Eden Eternal Player Housing Guide

Eden Eternal Player Housing Guide by koager

(1) When the player reaches lv35, the player can visit any one of the house managers to rent a personal house. Only one house per person and one renter per house.

    • Aven House Manager (Aven: 318, 307)
    • Golden City House Manager (Golden Plains: 421, 292)
    • Forest Eden House Manager (Forest Eden: 113, 130)
    • Mountain Eden House Manager (Mountain Eden: 147, 125)

There is no difference in the houses.
You cannot rent houses from other guilds’ towns. You can only do it from your own guild’s town.

(2) Player housing rent is dependent on the the player’s level and the location. Rent is collected weekly.

    • The higher level the player, the higher the rent
    • Aven’s housing rent is higher than Golden Plains’ rent
    • Guild town housings don’t require rent

(3) If the rent has not been paid for 10 weeks, the house and all the furniture, storage, and expansions inside will be repossessed.
There currently is no option to automatically give up on the house.

(4) Houses can only be entered at its located area.

(5) If a guild town is lost, either through disbandment or repossession, the houses in the guild town will be moved to Aven.

(6) Furniture can be obtained through various methods.

    • House Manager NPC’s shop option
    • Dungeon drops
    • Monster drops
    • Grace Chests (the green chests from destroying guild crystals)
    • Legion Chests
    • Territory War Treasure Chests
    • Arena Reward Shop

(7) Players with a house can host a party once a day. Players can gain exp during the party and obtain a special buff after the party ends. Different parties from different banquet plans have different effects.

    • Each party requires 1 banquet plan. Banquet plans can be bought from the House Manager
    • Parties have furniture requirements that need to be met.
      When hosting an event, the furniture needs to fulfill the requirements of the banquet plan.
    • There needs to be at least 3 people in the house for the party to begin.

Furniture doesn’t just mean tables and chairs but actually include a lot more.
Chairs, sofas, tables, shelves, plants, books, statues, trinkets, lamps, and more!

Furniture items have 3 different value levels: Luxury, and Comfort, and Rarity. These 3 values are totaled up and become not only how the house is ranked when compared to others’ but are requirement for certain banquet plans.

The furniture items are first placed into the furniture chest located near the entrance/exit of the house. The chest starts out with 16 slots but can be expanded up to 45 slots by paying gold (can be expanded 3 times for with 8 slots each expansion. 1.5k for the first expansion, 3k for the second, 4.5k for the final.). Simply have the gold required on hand and right click on one of the expansion slots to purchase the expansion.

After putting furniture items into the furniture chest, to start decorating the house, press the house icon in the lower right corner to begin customization mode. Right click on the item that you wish to place in the house (an E will appear on the upper right corner of the furniture icon to show that the furniture is active) and then simply place the item wherever you please. Items can be rotated with the scroll wheel on the mouse. If the item is highlighted with green, that means that the item can be placed in that area; if the item is highlight in red, then the item cannot be placed in that location. To finalize the placement, left click the mouse button to place the item down. If the item needs to be moved again, just left click the item directly to pick it back up for rearranging. To remove the item from the house, right click the item’s icon in the chest to unactivate it.

Tired of the boring stone walls and the wooden floor? Those can be changed also with floor/wall plans. Similarly like furniture items, place the floor or wall plan into the furniture chest and activate the customization mode. Then right click the floor or wall plan and the item will disappear with the new look being applied.

To use a banquet plan, talk to Butler located in the house, near the entrance/exit. Put the banquet plan into the open slot in the upper left of the window and press the Banquet Event button at the bottom. If all the requirements are met (furniture levels, gold required, and at least 3 people in the house), the party will begin!

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