8Realms Settlements Brief Guide

8Realms Settlements Brief Guide by Hermit

==What is a settlement?==
A settlement in an additional city, complete with the “city” center of its age.

==How do I build a settlement?==
To build settlements, certain requirements must be met. These are:

1.You must not be in the Ancient age.

2.You must have researched the required “Governance” tech in the library. For example: The first settlement requires “Governance I” to be researched.

3.A certain number of resources. The first settlement needs 1000 of each resource to build. The second 2000 of each.

4.Settlements cannot be built too close to existing cities.

==What resource tiles will my settlement possess?==

When you click on grass-tiles that are eligible for settlement, on the right hand corner of the screen a small screen pops up. Those icons (in the order of appearance) are:
Fisheries ———-Farms
Iron—————–Oil (?)

Next to each of the above icons are “bars”. Some are lit, some aren’t. The lit bars indicate the approximate number of resource tiles that the ground currently possesses. I assume that the unlit bars indicate tiles that will become available as you progress through the ages. While the indicators may not be 100% accurate atm, they serve as a good guideline.

==Where do I build my settlement?==
Ideally, at least 1-2 screens away from your main city. This may seem *far” but considering that by the end of the 8 ages, you’ll have 9 extra settlements, it is better to plan in advance.

==How long will a settlement take to build?==

The farther away a settlement is from the city it is drawing its resources from, the longer it’ll take to build.

==What are the benefits of a settlement?==
More resources, ability to capture more luxury tiles,completion of certain tasks, more gold, less research times, etc.
Also, if a new age has a new type of village center(e.g:Feudal-Town Hall), the settlement will start out with that new type of village center! So, a new settlement built in feudal will have the town hall as its city center.

==What should my settlement contain?==
This depends on what you want your settlement to function as. Barracks and parade grounds enable extra luxuries to be captured. Extra libraries significantly reduce research times for techs.

==How many settlements can I have?==
The total number of extra settlements you can have is 9…as the final library research tech related to settlements is ‘Governance IX’. This means a total of TEN cities 0_o. Each age starting from Classical, adds an extra settlement. The final two ages add two each.

Bob Fizzle:
“The Feudal Age uses loads of stone, and presumably the Renaissance Age uses even more. By the Industrial Age, however, stone is completely phased out, leaving you with loads of useless spaces in your settlement, right?

Not exactly. For your second settlement, if you already made a military settlement, I recommend picking a tile with lots of stone. Also be sure that you research hill construction. That way, when stone is phased out, you’ll have plenty of new spaces for buildings.

DO NOT make this settlement a recruitment centre, though; for that one, you want lots of food and iron, and a decent amount of wood (which will be phased out and then you can get coal with those forests). ”

I hope that covers the basics

Brief How to Guide by CrowesFoot

First, research Governance I.

After that, click the world map button on the top toolbar to see the overworld. Once there, start clicking on blank, green tiles; doing so will show you that particular plot’s resources in the form of a chart with colored boxes and small icons in the top right part of the screen.

The blue bars represent fishing tiles (a type of food tile which has a higher output but cannot have anything else built in its place), the green bars represent farm tiles (slightly lower food output but can be built over in later ages), red ones are hills (stone and can be built over in a later age), brown ones are forests (wood and can be built over in your current age with research), gray bars are mountains (iron, but can NEVER be built over), and yellow (oil, but only at a much later age, and are useless until then).

Four bars of a particular resource is good, anything more is still viable as long as long as your other resources don’t suffer. Avoid anything with four or more mountains or else you’ll wind up with a lot of dead space in the future since they cannot be replaced with other structures.

Once you see something that you like, click the “Settle” button on the chart. This will bring up a menu where you get to name your new settlement, choose the amount of resources it will start with, the supplying settlement, and the time it will take in order for it to finish being built. You can slide the bar for each resource all the way to the right so the new settlement could start with the maximum amount of that particular resource, or leave it lower if you do not have that much in your supplying settlement.

The supplying settlement determines how long it will take for the new village to be built, but since you only have one as of now, it cannot be changed. In later ages, however, choosing a settlement that is closer to the soon to be built village will decrease the amount of time needed for the village to be settled.

-All settlements are PERMANENT, so choose where you want to settle and its name wisely.

-New settlements will need a supply of resources since it will start out without any structures and a low level village center, so don’t choose a location that is more than two screens away.

-Not all of the bars will be lit up, which means the resources can only be accessed at a later age.

-SPECIALIZE. Not every settlement can do everything, so decide whether you want to focus on military, supply, or money and choose the tile with the appropriate layout (military settlements need more food, for example).

-Choose something without fish tiles; while farm tiles provide less, you can at least build other structures (such as warehouses and trade posts) in the far future.

-Again, avoid excessive mountains unless you plan to make it a iron supplying settlement, which won’t even be remotely necessary until WAY later.

-Go for something with lots of wood, as you will soon be able to build more than just logging camps on them.

Hope it’ll be useful to guys just coming out of Ancient.

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