Battle Dawn Galaxies Military Guide

Battle Dawn Galaxies Military Guide by Steven


  • The Types of Units
  • The Battle System
  • Fighting for Spoils
  • Squad Building
  • Upgrades
  • Tips from the Pros


A chasis is a type of unit, i.e. Tank, Vehicle, Infantry. To get infantry, you’re going to have to build your barracks, which you can find by going to the colony tab, then the structures tab, and scrolling down. Infantry are the cheapest of the 3 chasis types, but they can pack quite a punch, as you can have 30 of them in one squad. Armored infantry cost 100 metal, and 0 oil, if you have 0% overhead, which I’ll get into later. Armored Infantry have 8 HP, 2 Damage, and 1 Range, which basically means you don’t want to use armored infantry for anything other than guarding your more powerful units. Damage infantry cost 150 metal and 50 oil, and have 6 HP, 6 Damage, and 2 Range, making them the second to strike, but have alot more power than range or armor infantry. Range infantry cost 200 metal and 100 oil, and come with 4 HP, 4 Damage, and 3 range, making them the first to strike.

The next step up in chasis is Vehicles. Vehicles are both cost effective, and quite strong too. To build them, you’re going to need to build your Light Vehicle Factory. Armored Vehicles cost 200 metal and 0 oil, and come with 16 HP, 4 Damage, and 1 Range. Damage vehicles cost 300 metal and 100 oil, and come with 12 HP, 12 Damage, and 2 Range. Range vehicles cost 400 metal and 200 oil, and come with 8 HP, 8 Damage, and 3 Range.

The final, and most powerful chasis is Tanks. Tanks are a bit costly, but they are definitely worth the price. To build a Tank, you’re going to have to build your Heavy Vehicle Factory. Armored Tanks cost 300 metal and 0 oil, and come with 24 HP, 6 Damage, and 1 Range. Damage tanks cost 450 metal and 150 oil, and come with 18 HP, 18 Damage, and 2 Range. Range tanks cost 600 metal and 300 oil, and come with 12 HP, 12 Damage, and 3 range.

Battle System

The battle system is quite easy to understand, but you’ve got to know these base concepts before you start runnin’ around killing units.
1. Concussive = Strong against Infantry
2. Beam = Strong Against Vehicles
3. Explosive = Strong against Tanks

So basically, Beam infantry rips through vehicles, Explosive vehicles tear up tanks, and Concussive tanks eat infantry for breakfast.


Units are always targeted in alphabetical order (coincidence), of their upgrade. Basically meaning units will get hit in this order:
1. Armor
2. Damage
3. Range

This is why you want to have a decent amount of armored units (which have the most Hit Points), to protect your damage and range units, because that’s really all they’re used for.

After upgrades are taken into consideration, the units with the least HP (Hit Points) left will be targeted. Meaning a unit with 4 HP will be hit before one with 5 HP.

Finally, weapon types are considered, with the order of targeting this:
1. Explosive
2. Beam
3. Concussive

Meaning a unit with Explosive weapons will be targeted before a unit with concussive weapons, meaning a Riflemen is targeted after a EMP Trooper.

Fighting for Spoils

What is a Spoil? A Spoil is a conquer, outpost, crystal, and relic. When two non-allied (different alliances) players attack a target with the same ETA, the players will merge attacking the defender then the two strongest armies will battle for the spoil. Players in the same alliance are not affected, the spoils will be distributed between them.

Squad Building

I’ve got a couple squad builds I like to use, here are a few and pros+cons for each.
1. 3 armored units 2 damage units 5 range units
Pro: Got a good mix of damage and range to be effective at destroying enemy units.
Con: Not very many armored units could make a mess of things for you.

2. 3 armored units 7 range units
Pro: Very good for an enemy with alot of armor, slices right through.
Con: Not very many armored units could get you in trouble.

3. 4 armored units 3 damage units 3 range units
Pro: Very balanced squad, good for taking most opponents down.
Con: Not very many range can prove fatal against an opponent with many range units.

Now to figure out what each of these builds would be for Vehicles and tanks, take each of the numbers and multiply them by 1.5 for vehicles, and 3 for infantry.
Example: 3-2-5 = 5-3-7 for vehicles, and 9-6-15 for infantry.

Weapon types, and How to Obtain Them

To be able to build with different weapon types, you’re going to need to be building your workshop factory which can be found in the structures tab. You can find this by simply going to the colony tab at the upper left had corner of your screen, then the structures tab.

When you start your colony, the only Weapon Type you have under your belt is concussive, which is strong against infantry. However if you want to obtain weapon types that will be strong against Vehicles (beam weapons), or Tanks (explosive weapons), you’re going to have to build the Beam weapons workshop, and the Explosive weapons workshop, which are the first and second stages of the Workshop structure.

Tips for Offense
1. Do NOT stay in one area for a long time, that increases your chance of being spied/nuked.
2. Make sure to have more than enough units to handle the worst possible situation, to ensure an easy victory.
3. Try to set up a nuke field just out of enemy territory if you’re planning a full out alliance on alliance war, accompany this field with radars and training bases.
4. Spies and Nukes can turn certain defeat into a stunning victory.
5. Have good coordination with your team, including MSN’s, and possible cell phone numbers.

Tips for Defense
1. Try to make sure there are no open op spaces near your hive, that can be disastrous if your enemy spots the holes and plants an op.
2. Have good coordination with your team, including MSN’s, and possible cell phone numbers.
3. Make sure you do plenty of incoming scans so you know what’s coming and what to build for.
4. Spies and nukes are essential for a full scale defense from another alliance.
5. Be prepared for the worst possible scenario.

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