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DDTank Game Frequently Asked Questions by Lust

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  • It’s been a couple of minutes and my battle hasn’t started. Why?
  • The system is trying to find a good match-up for you or your team mates. Give it a couple minutes longer – we promise the battle will start! 
  • Why is my browser not working right? I’m using (Opera/Internet Explorer). It’s kind of laggy and blarg!
  • Our developers are looking into the issues associated with using Internet Explorer and Opera with DDTank. In the meantime, we highly recommend you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 
  • What’s the difference between Gold, Coins, and Vouchers?
  • Coin is the AP currency in DDTank. Use it for a plethora of amazing features!
  • Gold is the in-game currency of DDTank. It’s required for many of the features, including buying power ups before battle start and fortifying your gear.
  • Vouchers are kind of a currency used to exchange for certain gear or equipment. If you can use vouchers in the shop, the item will have a Voucher price as well as the coin price! 
  • Hey, that guy got two turns! What gives?!
  • That would be the benefit of having high agility. However, there is a balance system in play that affects turn order. Many things that occur in battle affect that: how often you move, your items, gear, weapons, and even if you’re doing REALLY poorly you may get an extra turn.  
  • What are those floating treasure chests?
  • Treats. Try and get them if you can! They can contain a ton of interesting stuff – most often, they contain power ups. 
  • How can I customize my character?
  • While customizations can be obtained in various ways, the easiest way is to visit the Shop. There you can change your gender, outfit, buy special items and gear for fortification, change your appearance, and make yourself look really, really cool.  
  • How do I equip stuff I just bought from the shop?
  • You can equip it IN the shop as you purchase by selecting “Save Image” as you browse. Anything you’re wearing that is un-purchased will be given to you in a prompt, asking if you would like to purchase the items you’re wearing. Go to the cart to remove undesired items you’ve equipped (it’s the second tab).
  • To equip items OUTSIDE of the Shop, open up your backpack and go to “Gadgets”. From there, double-click or drag and drop the items into their appropriate equipment slots. 
  • Oh no! My inventory was full when I made a purchase in the shop and now my item is gone!
  • Fear not! Your item is safe and sound. If your inventory is full for any reason and you redeem an item from the shop, it will be sent to you in a message in your mail. Click on the item in your mail and it will be sent to a vacant spot in your inventory. If you do not have any vacant spots, you will not be able to take the item from your mail.

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