MU Online Master Level Quest Diary

MU Online Master Level Quest Diary by Ment

Hello, All

First of all I’m glad to see all of you again. After a 4-months break, since the announcement about transferring of GMO back to Webzen, I’m returning to active playing. Being 400lvl SM I started the Master Level Quest immediately. There many useful information about this quest, but I’ve decided to share my own experience along with some of my thoughts about how I feel about new GMO. I will publish these as diary:

Day 1:

First thing I did was a reading of the feedbacks of other user, who already did the quest and it came obvious that beating the first part of quest (bringing 1xFlame of Death Beam Knight, 1xHorn of Hall Maine, 1xFeather of Dark Phoenix) will be a hard task. But who of us is afraid of difficulties!

Master Quest Part 1 Info:
NPC: Apostle Devin (CryWolf entrance safe zone)
Quest cost: 5 000 000 zen.
Reward: 20 attribute points

I equipped myself with Seal of Wealth, Demon, Scroll of Wizardry (yes I was curious to test the new equipment offered by Mu Shop) and headed to
Death Beam spot. All I did then is just killing Death Beam and then waiting for his re-spawn meanwhile bashing the common mobs to check the drop rate. At first glance the drop rate, event with Seal of Wealth, appeared to be surprisingly low, but I understood it would be hard todeal with 1.5x drop after a long playing period with instance K2’s Seal settings when you got an item from each killed mob.

After 2 hours of non-stop farming I picked-up 1 JOC, few SM/DL scrolls and bunch of Blood/Old scrolls, which appeared to be a nice source of zen. I did not count a number of killed Death Beam but I think it was around 20-25. Unfortunately neither of the killed Death Beam Knights dropped the quest item.

Time spent: 2 hours
Death Beam Knights killed: non-recorded
Jewels gathered: 1x JOC

Day 2:

This day I decided to record every single Death Beam killed on a piece
of paper and add a mark if one dropped something (anything other then
zen or empty drop). Nothing special happened during this 4-hours
session. I was a bit bored so varied the Death Beam bashing by killing
Hell Maine few times. Again, there were no quest items dropped.

Time spent: 4 hours
Death Beam Knights killed: 41 (5)
Hell Maine killed: 5 (0)
Jewels gathered: 0

* – in parenthesis is a number of mobs who had the non-empty/non-zen
loot after death.

Day 3:

That was a really lucky day. I managed to collect all 3 quest items.
The resulting statistics was:
Death Beam Knights killed: 46, including 6 items and 1 quest item (did
not counted zen).
Hell Maine killed: 35, including 18 zen drops, 2 items and 1 quest item.
Phoenix of Darkness killed: 7, including 4 zen drops and 1 quest item.

Time spent: 1.5 hours.

TIP: The most time efficient way to kill the quest mob is a switching to
another server right after the killing. Don’t waste time waiting for the
mob respawn. That way you will get almost non-stop stream of kills.

Master Quest Part 2 Info:
NPC: Apostle Devin (CryWolf entrance safe zone)
Quest cost: 7 000 000 zen.
Where to enter Barracks of Balgaas: Crywolf 62,237 – NPC Werewolf Quarter. Entrance fee: 3 000 0000
Reward: 20 attribute points

The second part of the quests was the easiest one. At least you can check your progress at any stage by talking with Apostle Devin. You simply need to kill 20x mobs of each type in Barracks of Balgaas zone. There are 3 different mobs. I managed to kill the required number of mobs with just 1 repot. You also can bring a party there. You just need to be a party leader and other member of party should stay close to you when you talking with Werewolf Quarter.

Time spent: 1 hour.
Attribute points reward: 20 points.

Somethings to remember:
* If you switch char or server you will be automatically warped to CryWolf entrance save zone (the place where Apostle Devin is).
* You should pay entrance fee to Werewolf Quarter (3 000 000 zen) every time you want to access Barracks.
* The number of killed quest mobs is stored so don’t afraid to be killed or disconnected.

Master Quest Part 3 Info:
NPC: Apostle Devin (CryWolf entrance safe zone)
Quest cost: 10 000 000 zen.
Reward: 30 attribute points

I had tried to make the final part of quest, but unfortunately Dark Elf
Trainee was already killed, so I went to bed.

Thing to remember: Dark Elf Trainee respawns every 2.5 hours.

Day 4:

I got up early and was lucky to have Dark Elf live in the quest room. The killing process was a bit boring. She has about 2 000 000 hp and it took me about half an our of non-stop decaying before killing her. At the end a small party of EE and AE also entered the room. I partied them so the killing of Dark Elf was accounted to every party member.

Time spent: 40 min.

Conclusion: In general it was fun to do this quest. However I still think that first part of the quest could be more interesting. Killing tons of mobs without knowing where is the end is really terrible. I think I was lucky to get those items so fast, because I read that some people had to kill about 100+ of each boss type to get the quest items.

Thanks for reading! I hope this information will be useful for those who are just going to beat this quest. Any comments and additions are welcome!


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