Uncharted Waters Online Solo Maritime Leveling Guide

Uncharted Waters Online Solo Maritime Leveling Guide by speedaemonc4

Hello all. As a newer player I had searched the forums and websites for guides to help me level in UWOs somewhat vague progression and I had a hard time finding anything regarding where to level and what to kill to make it to lvl ** in a certain time.. At time I even considered being a trader instead because I was tired of finding the wrong groups to fight and ending up limping back to port for a new crew. But, thanks to UWOs acceptance of multiboxing I soon realized that I didnt want to run 2+ computers in order to get to the top and be the best so I decided maritime for life. Next Id like to point out that the purpose of this guide is to help you level maritime from the ground up, it is a work in progress as I am not yet a lvl 60 Maritimer, but I plan on posting the next steps in my techniques as I continue to level. Any additional  techniques that any of my betters would like to post here would also be more than welcome, just please keep it to the guidelines of Solo and relatively easy..There are faster ways out there than the ones I post..but..most require a group, or require greater skill levels and items to enable you to beat the enemy..My techniques are meant to bring you up at a pace ill describe in a manner in which your greatest threat will likely be running out of ammo. One last note is this technique is focussed on gunnery, you wont see the same results using boarding.
LVL 1-9 Go to school, do all three courses, get all available skills possible for maritime. I grabbed the following in this order for the purpose of lvling here…Steering, Swordplay, Gunnery, Gunfire, Repair, Leadership, First Aid, Ballistics (lvl this as much as possible to get penetration), accuracy, reloading (also top priority, will need to lvl accuracy to get it), Penetration, Guard, Assault, Mine laying, Surgery.  These are only a few of the Mari skills but will be the core of this leveling process, if any change I will post it later.
LVL 10-14 You are probably still in school, at this level however, you will want to go buy a battle caravel (3/0/9) or Light Carrack (6/0/12) This ship will be used for the next part of your leveling, fit the ship with max armor and the best carronades you can afford, lesser guns can be used but will lengthen the leveling process. If you are finished with school, and have gotten all the above mentioned skills or at least the majority to include gunnery 3 and ballistics then you are ready to move on to the next level step.
LVL **-28 Here comes the start of the grind, your target will be Islamic Merchant fleets (IMF). These fleets will consist of two Galleys and one Light Galley. In the area slightly East of Ceuta but not much farther than Malaga are three fleets of IMFs, they respawn about 5-10 seconds after theyve been killed again in the same general area. They have a very limited range of skills, although they are galleys they will avoid boarding and instead choose to battle in a a circle seeming to be following your path. The first 200-300 damage you do will be repaired once one of the ships reaches 100 durability. An easy way to avoid their repairs and quicken your xp is to turn 180 degrees, they will ALWAYS try to go the opposite of you and will turn their bow or stern to you when you do this..you guessed it, CRIT away. Either way they will be worn down in the end and stop repairing allowing you to finish them off, B should be killed first to eliminate his repair if possible, A and C are tougher and can be killed last (remember A is always last) This fleet takes about 5 minutes to kill more or less and gives 280-3xx Maritime XP at lvl 27-, It also gives 100 fame up till about lvl 26ish. If the area I described is to heavily farmed you can move east from there along the North African coast to find more groups. Once you can upgrade to a heavier ship with three gun slots you should as it will make the process much faster. I generally levelled once every hour to hour and a half doing this and including port trips, refitting, new guns,etc. At level 28 the XP goes down to 150 and is no longer worth the time.
LVL 28- Alright, I have found some prospective spots and fleets worth about 280-300 xp and killable within about 5-6 shots for the whole fleet with my Flanders Galley, dont remember their names but will get them and post it once I get a chance. (edit Jan 11) Ok I found fleets near the southern tip of Africa, they are called Congo Pirates and Congo Privateers, they give 320- 340 xp in general and are a relatively easy fight. There are several differently sized groups some with 4 large galleons, some wiht 2 large and one small galleon. You will need to bring lots of guns to this grind because it is a long way from home, also bring lots of food. These guys use regular guns and fire, youll need plenty of fire buckets too or the fire fighting skill. The ship I am using at the moment is the Flanders Galley, I would Highly recommend it because of its three slots for armor, you will NEED that armor at this point, without it youll be in deep water, I am using light iron plates. In the previous grind I explained that you could change direction to get a crit shot on the enemies, dont try that here, they fire much quicker and will usually crit you in your turn for 200+ dmg. Anyhow, next chance I get I will finish the trip to India and then head to the Carribbean to look for closer fleets for this level period, have a great day guys.(edit #2 Jan 11-12) Ok Further South, slightly east of Cape Town are three types of fleets called Namib Bandits, Agares Brigades, and Kalahari.. These guys give 380 -470 xp they fight stand out battles with lots of guns, make sure you have armor, they also all use fire so bring buckets or skill. use the same tactic as above, I can confirm that at 30 these still give full xp.

LVL 31-35– (edit#3 Jan 18) Congrats, youve made it to 31, things get easier now, somewhat. head over to Seville and buy a Heavy Carrack (the lvl 31 maritime one). I reccomend you load all 4 gun slots with carronades and all three armor slots with no less than light iron plating, preferably rolled. You are going to be somewhat slow now but thats ok, the good news is youll be fighting in the Med this time. You will have 2 main targets, the first and highest priority target are Genoan Merchant fleets. There are two of these fleets that spawn slightly to the east of where you were grinding the Islamic merchant fleets before,in fact, youll use a similiar tactic against these guys too but dont turn your back because they will crit ya. By now you should also be using mines, this will help alot with these guys because they repair alot, bring your fire extinguishing skill or items cause youll be on fire quite a bit. The second group that you can grind at this level are Venetian Merchant fleets (Yes, they are flagged), youll want to watch how many of these you kill, if you become hostile to venice theyll send bigger ships after ya. All in all these groups are easy for someone thats made it this far, time consuming, but easy. They will give 650 xp all the way up to lvl35 (Now you can get a Battle Galleon or La Realle, the two premier Mari ships that are found untill Aztec is unlocked further).

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    Still i miss those courses, it’s nostalgic.
    Nowadays it only has to go fast fast fast…

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    3 courses means beginner,intermediate,advance.However all that has changed with Sagres. Just do battle reports and level up maritime.

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    Idk how old this is but what do you mean all three courses. When you start there is just Maritime, Adventure, or Merchant. Are you saying to take forever to do all three courses for that? Or do you mean the three different schools IE for the French: Marseilles, Syracuse, Then ____ ( I don't remember where the third French school is).

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