Facebook Monster Fusion Complete Guide

Facebook Monster Fusion Complete Guide by Wafi Harowa

This is a Guide for Monster Fusion player who have played and know basic knowledge (what is fusion, element, rarity, etc). So I’ll not bother to explain common knowledge.

Lets review what’s monster fusion is all about. You can fusion as many as you can to increase your monster stats. Even lvl 1 monster can have higher stats than lvl 100 monster (depend on their max stats). Knowing that, there’s 3 Core Principle to become the strongest trainer, these are :

  • Having monster with HIGH Max stats (which usually are epic)
  • Have many monster to be fusion material
  • Have good skill (poison is the best offensive skill ever)

This Guide will tell you how to achieve these 3 with less effort, but high result. All of these 3 core principle have something in common, that is They all need bunch of money. And that was Monster Fusion was All about. If you have unlimited money, you’ll surely become strongest trainer.
But getting money without buying it (via Facebook Credit) is a bit tricky. And here, I’ll tell you how.

There is 4 method to get money, from highest to lowest

  • By battling Higher Level enemy. (Gives 160~220 gold depends on enemy level)
  • By doing battle Quest (the lowest one, gives 97 Gold for 3 QP)
  • By visiting friend (gives 30 gold)
  • By clicking friend’s feed when doing gatcha (Gives 30 gold)

The first and second method are my favourite, because they need less effort, but higher money gain (and it usually enough).
Lets calculate, at level 50, you have 54 QP and 5 BP, with 3QP gives 97 gold and 1 BP gives 180 gold averaging, the amount of gold you gain is about 2,6K (approx). That was enough to do Silver gatcha 13 times.

There’s only 1 method to get XP, which is from battle (quest XP is so low that you won’t care). battle system in monster fusion ranks monster based on their TOTAL LEVEL, which means its totally abusable. The system also divide player into separate groups, and will only match player if their total level difference is less than 10. EXP and GOLD prize depend on their level difference. Against higher level enemy, you’ll get higher gold, and vice versa.

With that basis in mind, we can easily FARM EXP and GOLD by putting 1-2 strong monster and 1 dummy monster (use level 1 monster from gatcha, afetr he leveled up, change to another level 1 monster)

There is 3 method to increase monster stats, which is :

  • By Levelling up (gain status depend on personality)
  • By Fusion (gain status depend on fusion material personality and level)
  • By using Stats Essence

Levelling up at low level is fast, but become slower and slower at higher level. In the end, you’ll rely on Fusion (and hoping lucky fusion, though Luck Essence sucks). No need to worry, there’s one hole in Monster Fusion system which is easily abusable to get high stats as fast as possible.

What you need to know is that Fusion stats bonus depend on monster personality. AND each 10 level, it is multiplied. A lvl 1-9 Tame monster will gives +2 Stamina, +1 Power, +1 Agi. But a Level 10-19 monster will give +4 Stamina, +2 Power, +2 Agility, etc. See personality list for more info.

Knowing this, and battle matching system, we can easily do this loop.

  1. Get 200 gold (easily)
  2. Doing Silver gatcha
  3. If its in good tier, save it. And gatcha again. Otherwise go to point 4
  4. Use it in your team (which consist of 2 mosnetr you’ll focused training)
  5. Fight against enemy with total level with 7-9 level higher than you, but with low Battle Strength
  6. Defeat him, you get around 200 gold and 2K exp.
  7. That lvl 1 monster will usually at level 10 now
  8. Fuse that lvl 10 monster with your main monster.
  9. Go to point 1 again, and do this infinite loop until you have no BP

Based on Probability Theorema, you just need to get as much gold as possible (using the above method), and spent all of it to do Silver gatcha (200 gold), and getting as much monster as possible. Your chance of getting epic and Lucky Fusion will increased. After that, pray and good luck is the only thing you can do.

Never EVER do Gold Gatcha. The reason is : The 500% cost increase from Silver Gatcha isn’t worth the increased chance of getting Epic. Never worth it. MC gatcha still worth, though very expensive

There are 2 types of Trick, Supportive and Offensive. Supportive usually boost accuracy, power, dodge, defense. Offensive is a damaging trick. Some offensive moves have Poison effect, which is by far the BEST Trcik in the game (currently). Why is that? Its simple, because Poison halves your enemy Power and Agility while they are poisoned. Halving enemy Power and Agility gives you 3 benefits, which is

  • Lower damage you take (equal to increase your team defense)
  • Lower enemy accuracy (equal to increase your team’s dodge)
  • Lower enemy dodge (equal to increase your team’s accuracy)

In short, by using Poison Offensive moves, you get all 3 benefits (which is given by supportive trick), and you DAMAGE them. The only  downside of this, is the fact that Poison is Healable during fight, and cannot stack with deach other, whereas supportive trick stack each other.

If you battled many times, you’ll realize how Strong Poison trick is. There’s only 4 type’s of Trick I classified as Good. They are :

  • Poison inflicting trick : (dangerous Prank, Horrific visage, etc)
  • Team Attack Boost Trick (because they stack)
  • Team Evasion Boost Trick (because they stack)
  • Team Defense BoostTrick (because they stack)

As you already know, there are 5 type of element in Monster Fusion. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and No Element (which only Ryuboo have this type of element, and he sucks). Element affinity is shown as

  • Fire strong against Wind
  • Water strong against Fire
  • Earth strong against Water
  • Wind strong against Earth

The main strategy of choosing monster is thet they cover each other Weakness. A Fire-Earth combo, or Water-Wind combo is the best example.
Fire strong against wind, and weak to water, whereas Earth strong against water, and weak to wind. With this, both Water and Wind enemy monster will usually died in 1-2 hit (make sure you have enough AGI to move first, and high STR to deal high damage).

The same applied to Water-Wind combo. Because you already have 2 offensive monster, you need 1 support monster (or you can go 3 offensive like I do). This is usually water/earth monster, since they usually have high Stamina. Put supportive moveset which boost either Team’s Attack power, or Evasion boost. This will ensure you kill them before they kill you.

Most Fire monster have high Power with average/low Stamina. Wind monster have high agility, with low/average health. Water/Earth monster have high Stamina and medium Power/Agi. The best route for offensive one are using Fire-Earth as offensive (cause most Earth have rather high Power) with Water as Support. Or you can do Wind-Water with Earth as support (the second option better be played as tank-offensive).

 Tenacious : +6 Stam
Tame : +2 Stam, +1 Pow, +1 Agi
Diligent : +4 Stam, +1 Pow
Stubborn : +4 Stam, +1 Agi
Wid : +2 Stam, +2 Pow
Dynamic : +2 Stam, +2 Agi
Buff : +3 Pow
Cool : +3 Agi
Resolute : +2 Pow +1 Agi
Easygoing : +1 Agi +2 Pow

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