Alganon Alchemy Guide

Alganon Alchemy Guide by Syzmic

In this guide i will attempt to give you the best way to level your Crafting.
They will not rely on other trades and will try and use the least amount of Materials.
Since the Re-Launch Gathering skills have been changes so now you will level that as you gather/make items your Crafting trade uses.

For the purpose of these guides i will assume you will have the Gathering skill that compliments you Crafting Skill.
And will only list the Materials you will need to gather.The rest you buy from the merchants.

Alchemy – Herbalist
Blacksmith – miner
Leatherwork – Skinner
Tailor – Salvaging

See the trainer every 10 levels you reach to get more recipee’s if possible (some are only every 20 lvl’s)

Level (1 – 50)


Concentration Juice.—Dried Phen Moss(20).——————-10
Minor Boost Potion.—-Phen Spores(20).———————–20
Draught of Smarts.—–Dried Phen Moss(20),Phen Spores(10).—30
Draught of Harm.——-PhenSpores(10),Stickyvine(10).———40
Quicken Potion.——–Dried Phen Moss(40).——————-50

Total Materials for 1 to 50
Dried Phen Moss (80)
Phen spores (40)
Stickyvine (10)
See the trainer to get you next level of Craftiing (51 – 100)

Level (51 – 100)

Tincture of Stamina.—–Cloverphen Oil(20),Clover Root(10).—–60
Draught of Ideas.——–Mosshair Root(10).—————–70
Potion of Recovery.——Mosshair Root(10),Clover Root(10).——-80
Clear Elixir of Channeling.—–Mosshair Root(10),Stickyvine(10),Pale Knot(10).——–90
Drink of Improved Aim.——-Cloverphen Oil(10),Paleseed(10).——–100

Total Materials for 51 – 100
Cloverphen Oil (30)
Mosshair Root(30)
Clover Root(20)
Pale Knot(10)
See the trainer to get your next level of Crafting (101 -150)

Level (101 – 150)

Quick Thought Draught.—–Cloverphen Oil(10),Flaked Velvet(10).—–110 Human
A note to Dev’s Flaked Velvet does not drop on Kujix Side.
Clear Rejuvenation Draught.—-Powdered Bloodfern(40),Cloverphen Oil(10).—-110 Kujix
Shadow Dose.——–Powdered Bloodfern(20).———-120
Forceful Flask.—–Powdered Bloodfern(40),Bleeding Root(10).——-130
Quality Energy Potion.—Powdered Bloodfern(20),Bloodspores(20).—–140
Champion’s Brew.—–Vernal Orchid Petal(30),Bleeding Root(10).—–150

Total Materials for 101 to 150
Human Side.—————————–Kujix Side
Powdered Bloodfern(80)————–Powdered Bloodfern(120)
Cloverphen Oil(10)——————Cloverphen Oil(10)
Bleeding Root(20)——————-Bleeding Root(20)
Vernal Orchid Petal(30)————-Vernal Orchid Petal(30)
Flaked Velvet(10)
See the trainer to get your next level of Crafting (151 – 200)

Level (151 – 200)

Seedling Cluster.—–Bloodspores(20),Bleeding Root(10).—–160
Flowing Mind Juice.—–Nettle Thorn(20),Dagger Seed(20),Clover Root(10).——170
Distilled Healing Potion.—–Nettle Thorn(40),Dried Shadebloom(10).—–180
Regrowth Ointment.—–Nettle Thorn(20),Dried Shadebloom(20),Graspvine(10).—–190
Nimble Cordial.—–Nettle Thorn(20),Shadefinger(10).—–200

Total Materials for 151 to 200
Nettle Thorn (100)
Dried Shadebloom (30)
Dagger Seed (20)
Bloodspores (20)
Bleeding Root (10)
Clover Root (10)
Shadefinger (10)
Graspvine (10)
See the trainer to get you Last Level 201 – 250

Level (201 – 250)

Brew of Burst.—–Dried Fennel(40),Nettel Thorn(10).—–210
Rainbow Shield Potion.—–Dried Fennel(30),Bloodfern Extract(10),Shadefinger(10).—–220
Blazing Dose.—–Dried Fennel(40),Fennel torch(20).—–230
Ointment of Origins.—–Dried Fennel(40),Fennel torch(10),Hexroot(10).—–240

At this point you can make your own way to max level just make what you have Materail’s for.

There will be other ways to lvl your Alchemy(Like using yellow ones) but as you can see i have used only Orange Recipee’s to lvl, you can use these to until they go Green and skip a couple i have used

here.I tried just to make it with the least amount of Materials Needed and not to Rely on other Trades you dont have.
I hope this helps some of you.
Any Comments you think will improve this please feel free to make a suggestion and why.

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