Ragnarok Online Terms and Abbreviations Guide

Ragnarok Online Terms and Abbreviations Guide by Sera


##/## = ex. 99/70, Base level and job level.
# Slotted = ex. 4 slotted Main Gauche, a Main Gauche [4]. The number of card slots in an item.
#s = ex. 4s Main Gauch, a Main Gauch [4]. The number of card slots in an item.
/(word) = In-game emotes that people sometimes use when typing or speaking.
1HQ = One-Hand Quicken, a knight skill that requires a soul link to use
2-1 = Knight, Priest, Hunter, Assassin, Blacksmith, Wizard
2-2 = Crusdaer, Monk, Dancer, Bard, Rogue, Alchemist, Sage
2HQ = Two-hand quicken, a knight skill


A> = Auctioning
A. Horn = Antelope Horn
A. Skin = Alligator Skin
AA = Auto-Attack
AB = Acid Bomb, a biochemist skill
ABomb = Acid Bomb, a biochemist skill
Aco = An acolyte
AD = Acid Demonstration, alternate name for Acid Bomb
AFAIK = As far as I know
AFK = Away From Keyboard
a-f-k-emist = a biochemist, usually in OD2, who uses a certain style of Homunculus A.I. which allows them to level in absentia.
AK = Abysmal Knight
Aggro = Aggressive, the monster will attack the player
AL = Abyss Lake, a dungeon
Alde = Aldebaran, a city in the northern part of Rune Midgards
Alt = An alternate character
Alt + Tab = Command for switching programs (see AFK)
Alt + F4 = Closes the current window.
Amp = Mystical Amplification, a High Wizard skill.
AoE = Area of Effect (usually used in regards to a skill or spell that targets an area)
AR = Adrenaline Rush, a smith skill
AAR = Advanced Adrenaline Rush, smith skill usable via link or scroll
Asp – Aspersio, a priest skill / Asprika, a god item
Ass = Assumptio (A high priest skill)
AV = Arrow Vulcan
AWE = Angel Wing Ears, a headgear
Ayo = Ayothoya, a city accessed from Alberta


b& = Banned
B> = Buying
Bath = Bathory, a monster.
BB = Bowling Bash, a knight skill / Best Buddy / Boody Branch, an Item which spawns a random MVP / Blitz Beat, a hunter skill
BBIAB = Be back in a bit
BBL = Be back later
BBS = Bulletin Board System (The old forums) Be back in a second
Beez = Beelzebub, an MVP
BExp = Base experience points
BF = Boyfriend Best Friend
BFF = Best Friend Forever
BG = Battle Grounds, a special sort of PvP Bubble Gum, an item that increases drop rate
BGM = Background Music
Bills = Bill of Birds
Bio# = A high level dungeon, the pound sign is replaced by a number referring to the floor, eg, Bio1, Bio2, Bio3
BL = Base level
Blues = Blue Potions
BM = Battle Manual, an item that icnreases experience gain
BoB = Bill of Birds or the experience turn-in quest relating to it.
Bot = An illegal computer controlled character
Boom = Shield Boomerang, a crusader skill
BRB = Be Right Back
Bris = Brisingmen, a god item
Bryn = Brynhild, a god item
BS = Blacksmith Backstab, a rogue skill Bullsh-t
BSB = Bloody Shackle Ball, an accessory
BSS = B.S. Sacrimenti, a priest skill.
Bwing = Butterfly Wing, an item that returns the user to his or her save point
Buff = Anything that raises a character’s abilities
BXP = Base experience points
Bz = Beelzebub, an MVP


Card = A very rare monster drop that is used to make slotted gear more powerful. Permanently used by double clicking.
C/O = Current Offer (An auction term)
Char = Character
Cliff Snipe = attacking a monster from where it cannot reach you
CM/FM = Community Moderator/Forum Moderator. Like A GM except in the forums.
CoD = Crown of Deceit, a headgear
Conc = A concentration potion
Cran = Cranial, a Thara Frog Carded Shield
Crit = A critical hit, or your chance to cause one with a given attack
CS = Clashing Spiral, Lord Knight skill.
CT = Clock Tower
CTHO = Clock Tower High Orcs, the third floor of the Alde Clock Tower
cya = see you later


DA = Double Attack, a thief skill
DC = Disconnected, usually involuntarily Discount, a merchant skill
DB = Dead branch (An item used for summoning a monster)
DD = Double Dagger (An assassin build which utilizes two daggers, one in each hand)
Debuff = A negative status effect, or a skill which removes positive status effects
Ding = Get someone’s attention by entering their chat Word some people say when they level up.
Drag = Move a monster a long distance
DS = Double Strafe, an archer skill
Dual Client = To run two instances of the RO program simultaneously


e. elu = Enriched Elunium, grants higher success rates when upgrading armor
e. ori = Enriched Oridicon, grants higher success rates when upgrading weapons
ED = Earth Deleter Card Endow Slave
EDP = Enchant Deadly Poison (SinX Skill)
Ein = Einbroch (A town reached by airship)
Elu = Elunium (Used to refine armor, usually expensive)
Emp = Emperium (Used to create a guild or part of WoE)
Endow = A sage skill that enchants the targets weapon with the appropriate element
Eru Sunnies = Elder Willow Carded Sunglasses [1] (An item from an old event, they are rare and very expensive)
ESL = Evil Snake Lord English as a Second Language
ET = Endless Tower, an instanced dungeon
EWE = Evil Wing Ears, a headgear
Exp = 1. Experience 2. Expensive
Exp Items = Items traded to the kill count NPCs in exchange for experience on Ymir.
Exp Tap = increase in experience given by a monster from multiple players interacting with it


Farming = repetitivly doing something, usually for profit
FD = Full Divest, a stalker skill Frost Diver, a mage skill
Fisting – Attacking a target with Guillotine Fist, a Monk skill, sometimes used as a double entendre
FS = Full Support (A type of priest build which is used for healing and buffing)
FTB = Female Thief Bug
FTL = For the lose
FTW = For the win
Fwing = an item which teleports the user to a semi-random location on the map


GB = Gift Box
GC = Grand Cross Crusader, a type of crusader build that uses primarily magic Grand Cross, a weapon
GD = Guild Dungeon Gloria Domini, a paladin skill
GExp = Guild experience points
GF = Guillotine Fist, a monk Skill Girlfriend
GH = Glast Heim, a dungeon, usually warped to by a priest, filled with undead & evil)
GK = Gypsy’s Kiss, a dancer skill
GL = Guild Leader Guild level
GM = Game moderater Game Master Some players apparently use this to refer to Guild Masters
GR = Guild Recruiting Ghostring Card
GS = Gunslinger
GT = Grimtooth, an assassin skill
GTB = Gold Thief Bug
GTFO = get the f-ck out
Gwing = Giant Fly Wing, a cash shop item that teleports the entire party to a random location on the map
GX = Gullotine Cross, a third class currently in testing.
GXP = Guild Experience Points


Hax = A usually joking manner of referring to hacking, using illegal means to become stronger
HJ = Hell’s Judgement, a monster skill
Homun = An alchemist’s homunculus, a special kind of pet
HP = Health points Hocus Pocus, a sage skill. High Priest, a transcendent Priest
HS = Heal Slave
HW = High Wizard


I/S = Instant Sale Price (An auction term)
IC = Improve Concentration Instant Cast
ID = Ice Dungeon (new dungeon added with Rachel patch, third floor is commonly referred to as ID3)
IM = Impositio Manus
IMHO = In my humble opinion
Impo = Impositio Manus
IMO = In my opinion
Immune = A Raydric Carded Garment
Instacast = The ability to cast spells without a cast bar. Requires 150 dexterity.
iRO = International Ragnarok Online (jRO = Japanese RO and so on and so forth)
iROF = International Ragnarok Online Forums
irowiki = irowiki.org, a fansite


JExp = Job experience
JL = Job Level
JLvl = Job Level
JT = Jupitel Thunder, a wizard skill
JXP = Job experience


KC = Kill Count/ Kill Count Quest
KH = Kiel Hyre (Monster as well as quest)
KP = Kafra Points
KS = Kill Steal
KT = Ktullnax, an MVP


L/I = Leave Information
L/N = Leave Name
L/O = Leave Offer
Leech = an inactive character that still receives experience
Leech spot = a location with a low chance of death for an inactive character
Lex = Lex Aeterna, a priest skill. Lex Divina, a priest skill
Lhz = Lighthalzen
Link = A soul link, class specific buff cast by Soul Linkers
Linker = A soul linker character
LK = Lord Knight (The transcendent form of a knight)
LMAO = Laughing my ass off
Lock = Warlock, 3-1 Mage class implemented with renewal
LOD = Lord of Death, an MVP. Used to be easily exploitable and farmable.
LOL = Laughing out loud
Lolis = Loli Ruri, also a term used to refer to underaged girls
Loot = Items a monster drops.
Looting = Stealing another person’s loot.
Lou = Louyang (A town reached from Alberta, used as a training ground)
LOV = Lord of Vermilion, a wizard skill
Lvl = Level
LY = Louyang


Mag = Magnificat (A priest skill)
Mammo = Mammonite, a merchant skill
Mana = SP
MC = Marionette Control, a Gypsy skill
MCA = Mystical Card Album, an item which gives the user a random mini-boss card
MDR = Morte de Rire, french for “to die of laughter”, see ‘LOL’
ME = Magnus Exorcismus (A type of priest build that uses magic and fast cast time to deal damage) Magnetic Earth (Sage skill)
Meg = Megingjard, a god item
Merc = A merchant character A mercenary, a special rentable pet
MG = Main Gauche, a dagger-class weapon Majestic Goat, a headgear
Mid = Middle Headgear
Mids = Pyramid Dungeon
Missy = Mistress (An MVP) and Crown of Mistress
Mob = A monster, group of monsters, or the action of moving them about
Mobbing = Killing multiple monsters at once. Can be an offensive behavior.
Mob Training = Dragging aggressive enemies onto another player to kill them
MS = Mastersmith, a transcended Blacksmith Mental Sensing, a Bard Ensemble skill Magic Strings, a Bard skill Meteor Storm, a wizard skill
MTB = Male Thief Bug
Multi Client = to run multiple instances of the RO program simultaneously
MVP = Most valuable player (A type of monster with a special drop for the best fighter)


N> = Need
Nerf = Anything that makes a character weaker. (A change in game mechanics or a magic spell)
Newb = A new inexperienced player
Niff = Nifflheim (dungeon and/or city)
Noob = Someone who cannot play well
Novi = A novice class character
NPC = Non-player character (Official computer controlled people)
Nuke = A powerful AoE The act of casting spells on stuff, usually powerful AoEs


OBB = Old Blue Box, an item that gives the user a random item
ONB = Old Navy Box, an event item that gives the user a special random item
OPB = Old Purple Box, an item that gives the user a slightly better random item than an OBB
OC = Overcharge, a merchant skill
OCA = Old Card Album, an item that gives the user a random card
OD = Orc Dungeon
OD2 = Orc Dungeon second floor (Used by AFK alchemists, good for noobs to get money)
Ori = Oridicon (Used to refine level 3 & 4 weapons)
OW = Overweight, can be either 50% or 90%


Party scroll = A scroll which casts a buff on the entire party
PD = Perfect Dodge, a substat influenced by luck
Phen = A Phen card (Usually compounded as a “Clip under a cast,” used by many magic using characters)
Phree = Phreeoni, an MVP
Pick = Icepick, a level 4 dagger
PK = Player killing or the person who does it
Plox = Please
Pls = Please
Plz = Please
Plx = Please
Poly = Used by alchemists to summon a monster (can be used in town)
Poslag = When things on the screen are not actually located where they are displayed.
Pot = A potion, or the use thereof
Precast = To prepare by using things before they are actually needed The area being prepared
Pull = To drag monsters to your party
PVE = Player versus environment
PVM = Player versus monster
PVP = Player versus player (kill the commoners http://i31.tinypic.com/awp7ax.jpg)


Quag = Quagmire, a wizard skill


r = are
r. elu = rough elunium, used for the seal quests and can be refined to make pure oridicon for armor upgrading
r. ori = rough oridicon, used for the seal quests and can be refined to make pure oridicon for weapon upgrading
REQ = Repeatable Experience Quests
Res Kill = Resurrecting someone and then killing them repeatedly so that they lose as much experience as possible.
Rez Kill = Resurrecting someone and then killing them repeatedly so that they lose as much experience as possible
RG = Royal Guard, 3-2 swordsman class implemented in renewal
RI = ragnainfo.net, a now defunct fansite
RK = Rune Knight
RO = Ragnarok Online
ROE = roempire.com, a fansite (not sure if it is still active)
ROFL = Rolling on the Floor Laughing Ring of Flame Lord
ROP = roproject.net, a fansite
ROPD = Ragnarok Online Player Database, ropd.info
RS = Rapid Smiting, a paladin skill
Rude Hit = Attacking a monster when it cannot retaliate


S> = Selling
Sader = Crusader
Sac = Sacrifice, a crusader skill or the build that makes primary use thereof
Sanc = Sanctuary, a priest skill Rachael Sanctuary (A dungeon)
SB = Sonic Blow, an assassin skill or the character built around this skill
SC = Shield Chain, euRO name for Rapid Smiting
SD = Soul Destroyer, a SinX Skill, or the character built around this skill
SG = Storm Gust, a wizard skill Slow Grace, a dancer skill
Sin = Assassin
SinX = Assassin Cross (Transcendent form of the assassin)
SL = Soul Linker
Slave = An alternate character created purely for a single function such as vending or endowing
Slep = Sleipnir, a god item
Slotted = An quality in an item that allows the compounding of cards
Slims = Special potions that weigh less than other potions (made by an alchemist usually for WoE)
SN = Super Novice
Sorc = Sorcerer, 3-2 Mage class implemented in renewal
SP = Magic Points
SPC = Santa Poring Card
Spam = to use an item or skill repeatedly and excessively somethng that is garbage
Spammer = A bot that advertises illicit activities in the streets
SR = Shield Reflect, a crusader skill Damage reflection in general
STFU = Shut the f-ck up
Strip = Divest [equipment], a Rogue skill, sometimes used as a double entendre
Suff = Suffragium, a priest skill
SW = Safety Wall
SWC = Skeleton Worker Card


T> = Trade
Tam = Tamruan, a monster.
Tank = A character which takes damage for the party
Tarot = Tarot Card of Fate, a Gypsy/Minstrel skill
TCoF = Tarot Card of Fate, a Gypsy/Minstrel skill
Thrust – Power Thrust, a smith skill, often used as a verb, sometimes used as a double entendre
Thx = thanks
TI = Turtle Island Turn In (For kill count quests or experience items)
Ticketbaby = A character trans’d in the event which included troy. Usually job changed at an unnatural level.
Ticketlabs = The event that included troy and lead to a lot of people having characters they did not know how to play
Time-gapped = Disconnection due to desyncronization between client and server.
TK = Taekwon class character, or Taekwon Kid
TKM = Taekwon Master
Trans = A character that has reached 99/50 on a 2-1 or 2-2 character and rebirthed into a more powerful character.
Triple Client = to run three instances of the RO program simultaneously
Troy = An NPC that gave away free levels and items in exchange for a small mini-game in a past event
TT = Thanatos Tower, an end-game dungeon
TU = Turn Undead


ur = your / you’re / you are


Valk = The F2P iRO server Valkyrie. Valkyrie Randgris, a high level MVP Valkyrian Armors, special trans only armor
VFW = Vertical Fire Wall, a special placing of the mage skill ‘Fire Wall’
Voke = Provoke, a swordsman skill To gain aggro by using an attack or skill


WoE = War of Emperium (Server-wide guild wars which happen every Wednesday and Saturday)
White(s) = White Potion
Wipe = Wipe out, the death of the entire party
WS = Whitesmith, alternate name for Mastersmith
WSS = Witch Starsand
WTF = What the f-ck
WTH = What the h-ll


y = why
Ygg = Leaf of Yggdrasil, an item that allows the use of Resurrection or the use thereof A Ygg Berry A Ygg Seed
Yggberry = A Yggdrasil Berry, an item which restores full HP/SP
Yggseed = A Yggdrasil Seed, an item which restores 50% HP/SP

z = Used as a currency symbol, stands for “Zeny”
Zerk = A berserk potion

If there are any terms that are now “archaic,” let me know and I will either mark them as such or remove them.
Also let me know if any should be added.

Thank you,

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