Wonderland Online Compounding Guide

Wonderland Online Compounding Guide by deckard7

Hello and welcome to this rather large guide that tries to cover everything about compounding, and a little bit more. I will try to keep this as easy to understand as possible for everyone.

Warning High level Formula’s may have error’s in them, I haven’t tested them and my translations may have been off, if unsure check the wiki pages I posted or check other users compounding guides.
This guide will be ending its updates soon and will turn into a large paper weight or q&a; place. I check on a minimum of once a week if you have questions.

Please note that most of this information has come from sources that mainly play the Japanese version of the game. Some of the items listed may not exist in the English version. I’ll be trying to correct all the information over time to match the English version here at IGG. Same thing goes for the names of Items and materials. I’ll be trying to correct those as well as I play though the game.
At the moment as I work on this guide I’m not playing the game so much so it will be hard to correct names at the moment. Please be patient.
Thank you

(NEW) To help make things Easier to understand I will (try to) add a complete item list with pictures and information to help users understand what the items are with the translated names I am currently using (In hopes that eventually everything will match the english version)
Also if I still have the will power I’ll add a base formula to each of the image links (for high level stuff)

I will also like to place thanks to Rocco Kun’s Wiki for everything anyone could ever want to know about The Japanese Version of Wonderland Online, I WLO for a brilliant although slightly difficult to understand High level equipment compounding guide. Also a number of regulars here on the IGGWL forums who have helped me out and provided encouragement. (current thanks go to… Acid1789, Danxor3, Priskern, and special thanks should go to Illyach who suggested I should make this after seeing my previous mini compounding for money guide)

Using the Contents list

In order to help everyone find the specific information they are looking for, this contents page will provide a listing of all the information contained within this threads posts that hold relevant information regarding Compounding or anything in WonderLand Online. Posted by me or others, so long as I’m still updating the guide.

The contents will list the subject or title of the post and where to find it based on post number and what page it might be found on within the overall thread. Hyperlinks might be added in the future.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Table of Contents
Introduction to Compounding
How it works
The 3 Base Failure Items
Getting the Alchemy Skill
Alchemy lv chart
Primary and Sub. Material List
Compounding Rules, Tips, Other
Using and understanding the formula’s

Any questions on the formula’s can be posted and hopefully I or someone else who understands this stuff better than I will help you out. I will then also update or alter the post section in question. I do expect a fair number of errors here. Users discression is advised until I get some time or others to check this for errors.

Basic Formula’s Lv 1-14
Head Wear
Foot wear
Other (accessories)

Brief Introduction to Compounding

What is Compounding?

Compounding is an interesting and helpful tool that is fairly unique to Wonderland Online that allows you a chance to create new items from other items and materials. All based on the fundamental properties of the items used, your skill level and the items quality level.

Why Compound?

You might be asking yourself ‘Why should I try to use this tricky and random tool to make new items?’ To that I’ll say a few things. First with this guide you don’t have to experiment and lose items or value. Second the items you’ll make will often be very easy to sell to npc’s at a slightly higher value or at a much higher value to other players. Think about this 2 common grass sell to a NPC for 2 gold. ” common grass that are compounded into a pair of shoes can sell for 10 – 90 or more gold to a in game player. ( I recommened not trying to rip people of on the prices, and 10 gold means your really generous or the item your selling has a low market)
Lastly some of the super rare weapons and items in the game can only be made through very difficult compounding recipies. (Or at least that is what I’ve been led to believe)

Understanding the Compounding Tool (In Theory) With some in field tests

How it works (basic)

As you can see the compounding pot has 5 item slots. Each slot can have a stack of upto 50 items

For the most part new compounders will only be using the first two slots
The first slot is for primary (main) material part. The second for the secondary (makes sence doesn’t) it.

For example if you wanted to make a sword a basic sword is composed of two elements (base materials) the main part is the blade the secondary part is the handle. So in the first slot you would want to use a metal (perhaps a bronze ore) and the second slot some wood (any wood should be fine, although I’ll explain more on that later)
Of course if you do this in reverse you will likely get a spear, as a spears primary part is the wood shaft and scondary would be a wood or metal head.

Here is an example process that didn’t end that well.

Although I didn’t get a pair of shoes as I hoped (not the standard formula, check the Formula Section) You can see that compounding does have random results even with tried and true formulas. Remember if one formula doesn’t work for you, it could be either you or your items levels are too low, or possibly both.
In ths case my compounding didn’t make what I had hoped for (It will happen often) but it didn’t fail which means my Alchemy Skill increased in xp.

Although there are many types of materials, there are 3 base types of compounds.

The three basic types of compounds are Food(animal), Plant(vegitable), and Mineral
When your not successful you’ll get the lowest of the low items from your compounding pot.
Food failure means you’ve made a steamed bun
Plant failure gets you a straw mushroom
Mineral failure gives you a common rock.

Getting the Alchemy Skill

When you start the game you can use your compounding pot as soon as you start getting items but yuo won’t gain alchemy xp until you get the skill. To get the Alchemy skill you need to travel to Wellington village, the village to the south of the starting island. Go to the south of the village past the fire pit and you will see a man sitting on the ground, talk to him and he will ask you to find his axe. Exit the village and go to the area with rabbits and dragonflies. By the water you will see an axe. Click it and select the true answer. Next travel to the beach on the right side, find the mermaid by a question mark on the map and talk to her. Follow her to finish the quest. Go back to her rock and take the dagger.
Go back to the man who wanted his axe. Then go to the weapon shop just a little north of where the axe quest man was and talk to the people inside. One of them will take the extra axe and dagger you have and give you the Alchemy skill.

The Alchemy LV Chart

Tleveling process is based on successful attempts. Which means if you have really bad luck you will find this no fun at all. It will also take you a long time to get to the higher levels.

Level  Required number of successful synthesis
1    0         11  1697        21  ?
2    14       12  2220        22  ?
3    35       13  2844        23  ?
4    79       14  3578        24  ?
5    152     15  4430        25  ?
6    263     16  5410        26  ?
7    422     17  6527        27  ?
8    635     18  7792        28  ?
9    913     19  9212        29  ?
10  1264    20  10799      30  ?

Primary and Sub material list

It is possible some of these items may not be avalible in the English version, but it’s more likely I have used the wrong name for the item. I have tried to correct as many as possible. Those I am not sure of the name I marked with a (?)

Mineral ore system
Red iron (?)
Silver Blaze(?)

Jewelry items
Feicui (?)
Jewelry (corundum)(?)

Other mineral system


Plant system
Wood (wood)
Nylon (carbon)

Animal materials
Fang (hard tissues)
Some organisms
Other (other animals)

Food system

Fish and shellfish
Dairy products
Herbal medicine

Vegetable oil

Comb (?)
Egesta (?)

Compounding Rules and Other Tips

2 Rules in compounding are basic math and based on skill and material levels.

The material rule is simple enough. The lowest grade of your compounding materials +4 is the max grade level for your new compounded item.
ex. wood(2) + mica rock (4)= 6
numbers in (paranthesis) are the material grade lv.
wood is the lowest grade at 2 + the 4 points for compounding so your new compounded item could have a grade of 1-6.

I have read on Rocco’s Wiki (Japanese site) that the more items you use increases your chance at higher grade items.
ex. wood(2) + mica rock (4) + yellow clay (2) + wood (2) =max of 6 -14
It is believe that each section you use in the compounding tool you get a +4
If we use wood as the lowest again at 2 +4 +4 +4 =14 of course the 3rd 4th and 5th slots only add a possilbe increase in basic compounds.
Note:the extra slots and bonus 4 level points I believe are for set advanced formulas, and random formulas with multi slots increases chances of failures.

The other lv based issue is also based on adding 4 to your alchemy skill. This determines the level items you can make. Maybe my numbers are off or I’m confused… I’ll have to check in on this and fix this later…. Sorry I want to be sure of my self.

Upgrading material: You can upgrade item levels for slightly higher level items and materials in this manner…

Materials : grade 2 + grade 1= new material with a grade higher than 2 (not always true but it’s the theory)

Another example
Grade ? + ? + ? = grade 2 + ? increase (in theory this means that if you join three items it’s base grade should be 2 with a chance for an even higher graded item.) (I haven’t tried this as I feel it’s a good way to make straw mushrooms)

Using and understanding the formula’s

For the most part the formula’s I will be listing will be in the following format:

Primary Item, Secondary, (3rd, 4th, 5th)(if needed) after each item if a rank level is avalible it will be marked after the item in (paranthesis). The final product will be written in Italics and followed by the possible item level.
(I don’t trust all the levels, some might be the grade number)
copper, wood          Copper sword 4
(any type of copper material, and any kind of wood)

If two or more Formulas make the same item they will be listed without repeating the created products name

Iron claw, Luxary LongPike    Iron Sword8
Wrought-iron, Cypress wood
Iron rod,  Cypress wood

In some cases I might not be sure of the exact material and will add a (?)
In other cases any item from a family of materials is ok it with have the addition of products, material or simply be listed as the base family name.
Wood could be any type of wood, but log means uncut.

I’ll try to stick to 1 formula based on material groups, in some cases I’ll give more detailed formula’s.

Basic Formula’s Lv 1-14


copper, wood               Copper sword 4
Iron claw, Luxary LongPike    Iron Sword8
Wrought-iron material, Cypress wood   Iron Katana(?) 8
Iron rod,  Cypress wood
Hematite, Hematite       Red iron sword 10
Hematite, Common wood
Steel products, Cypress Log     Steel sword  12
bronze, Oakwood     Copper katana(?)  7
Double-edged iron ax,  upscale bar(?)   Indian sword(?)  10
Wrought-iron material   Lauan     (?) Red iron katana(?)
Steel product, Cypress wood, bronze, Timber wolf fang  Fish Blade(?)14


Wood, Wood     LongPike 4
Wood, Wood     Luxury LongPike   6
Wood, Wood  (?)Pike 8
Lauan logs, Iron ore
Wizard Staff, Black clay
Copper sword, Firewood     Copper Lance 10
Bronze material(5), Cypress wood (5)     Bronze Lance 12
Iron sand,  Beech wood      Iron Lance 14
Iron sword,  Beech wood
Iron, Wood, Steel


Wood,  Grass/weed/flower      Short bow 4
Wood, Grass/weed/flower        Luxury short bow   6
Wood, Grass/weed/flower      Refined short bow  8
Bamboo, Iron ore
Bamboo, Iron ore      Hunter’s bow  10
Lauan, Iron ore,  Iron ore
Short bow,   Iron sand
Lauan big stick,  Wrought-iron material
Beechwood,   Chinese star Shikata(6)    Longbow 12
Long Pike,  Pure iron
Lauan big stick,   Weed (2?)
Beech (3),   Fuji soft(?)      Luxury longbow 12
Beechwood,   Bronze material
Cypress wood  (3), Steel (3)
Lauan big stick,   Wrought-iron material


Wood, Wood  Wooden club/stick 4
Wood, Wood   Lauan club 6
Cypress, Cypress  Cypress Club 8
Oak, Oak      Big Oak Club 10
Lauan, Lauan    Big Lauan Club12


Wood, Wood   Glory Rod 4
wood, wood     Staff4
Oak, Lauan, lauan  Clerical Staff6
Oak, Oak         Wizards staff8
Wood, Iron      Canine rod 10
Cypress, Cypress
Staff, Iron
Wood, Iron       Red Fang Rod12
Iron ore, Bamboo
Lauan, Iron ore, iron ore, iron ore
Wizard Staff, Iron
Wood, Iron       Kon Yukari rod14
Cypress, Iron bar(rod)
Oak Club(5), Iron (7)


Iron, Iron    Claws of Glory 4
Copper, coal(?)  Copper Claws 4
Iron, iron    Iron claws8
Bowling ball, Iron ore
Hematite, Hematite Red Iron Claws 10
Red Iron, Cypress
Steel, Cypress   Steel Claws12
Steel, Cypress   Boxing Gloves14

Copper, Cypress  Double Edge Copper axe14
Copper, Lauan
Copper, bamboo

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