Granado Espada Beginner’s FAQ

Granado Espada Beginner’s Frequently Asked Questions by MrFatso

I just want to get this off my chest deceided to start making this faq, so that everyone can benefit from this faq and stop asking the same questions

Q1: what will happen if i kill monster alot higher/lower lvl than me?Will i get the same amount of exp?

Originally Posted by Yagu View Post
If the monster’s name is in yellow text in the health bar you will gain 100% xp it gives (and of course a higher level monster gives more XP than the lower one). If the monster’s name is in orange, you’ll just gain 75% xp.
Any higher than that and the monster probably kills you first

Q2: can i not heal my squad member when im in patrol mode?
what bonus does a squad give?

Originally Posted by Yagu View Post
If the scout is wielding a dagger or two daggers, or is in the trap stance, it will not automatically heal. If it is in either First Aid or Fortitudo-stance it will automatically heal whoever needs healing, as long as it’s in hold/patrol/assault mode.

Q3: How do i earn vis?

Sell the stuff that u get from mobs and the etc equips

Q4: At which stage will the weapon have a chance of breaking?

From +3 to +4 onwards , there is a slight chance of breaking. Just that its just really rare at +3 to +4 to break

Q5: What is a unique weapon?

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
Uniques are not a weapon dropped by a particular monster , rather , it’s a stronger weapon than usual with fixed stats and come with a default +2 AR , they’re dropped by monsters around their level and follow a level range , 32/44/48(some)/60/76/92/100.
There’s also fake-uniques which are usually replicas of Monster’s weapon, used for collecting purposes xD , they do not get the 2 AR and are mostly crappy weapons.

Q6: How do i enhance my weapons?

Go to Idge in Cite de Rebolux and Soho in port of combira

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
Rio from Auch also enchance and a NPC at Ustiur Base Camp.

Q7: How do i delete quest?

U can’t delete normal quest, just train abit more, maybe 1~5 more level? The only quest that u can delete are the hunting missions(those that give u an amber as its reward)

Q8: What the heck is this item”Mission: high way level 1″?

These items allow u to enter a room with some familys, just like a party quest and at the end of it, u can choose from some boxes an extra reward, but they have level req(even though it isn’t written, for eg; highway 1, u have to be at least 30 or at least able to handle pollux or u die very fast)

Q9: How do u trade vis?

Go to the quest menu and trade the vis to the trade screen

Q10: How do u summon Dilos Latemn?

Keep fightning sigmunds and hunt all the vouchers at Al Quert Moreza Parsonage and once u have all of them, trade them for a key, then go to the deepest area of the dungeon and click on the strange box and u have summon Dilos

Q11: Which char class is the best?

There isn’t a best, they all have their advantage and disadvantage

Q12: Can i heal without a scout?

A: U can heal with pots, but it really expensive at the beginning.

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
It’s possible to heal without scouts , use a RNPC that has a healing ability , such as Emilia , Emilia the Sage , Soho.

Q13: What the heck is auto-heal? and how do i use it?

That is a scout skill and it means disequipping your weapons, so that your scout goes into first aid stance, it will auto heal yr characters

Q14: Are musketeers expensive??

They are abit expensive since u have to spend some of yr vis buying bullets and their items are kinda expensive

Q15: Whats the difference between elementalist and wizards?

Originally Posted by Curtiss View Post
wizards are more supportive…they are also powerful in their attack spells at the same time. they are still good. however, elementalists have lotta AoE spells that do most of the killings. Elementalist is very offensive, Wizards are both supportive and offensive. dont just think about elementalist when it comes to killing…wizards and fighters can too…but their AoE isnt powerful as elementalist.

Q16: What are the other uses of scout?

A: They can help buff u , they can also detect traps(useful against treasure golem), some npcs scout can also build cannons to help u afk, they can also help u kill

Q17: How do you whispher to people?

A: Type “name(space)(message)

Q18: How do i go to patrol mode?

press spacebar or ctrl + E

Q19: How do I increase my family reputation ?

U can increase your family reputation by doing quest and hunting missions(those giving ambers)

Q20: What is the use of family reputation?

To let you create a faction, i think thats it for now or u can use them to brags to your friends:”Hey XXX, i have 1000 family rep, u sux” or something like that. I think they also improve yr family level 

Q21: Where do u buy hats?

Buy them from andre

Q22: Where do u get the stones to upgrade your items?

They are called enhancement chips, u can get them from monsters, but the earliest u can get them is at level 32 from nevares(i think)

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
The earliest chips are dropped at lvl32 , but not specifically from Nevares, but from Monsters of it’s level range.

Q23:How do u make a faction??

2000 vis and at least 200 family reputation points and talk to Sir Lyndon

Q24: How do u use enhancement chips?

Originally Posted by Alvaris View Post
City of Auch, there’s a NPC that takes enchantment chips and a normal weapon and sometimes (90% of the time) will make a unique/elite weapon out of it.Sometimes it does nothing.Also, there’s a vending machine there where you can make a random chip by turning in 3 32+ weapons/armor/clothing with elite/unique stats on them.


Originally Posted by Rari View Post
The answer for this question is incorrect. Enchanting weapon/armor cannot make it unique or elite. Using the Enchantment chips at the NPC, you can add random stats to any non-unique weapon of an equal of lower value of the chip you are using. Every time you enchant a weapon, the previous stats will be replaced. Enchantment has a chance of failing – the chip will be lost and the weapon will lose all stats.

Using a chip of equal value is usually most cost efficient, though checking the market a tier higher is usually a good idea. Using a chip with a higher level than the gear you are enchanting has not been found to give any sort of advantage (fail %, stats, etc.)

Q25:How do u see req for stance?

Go to master room and check them out.

Q26: How do i get healing liquor?

U can buy them or u can just whack rocks and hope u are lucky

Q27: How i close the chat windows?

Use enter to close it or u can use either F11 to minimise it and F10 to increase it.

Q28: What do u get when u level?Other then stats point?

Hp boost and mp boost every 4 levels. Plus, u can buy better stuff or cooler looking equips.

Q29: What is the difference between the blacksmith guy and the one upgrading to “+” armors and stuff?

Blacksmith i think just sell u equips while the one upgrades just upgrades yr stuff

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
Blacksmiths sell composite steels and other materials required for crafting and also some low-level recipes

Q30: What do recipes do and how do they work?

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
Lower-level recipes can be crafted at NPCs , but after lvl80 you’ll need a RNPC for crafting above lvl80 recipes , of course , they need to be of the recipe’s level (Or higher) Such as a lvl84 Andre for a Elite Camisa.

Q31:Is it possible to transfer character from 1 barracks to the next?

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
You do not reach lvl100 and do a quest to get extra stats point , you’ll require a cash-shop item which is the “Veteran Promotion Scroll” and
But you’ll still need to be lvl100

Q33: How do i make a emblem and all those stuff?

Level your faction and all these can be done

Q34: How do u make another family?

Create a new one in another server

Q35: Is it possible to max all your stances and every skill?

Yes if u have the patience, and NO, cos some of them u can only pump them up to a level, depends on how many skills that stances have

Q36: I got a npc card, but how do i use them?

Go to barracks and click on create a new character, before that, make sure that that character card is in your inventory, then u be able to create him/her.Just scroll down the class part and u should see the npc name.

Q37: How long do i have to stay in a faction before i can leave it?

I not sure, but i guess immediately? But if u leave a faction, u will have a penalty imposed on you, u have to wait 1 week later before u can join another faction

Q38:How rare are those items that are blue, yellow and unique?

Yellow items are more common that blue items which are more common that unique

Q39: How do I get rid of items registered on my hotkey slots?

Just replace them with another item or just spam all of those items, they will then disappear

Q40: Whats the difference with Leonardo Express Item vault and cabinet and Item vault caretaker?

I not sure about wheather there is a different for Leonardo express and the caretaker, the cabinet are for items that u have sold in the market and the vis too

Q41:Is there a better way to view the surrondings instead of using the right click?

Not that i know, i think thats the only way

Q42:Is there a way to group all 3 members together?

Yes, just press F9 and make sure that they are in all mode

Q43:How do i use healing potions? is there a way to shortcut?

U can use them from the inven or u can drag them to the last 2 slots of yr hotkey bar

Q44:Is there any way to remove the Tip/hints messages that always shows in the screen ?

Go to game option and turn off game information

Q45: How do you locate your squad members, if they are not near enough for your minimap?

Press alt D and then go to that area, and just walk around, maybe u be lucky enough to spot them again.

Q46:Is there anyway to maintain Patrol Mode after being knockback?(assuming that you are not by your computer)

Nope, i don think its possible to do so.

Q47:Is buying Magical/Elemental Orbs or any other need-to-consume-then-can-use-skill item worthy as a beginner? I can’t really afford Orbs and buff-required items. Would I have disadvantages without them?

Not really anyway, by the time u hit level 18 and max yr intensfy(if u are a scout), u would have had a decent amount of vis to start buying those items.Just take yr time and slowly save up for them.

Q48:How do i reset skill points?

U can’t reset them

Q49: how to reduce the chance of weapon breaking when upgrading

Stopping at +4 will be good enough

Q50:How do i leave a faction?

Click on menu and click on faction and click on quite faction

Q51: What happens when u die?

U just lie on the ground staring at the sky till the timers runs out and u back on your feet, unless u are over 51 then u have to go to the barracks and run back to that spot

Q52: How do i level my faction?

Talk to Sir Lyndon after u have made a faction and pay 10k per level

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
After lvl50 Faction , it’ll require special quest in order to reach lvl51 and lvl52 Faction , reaching lvl51 grants you 1 family level and 3 at lvl52 , The faction leader will recieve a ring/aura (Depending on your faction level) and recieve a special buff.

Q53: after u duel a person and u win,what if u choose to send the loser back to town and what if you don’t?whats the diff?

If u send him back, he will respawn at that town, but if u don, he just respawn at where u and he orignally dual him

Q54: How do u sell misc items like copper?

Click on the shop keepers and click on sell and specific the no. of items that u wan sell

Q55: which servers are pk servers which arent ?

They have the name of the server and they will tell u what are the pk or non-pk servers

Q56: What is the max level for characters?

Originally Posted by Lein View Post
The current possible highest level is 120 , which is Expert.
Lvl100 -> Veteran -> Expert

Q57:Where do i buy wrap scroll?

Go to leornado and click on sell for warp scroll

Q58:How do i use pose guides?

Go to your inventory and double click on the pose guides

Q59: what is the max stance level?

It is 25

Q60: Do you have to have all 3 members or is it okay to go with just one

You don have to have all 3 members, just that with more members, u be able to fight stronger monster than u couldn’t with just 1 characters

Q61: I seen people with glowing weapons, how do i get them?

Upgrade your weapon till it is at least +5

Q62: I can’t do some of those quests even though my family is XX level.

Err, i think the quest level refers to your average level

Q63: How do i delete characters?

Go to barracks and click on delete character

Q64: What certain level can I upgrade my weapons? And do i need any items?

U can start upgrading at level one if u wan, all u need are the right amount of vis and the equip that u want to upgrade. For enhancement, then all u need it the chip itself and the equip, both their levels must be the same.

Q65: If i have a scout, make a cannon/turret/whatever, how long does it last?

Scout can’t make cannons , but their traps lasts for around 5 mins or so.

Q66: Will freestyle shot bonuses carry over to double gun?

Bonuses does not carry to other stances , besides some existing skills in both stances.

Scout can’t make cannons , but their traps lasts for around 5 mins or so.

Q67: How do i enter inventory?

Answer by Mordial: Press Alt + E


Originally Posted by Relgrad View Post
What does the time on my account means? The subscription thingy


Originally Posted by enxiii View Post
This is a pay to play game. That means the remaining time you have on the game.

Note: Doesn’t matter now, since GE has gone free to play.


Originally Posted by Relgrad View Post
What does Shock Wave do? They don’t seem to damage enemies, and I’m planning to switch to possession ice becase it has frost cloud that can damage mobs of enemies.


Originally Posted by Solo View Post
It shocks enemy , which give them a reduce in speed and DEF , Just get to Possession Lighting at lvl12 to unlock Evocation when you’re lvl30 , same with other stances.

But might consider maxing them if you’re bored , lawl.


Originally Posted by bebeh14 View Post
how can i earn the stances?

Answer: Just fight mobs sell loots and sooner or later u be rich enuf to afford the stances, don worry so much about money, since eventually u get enough.


Originally Posted by MatiasCarbonell View Post
what is the attack rating for?like a weapon with atk rating+3


Originally Posted by Alte View Post
attack rating(or AR) is awesome, and is generally better than +attack%.

basically there’s this long formula that involves the difference between your character’s AR(check your character’s stat window) and the mob’s Defense Rating. that determines whether your ATK gets a bonus(your AR > mob’s DR) or a deduction(your AR < mob’s DR)

easy way to think about it:

if you have a lvl 40 weapon with AR +3, your weapon’s good for the next 12 levels (1 AR = 4 levels). so that means that your weapon’s as strong as a regular lvl52 weapon.

also, unique weapons have +2AR built into them, while elite weapons have +4 AR (correct me if i’m wrong)


Originally Posted by bebeh14 View Post
where can i find the ancient armor Idge is looking for?


Originally Posted by enxiii View Post


Originally Posted by bebeh14 View Post
How can i beat the guy in port of coimbra, forgot the name but he’s the one who ask for a bread, milk and chocolate and is making riot at camille’s place?


Originally Posted by enxiii View Post
That guy in coimbra should be taken out later, probably when you are in lvl 30ish++.

A few questions from FiOh:
74: Are all the places in GE able to be reach just by ‘walking’ and not using the wrap (not sure if i spell it right)?

Yes, u can walk there, but it will just take a lot of time, thats all

75:I am levelling my characters by different groups but i realised that they level up rather slow… is this normal??

Yes, it is normal, if u have being rotating them, they will level at different pace

76:In every character’s info there’s the Health Point status. What is that blue bar under the HP bar??

that is yr SP bar or if u like to call it, ur mana bar

77: I pick up missions frm somewhere in Coimbra but i dont know where do i go to proceed to these missions: a) Pollux Hunt (At The Tetra Catacomb), b) Abyssal Claw Hunt (At Porto Bello, Cabin) and c) Castor Hunt (At Tetra Golden Road).

For those missions, u just have to kill the number of that particular monsters at the places mentioned and u can get their amber

78: What does NPCs stands for and are they easy to train? I have a npc solider but after my characters are at higher level then i realised i can create that NPC… so now my NPC is lvl 1 while the rest are lvl 10+. Should i train this NPC?

NPC = non player characters, they are people who sell u stuff or give u quest… i don’t know if u want to train this npc or not, that is your decision

79:If i create a NPC character and delete it, will i be able to create the same NPC character again?

Nope, if u delete it and later feel like creating it again,u just have to buy that card again or as a last resort, delete your family and retrain to that point again

80:I got a free Pose Guide (vol 2) by doing someone’s quest (if i didnt remember wrongly), so the rest of the Pose Guide i have to buy if i want it? Are there anyone else who would reward Pose Guide if you complete his/her quest?

yes, u have to buy the rest of them, and i not sure if they are any quest that give pose guides

81: It seems that those nice and beautiful clothing are really expensive. Since by killing monsters, some of them will drop item, does monsters drop really nice outfit for the characters to wear??

Originally Posted by Solo View Post
Armors which Andre sells are not COSTUMES , though they’re called as costumes , but they’re armor.
While costumes are such as , Oil Body (Not to be confused with Oiled Body which is a lvl68 scout Leather Armor (Male) Original Class costumes.

82: I saw the Ferrios (sorry not sure of the spelling) Red Box in somewhere (sorry i couldnt remember) where it ask if you want to use it. So How do i actually use it and is it a must to use it? What will happen if i were to use it?

u just click on it and choose a free weapon, no vis req, but after u click on that box, after that, u will not get any more item. it is a one time thing per box

83:For Scouts to go into First-Aid state, we have to unequip him, by doing so will he still be able to fight monsters with bare hands?

nope, when yr scout is bare hand, he cannot fight, but at least he can auto heal

84:Even in the patrol mode (is this the name of it?), i realise sometimes only the leader will be fighting the monsters… what has gone wrong??

u may have accidentally change into single mode, press F9 again to change to all mode

85:Some equipments require certain stances before it can be used. But how do i know what are the stances needed to use certain equipment?

check yr characters, they will have a brief description for the stances

86:For enhancing equipments, how do i know if i need to enhance certain equipment and is it best to enhance equipment that matches your character’s level?

i don’t know, since this depends on you, but be warned, late game weapon enhancement is very very expensive, think 8k+ for level 50 and u get the idea…

87: When i first started out GE, i play in one of the server. Then when i play again after some time, i 4got the server i am using and create another family of the same name in another server (and i am sticking to it now). How do i delete that family from the other server that i am not going to play in?

check all the servers and when u found it, click on delete family

88:Can GE CD Client be install on more than one computer?

yes, the CD can be install on more than 1 PC.

89:I see people with glowing lights under their feet. What is that and how do they get it?

Originally Posted by Solo View Post
The glow below their feet are mostly caused by buffs such as Intensify , Acceleration or Meditation.
Shoes can’t be enchanted but can be enhanced.


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
What does Squad means and how does it work?
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
A squad is also a known as a “party” in other MMORPGs , to create one , you need to open up the menu and select the “Squad” err..thing.
Others can invite you into their squads too.


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
I saw these (AoE, recipe, spawn) quite often but what does it mean?
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
AoE means Area of Effect , meaning a skill that will deal damage in that particular radius , such as Apocalypse , Bloody Overdrive etc (10m)


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
Where is the stance meter??
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
The stance EXP meter is just located below your EXP bar , which is below the stance icons.


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
I just joined a fraction lately and saw this ‘xx fraction & ww fraction will start war in xxx seconds’. Do i need to do something??
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
It depends whenever you’re in that faction or not or if your faction is involved , they’ll go into wars blablabla.


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
Is it good to sell those low level weapon even if they are blue or yellow weapon?
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
Depends on the stats , if it’s a good one , you might aswell keep them to use , sell it if it isn’t really good , after lvl32 , the equips with the coloured name (32+) can be converted into Enhancement Chips to add options into your equips.


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
What is the difference between a Scroll Warp and a WayPoint?? I brought a scroll warp but how do i use it?
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
A waypoint is a structure that allows you to teleport to other places by paying a fee, a Warp Scroll is a scroll that allows you to teleport to places that you have previously saved.


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
What does Kill-Steal means?
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
7.)Stealing other’s kills , such as.
You’re killing a Corlien Dynamiter.
Person A comes and kills it.


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
8) I cant add more stance point to stances that are already ‘Master’. Is it true?
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
You can’t , but you can increase the level of the skills with rings.


Originally Posted by FiOh View Post
I used to do those ‘hunt certain mob’ little quest from npc. It state that the reward will be EXP card but when i submit for reward it says ‘Scout Master’. What does it means?? And it always show the ‘Scout Master’. =.=
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
Means nothing , .


Originally Posted by Alvin_t View Post
where can i buy chocolates
Originally Posted by Solo View Post
Lisa Lynway at the Sea Elephant Cafe , Port de Coimbra.


Originally Posted by jamzXz View Post
How do you leave in SQUAD/ FACTION??
Originally Posted by valinorian View Post
Menu >>Squad >> Leave Quad
same goes for Faction


Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
What is a Otite piece used for? Or just another item to sell to NPC?
Originally Posted by HellsAngel View Post
u can use otite to craft cayenne series of weapons and the maid uniform @ torsche mansion. other than that, it is useless.

Q102: Oh noesssssss, i accidentally block my friend, how do i unblock him?

Originally Posted by Mordial View Post
Just to add. If you blocked a friend by accident, press alt+f3 to access the Blocked List.

From there, you can remove and add users to your Blocked list. A handy function but not shown in the interface.

Q103: how i can use knuckle … its writhen on that weapon NPC Recuited how can i used that weapon?

Only specific characters like graceio can use them, so far i only know that graceio can use kunckles, so can anyone clarify?

Q104: how do you take a screenshot and where does it end up in?

Press PrntScrn/Print Screen on your keyboard.
It usually ends up in X:/Program Files/Granado Espada/ge/screenshot

Q105: How can you tell if an equipment is Unique?

The word Unique will be in the item description.

Q106: where can i get costumes??

Buy from andre or from players or just buy from the cash mall


Originally Posted by Jupax View Post
.,i just read that a character with 13atk speed is fast., would that mean that the lower the atk speed the faster it atks?


Originally Posted by Sfaith View Post
lesser value, faster attack spd


Originally Posted by Clover View Post
What if my barrket is already full eg:9/9(Barrcak 1) or 8/9(Barrcak 1), how U do create a new barrcak for next family members? I just bought from GP shop and still can’t figer out how to do. Thanks ^^;


Originally Posted by Kinz View Post
Buy a barrack slot from gp vendor or other players.
Go to the fat npc (Forget his name lol) in Coimbra and tell him you want to increase barrack slot.
After that, you can either use a RNPC to create a new/existing character or just create default characters ^^


Originally Posted by D1zzy View Post
Hi can i check whether it is viable to train stance level at lower level places?
My vet chars have some stance i wanna hit 25 with, can i kill mobs that are white and still gain stance xp?
Example – afk at bahia with solo vet fighter – works?


Originally Posted by Carcharias View Post
Nope, you cannot get stance EXP when the monsters are white already. Has to be brown and above (:

Finally, thats the end of this faq, i would like to thank those who posted all those questions and those who help answer them.

Note:Those quote are those who i feel answer the question nicely

If any1 find any mistake in the faq pls tell me, and have a nice day everyone.

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