GKART Double Boost Guide

GKART Double Boost Guide by xdragonboi

Hi all GO Karters, i notice quite a handful of you guys are having problems mastering the double boost technique
well.. have no fear! i decided to create this guide and provide a full detailed explanation of how it works..

Drift Boost :
As you all know, Drift boost is a simple technique used to achieve a faster speed to overtake your opponents… this is done by hitting the Drift key followed by the up arrow. (if performed correctly a boost sound can be heard)
Below is a video which shows how Drift boost works..

Double Boost:

As for the double boost , it is a combination of Drift boost plus mini boost which is a advanced technique than Drift boost. To execute Double boost , you will have to perform Drift boost while holding the drift key and by hitting the up arrow once ( this action can be delayed for 1-2 seconds)
For this technique, two boost sound can be heard.
Below is a video which shows how Double boost works.

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