DDTank Pearl Guide

DDTank Pearl Guide

Pearl Overview

Pearls can be forged in clothes, hats and weapons, enhancing different abilities. Decorating can be done at Armory.

Pearls are divided into three categories: Offense Pearl, Defense Pearl and Attribute Pearl.
Offense Pearl: Increase chances of triggering pearl effects during the attack, triangular shaped.
Defense Pearl: Increase chances of triggering pearl effects when injured,square shaped.
Attribute Pearl: Enhance one attribute, round shaped.

When weapon fortification reachs the right level, the  pearl option will appear in the form of three shapes :triangular, square and round, which correspond to offense, defense and attribute.

Pearls can only be placed into appropriate slots and cannot be taken out. You are abloe to replace pearl with other pearls of the same shape, and the original one will disappear. Both decoration and replacement require gold.

Offense Pearl Lv 1

Offense Pearl Lv 2

Offense Pearl Lv 3

Defense Pearl Lv 1

Defense Pearl Lv 2

Defense Pearl Lv 3

Attribute Pearl Lv 1

Attribute Pearl Lv 2

Attribute Pearl Lv 3

Attribute Pearl Lv 4

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