the levels when you get your better spells as well as rest of the offensive water element spells, Shovel of Judgement and Slaughtering Shovel. Levelling becomes a lot easier thanks to higher damage out put. Single Kanigers and small mobs of Plain Boars are pretty good for levelling as both only use close combat attacks. At the time I was at these levels Otomai’s Island was not out yet, so you might want to check out the beach monsters.

Acceleration: For some reason I do not see many Enutrofs levelling this, it should be, as it is the best +MP boost spell in the game requiring no line of sight to be cast with a tremendous 63 range, level this to 5 when you get it.
Shovel of Judgement: Your first water element spell which deals good damage, critical hit rate at level 5 has also the chance to rape 3mp from the target. Level this to 5 as soon as you get it, also try to get some critical hit equipment to get the spell to 1/2 ch (as its base at level 5 is 1/10 it is relatively easy)
Slaughtering Shovel: Best water element spell in the game woot! For some reason theres a lot of debate concerning its usefulness, but as I pointed out in some other topic it is almost identical to the Sadidas Aggresive Brambles, just not having limited range. Level this 5 as soon as you get it.
Free slot 1: see information below
Free slot 2: see information below
Living Chest: Enutrofs 100 level spell and very unique too! Summons a chest which gets you more drops level it to 5 once you get it!
Fortune and Reducing key: to level 6 if you decided to save some points in eg. free slot 2 (recommended)

Free slot 1: Basicly here you got some choices you can make, see list below
Level one of the spells mentioned in the 1-50 level section
Bribery: Makes the target skip a turn and heals it a bit, this is a pretty darn good and as well unique spell. I levelled this and I do highly suggest it, but its your choice.
Weapon Skill: If you like getting close and want to bash your enemy check out Hammer Skill and Shovel Skill and get a good weapon
Soul Capture: If you want to soul dungeon bosses etc. this is a good spell for any support build (I have it at level 6, 75% stone + SC lvl 6 = 100% catch)
You can always save the points for later to max out other spells

Free slot 2: As they are changing Living Shovel to a level 90 spell which Enutrofs lack as LS is now a level 29 spell, this spot will be empty until the test server testing is done to see if LS really is worth it to level. Otherwise check one of the spells mentioned above in Free Slot 1.

Levels 50-60: Turko set + custom pieces / Prespic + Robber + Royal Gobboots and an Atooin +10dmg
Levels 60-7x: Caracap, Caracape, Atooin, Caraboots, Turtle Belt, Gelano / Blue Scararing + Young Valds ring / Indigo Blop Ring, Wabbit Amulet / Kam Assutra Amulet, and as a weapon basicly anything which adds chance (cant remember which one I used) and once available an Axel. These are pretty good items, mix them up to make the set you want 8ap/9ap/10ap. Also once available: Drasmuty Belt, King Jellix’s Crown. King Jellix’s Crown is one of the best items for PvP which fits basicly any class. Shovel Minster is also worth while looking into
Levels 80-100: Start to substitute lower level items with: Royal Indigo Blop set, Dragon Pig Mules, Axel/Shovel Minster/Hebuse Shovel, Gorgorified Miners Ring

Levels 101-130
You have now reached the higher levels, or the mid levels as some call them. Now you should already have a good idea what to do and how to play your character. Start gathering materials for your Ancestral Set early on as you want to have all of it when you reach the required levels

Fortune and Reducing key: to level 6 if not already
Weapon Skill / Pandoras Box: This slot is up to you, you may choose to level one of the spells mentioned earlier if you like it or one of the ones I have suggested. Just remember to save some for level 6 Coins Throwing!
Soul Capture: its always a good idea

Levels 101-110: Dark Miners hat, Dragon Pig Cape, Dragon Pig Ring
Levels 110-120: Ancestral Set, Shovel Ijah
Levels 120-130: Loads of new equipment here, Sandal Titude, Dreggon Belt, Metal Hammer, Mastralis Croak, Doro L. Blak, I used Minotoror Necklace for the wisdom (max 45) because Ancestral Torc just didn’t give enough
Again make sure you start gathering the materials early on as theres lots to do!

Levels 131-160
From here on its just equipment guides + spell suggestions

At this level gap I had some extra spell points and levelled Pandoras Box and as well Mass Clumsiness (fun in team PvP and has its uses in PvM, although long cooldown). Greed is also a good choice if you play with str/int build characters. Also level Clumsiness, Acceleration and Shovel of Judgement to 6 once they become available.

These babies require a lot of work! So start early on. (this is what I use, you could always get full Tot which is even harder to make)
Levels 150->
Mopy King Souvereign Cape
Mopy King Sovereign Seal
Jav Voodoo Mask (good choice for the +dmg)
Minotot Bracelet
Minotot Necklace

Levels 161->
Epic levels / end game levels.
Level the spells you had levelled to 5 to 6 nothing much to add there

Most popular choice:
Mopy King Sovereign Hood
Canni Blade / Ougaammer / Metal Hammer
Slice of Undergrowth
Ta Boots
Rest of the Ougaa Set is also a good choice if you want high %dmg

Undergrowth set is pretty tricky, requires a lot of 1% drops and some 0.1% >_> lots of farming I can tell ya. I highly suggest once finishing Sovereign set start immediately working on the Undergrowth set so once you hit the level you will have the pieces in your bank . Tot items are also good pieces to use although high int isnt so nice with bribery (not that it matters much but still).

Levels 190->
A good recommendation for high PP at +190 lvls, also what I’m currently wearing:
Batouta Helmet
Minotot Cloak
Minotot Necklace
Slice of Undergrowth
Ta Boots
Canni Blade
Minotot Bracelet / DP ring / Mopy King Sovereign Seal
For me this adds up to 500ish PP, note im 330 base cha

As a battle set I use a 10 Base AP Az’tech set with 1/2 all, hits really high

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and learned something

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