Wizard101 Sunken City Guide

Wizard101 Sunken City Guide by Professor Greyrose

Many of you have mentioned that the Instanced Area known as Sunken City is causing you some troubles. I’ve put together a few hints and tips to help you get through this area.

1. Group Up! Sunken City and other areas in the Spiral are designed for groups to work together to a common goal. You need to rely on your friends to succeed at these duels. If there’s just one of you against the large number of creatures, you’re not going to last very long. Team up with your friends or make new friends by offering to join a group.

2. Treasure Cards! Before you head out, make sure you have a good supply of all levels of treasure cards. You never know when that single Humungofrog could mean the difference between moving forward, and having to visit Hilda Brewer for her potions, again.

3. Move at Your Own Pace. Sunken City and other instances like it are unique because the creatures should not respawn behind you. Be careful that no one runs ahead and gets caught, dividing the group between duels. Stick together as a group and you’ll be much better off.

4. Four at a Time. Sunken City is meant for four players to explore. If four people stand on the sigils at the entrance, those original four can teleport in and out as needed. If less than four people stand on the sigils at the entrance, friends can teleport in until there are four people total. Once these four people are in, the group is locked. Should a player or players decide not to continue with the adventure, they can remove themselves from the group by logging off or entering a different instance. At that time, the group is open to new members however it is still capped at four people.

5. Healers Never Hurt. Often a dedicated team member from the School of Life can mean a higher win rate for the group. This member of the team keeps an eye on everyone else and stacks his or her deck of cards to maximize the number of heal other cards that appear.

6. Don’t Rush. You are not required to complete the Sunken City instance to move forward with Wizard101. If you find you simply cannot get through Sunken City, come back when you are a higher level with more powerful spells. You may find that the area is not as scary as you thought.

7. Have Fun! Sunken City and other Instanced Areas are a different dynamic of Wizard101. They’re meant to be hard, and a different type of challenge. Just have fun and enjoy yourself.

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