Battle Dawn Galaxies Top 30 Rank Guide

Battle Dawn Galaxies Top 30 Rank Guide by sledd

first off, i can guaruntee that this works. i have done it and it took me all the way to rank 17. :) BTW, you don’t need to buy tokens for this. :P

First, you must have already been in an alliance ranked under 15 and are good friends with a few of those members. You must build on that world before it reaches tick 10. otherwise, this plan wont’ be as effective.

Second, you tell these friends that, for example, Mars 1 is going to be renewing in 24 ticks, we should go in that world and start an alliance. They say yes, so you plan where your going to put your colony. make sure they’re close together. Then, when you all build your colonies in the location, the most active person should start an alliance and you/all your friends should join. you need at least 3 friends for this to work.

Third, build the farming to lv. 2. Then, build metal to lv. 3. then oil to lv. 1.
After that, build the barracks. build 5 infantry. train the anti-cavalry weapons. build cavalry/vehicles. when your protection is at tick 96, break out of protection. start building up your army and conquering people. make sure, that between your alliance, there’s always 30 units ready to protect some1 in the alliance if they are attacked.

Those are the tips to start out in a world. this will take you to at least rank 50. After that, continue to build farm lv. 4 and 5, as well as metal lv. 4.

Spending a boost/bonus wisely
When you get a boost or bonus, use it to complete building Farming to lv.5 or Metal to lv.5. use the remainder of the boost for an army.

Part 2
Ok, this part should only be read when you have metal to lv.4 or higher, farming to lv. 4 or higher and at least 35 units in your army.

Also, make sure your alliance has or is 1 away from being full.
Good, now you are on your way to becoming a very strong player.

Next, your should build up your army to the point to where you can keep at least 20 cavalry at your base, without needing them to attack. Also, don’t get in any wars with any alliance that is ranked above 20, cause you don’t want to do that yet. take out the weak people, who have just come out of protection or sent all their troops away to attack some1. Also, be on the lookout for people who have crystals. You want these, but only try to get them if you have an army of at least 45, otherwise, you will just be attacked and you will loose them. If you do have 45 units, you want to try to get at least 1 more crystal.

Now, when you are ranked under 20, the number 1 mistake people will make is sending most, if not all, of their troops away to do battle, which leaves them completely unprotected, so more often then not, they are conquered. also, if you are going to be inactive for a while, send out a mass message to your alliance to watch over your colony.

don’t worry, im almost done.

Now, you may want to consider starting a sub or brother alliance.

Sub-basicly an extention of your alliance. it is usually started to get more numbers to help in wars. for example, if you belong to the RED alliance, and you have no more room for members, you would want to find some1 to start a sub alliance, usually named RED2. Also, if RED got into a war with the BLUE alliance, RED2 and would also help to attack BLUE. Also, if a very strong member joined RED2, usually the weakest member of RED, would join RED2 and that strong member of RED2 would join RED. A sub alliance’s job is to make sure it’s main alliance wins the game.

Brother-it is somewhat like a sub alliance, except it’s more equal. for example, if the alliance CAR, was getting full they may decide to have a brother alliance. instead of being named CAR2, it will probably be name VAN. VAN’s job isn’t to make sure CAR wins, it’s to make sure the top two alliances are VAN and Car. Cars job is also to make sure VAN and CAR are the top two alliances. They will also help eachother with wars.

NOTE: Brother alliances and Sub alliances are not to attack eachother
NOTE: In order for this plan to work, you must not get conquered. Getting conquered may not crush this plan, but it may hurt it’s chances of success.
Part: 3

If you got to this step, you are probably ranked under 30 and your alliance is in the top 26.

This guide is only for players who are active and are planning on being competitive. If you just want to have a fun, stress-free round, some of this may not be for you. Enjoy and discuss.

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