Alganon Raiding Myths

Alganon Raiding Myths by Therian

With all due respect to those that consider themselves hardcore or even ‘serious’ raiders…

raiding isnt as hard as it’s made out.

granted, I havent raided much in WoW since Wrath of The Lich King was released, but in the raids I’ve done, I’ve seen that nothing has really changed in the way they work.

myth #1 You must play 20-40 hours a week to be a good raider.

wrong, I have seen 12yr olds with only a few hours a night get full epic gear raiding 2-3 nights a week. you just have to decide you’d rather go with a group of 10 or 25 than do anything else.

myth #2 Raiding is hard work and requires hours of preparation and research.

wrong, chances are, your raid leader and assistant already know everything they need to run the raid with success… all you need to do is 3 things…
1) show up ON TIME, with enough supplies to fight without going anywhere (food, potions, etc.)
2) listen to the directions you are given by the leader(s), and follow them.
3) pay attention. (there is a time to joke, talk, etc. -during the explanation of a fight is NOT one of them.)

Myth #3 ‘your gear isnt good enough’
LIES!! most group instance gear drops are designed to start raiding with… 90% of the time, when people tell you your gear isnt good enough… it’s because they just want to rush through a fight and they want people who are overgeared for those encounters for a quick kill.

Myth #4 ‘you must know the raid encounters’
see myth 2, see myth 3 (they dont want to take time to explain fight and answer question)

So… follow myth #2 above and have fun…

oh yes, 1 more thing…

Truth #1 ‘you must have vent/teamspeak/voice chat’
yes, yes, and yes… technically, maybe not… but do yourself a favor and get it… you dont have to talk but you must listen to instructions and as fights go down, you’ll need the fast feedback.
trying to type during an encounter = wipe

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