GKART Blizzard Mission Strategy Guide

GKART Blizzard Mission Strategy Guide by RsP.Sub

The guide will be based on two components which will assist you in completing the mission succesfully . Facts about
blizzard mission : You can only do this mission 10 times a day. Angel and Missile props are usable in this mission.

The AIs in the mission will use 2 props against you : Kelly will drop banana peels on to the ground while all the AIs will use Kubi bombs against you.

Do take note that the Missle Prop (1) can be used to deflect the missile or negate the banana peel’s effect. You are also able to use the Angel Prop (2) against the AIs for a better chance of winning the Blizzard Mission.

All of the rewards are either Blizzard or Angelic parts. The rate of achieving some parts like Blizzard Wings or Angelic Wings are lesser than the other parts. The duration of the parts ( 5 days, 3 days or 1 day ) will be determined accordingly to your ranking in the mission.

Theory: To dodge the Kubi, use it when you hear it flying towards you. To dodge the Banana prop, activate your angel as you go over the prop.

Use shortcuts to help you save time, here is the 1st shortcut. . Here is the path you should not choose to go. . The other 2 drifting shortcuts will be showed in the video!

Choose youtube HD for the best experience! Enjoy! Credits to tofujuice for helping me with the video, facts and theory. Thank you!

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