DC Universe Online Batcave Guide

DC Universe Online Batcave Guide by String Theory

As an introduction to raiding in DCUO, the Batcave is reasonably succssful – while there is a whole bunch of trash, and some of the fights are reasonably rote, the generalized mechanics require a group that is able to coordinate somewhat, and players that have some skill.
Note: As with all raiding, almost every fight is subtitled either “Don’t stand in the fire.” or “DPS Harder.” The only reasons you can fail a fight are either a failure to not stand in fire, or a failure to DPS/Heal/Tank. Batcave can be done with minimal gear – I held my own in 1pc T1 and mainly duo-mode items.

I. Your raid group

There are some requirements for Batcave.
1 Tank
1 Controller
2 Healers

This gives you 4 “extra” spots. I reccomend 2 people who just do DPS, 1 extra controller, and either an offtank (who will tank only for trash and the final encounter) or a 3rd healer.

II Trash

There are a variety of trash mobs. While many of the trash mobs have powers, there are three specific mobs to be aware of

Drones: Drones are generated by drone generators. While the drones are weak, they don’t stop. Have a controller go kill the generators (Controllers will often be sent to go do things due to the fact they have aggro issues).

Shield Armor: Shield armor casts a shield on friendlies. Don’t attack the shielded friendly. Do attack the shield armor – unless it shields itself.

Omega something: Omega something hits hard. It also has a PBAOE pulse. Don’t stand in the fire.

III Bosses

A. RCP – aka “DPS HARDER!”
The whole fight: The RCP drops mines – avoid them. The RCP hits like a truck – block.
Phase 1 – 100% – 50% life: The RCP hits the tank and spawns drones that heal the RCP. We had the 2 dedicated dps and 1 controller focus on drones, the 3 healers and other controller on the boss, and the tank focusing on blocking (now that heal-dodging is fixed, I think the tank would roll more). Kill the drones to prevent them from killing your raid. Heal the tank. Controllers should be able to keep everyone’s energy full at all times. If not, tell your tank to block more.

Phase 2 – 50%-0% life: The RCP hits the tank and spawns arrestor drones. Arrestor drones cast a stun which lasts until the drone is interrupted. We had the controllers and one DPS watch the arrestor drones and charge-melee them when they did their stun. Phase 2 is easier than phase 1 because the phase 2 drones don’t hurt.

Phase 3 – 0% life – dead: The RCP hits the tank and spawns drones, arrestor drones and flashbangs. When the flashbangs are killed, they drop bombs. The bombs can be thrown at the RCP. 5 bonbs kills him. We mostly ignored the drones and had the majority of the raid DPS flashbangs. Whoever picked up the bomb was told to walk up to the RCP and throw from inches.

This fight took approximately 10 attempts. We were hobbled by the fact that one of our controllers was mental before the fix to empowerment.

B. DP robots. Two robots attack in turn. One robot does sonic blast. Don’t stand in the fire, which is a frontal cone. The other robot casts fire. If you are on fire, don’t stop drop and roll, instead just run around. Lights light up on the floor – don’t stand in them. At 50%, both robots attack. Kill one, then the other. We did this fight on our second attempt (after being surprised by the lights on the floor and standing in them). On our succesful attempt, our best geared healer accidentally locked himself out of the room. Don’t stand in fire, dps bosses, win. PS: Your tank should block more.

C. Oh noes, famous heroes are OMACed. We didn’t have a coherent strat for this fight. Instead, what we did was kill batwoman over and over because she kept facerolling people, and then dpsing whatever was oppourtunistic. If you were attacked by nightwing, you rolled out. If you were attacked by Robin, you blocked till he knocked himself down. Huntress was a joke. When one of them got defended by someone else, we switched targets. It was basically controlled chaos. When we got them to 5%, they were not to be attacked. Then, we killed one (aside from batwoman), and blew supercharge on the other three.

Corrections/comments welcome.

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