Terra Militaris Frequently Asked Questions

Terra Militaris Frequently Asked Questions by Turalus

I always see the same questions asked over and over again by new players. This is going to be a post to attempt to answer most of these. I also don’t know everything, so if somebody knows a better answer feel free to post.

1. Q: How do you build a 2nd city?
A: A 2nd city is called a campsite in this game. They are smaller versions of the main city. Not all buildings can be build in     them and the townhall is limited to level 5. Only veteran warriors, pikes and archers (lvl2) can be produced in them and they have max of 6K population.
You need the following to setup a campsite:
– your guild must be owner of a neutral area shrine
– your guild leader must give you permission to build a campsite
– you must have 100K gold in your main city
– it must be build in the neutral area that belongs to the shrine your guild owns (the map is not alligned correctly at all places and you might need to try different spots).

2. Q: Can I transport resources from my campsite to my main city?
A: Yes you can transport resources with a combat hero, but it is limited to 10K of each resource per trip. To do this you need to assign the hero to the campsite first, then when it has arrived there assign it back to the main city and adding 10K of each resource. 1 hero can transport 10K wood, 10K metal, 10K stone, 10K gold and 10K food per trip. Note that the food used to travel will be deducted, and also that there is a bug in the gold. The amount of gold visible in the campsite reamins the same untill the hero actually arrives in the main city.

3. Q:  How do I level my combat hero?
A: There are 3 ways to level your hero. First is arena. Arena is especially good way to level hero at very low levels. You can level your hero pretty fast to level 35 or 40 using only arena. Second is hunting NPC. NPC can give most xp for your time on game if you do it correctly. Best NPC to hunt is the horse thief. They give up to 330K xp per kill and are easy to kill. Don’t try other npc types (except elephant) over level 50, because they are mucho strong and will wipe you. There are 3 spots on the map where Horse thief is found (vallatta, ha’il and abadan area, tuymazy). Best way to hunt them is with only archers and use your hero as tank. Only problem with this method is that other players can intercept you and kill your archers. Third way is with the training arena. This is save way, but will cost you real money. You also get some xp from lair, but is not so much.

4. Q: How do I get more territory?
A: You need to build Holy shrine in city, and recruit a missionary from Tavern. You can do this from expansion era and higher. Now you worship and build new temples inside your territory. You can only build temples inside your territory and it takes time for the territory to increase, but you can destroy “old” temples and rebuild them at the edge of your territory. This way you can expand your territory. Ideally you want at least 1000 territory, because then you get the max of 10% neutral war area bonus as well as your civilization bonus. I have not found a way to assign missionary to holy shrine in campsite.

5. Q: How do I level merchant?
A: Merchants get xp when they sell items with a profit. This is done by buying items in one city and selling them in other city. Most profit are from items with most cost to weight ratio. Profit is also higher if the city is further, but then your travel time is longer. After recruiting the merchant, start him of with as much gold and/or charge medals that he can carry.

6. Q: Can merchants be attacked?
A: Yes, they can but they don’t loose anything. The only thing that happens is that they stop their journey and go back to the nearest city.

7. Q: How do I get rank?
A: You get rank for killing troops of another nation. You can do this in neutral shrine war, by intercepting or by city fight if you or target has troops in city garrison. The amount of rank you get depends on the amount and level of troops you kill. I think it is 0.1 point per level 1 troop, 0.3 per level 2 troop, 0.4 per level 3 troop, 0.5 per level 4 troop and 1 point per level 5 troop.

8. Q: Why is my screen flashing red?
A: Your radar at bottom right will start flashing red if another player has a hero coming to one of your cities. This can be for investigation, plunder or attack. You can see this, plus the time till arrival and what troops are approaching by pressing on “info” and then on “battle info”. Then you can decide how to react. either put up garrison to defend, or use up all your resources.

9. Q: Why do the hero names have different colours?
A: There are 4 colours: white, green, blue and purple. The colour tells you how many level up points will be added to the hero per level that it levels up. I think it is 1 point for white, 1.5 for green, 2 for blue and 2.5 for purple. A high level purple hero will therefore have the most attribute points, but they don’t appear very often in your tavern.

10. Q: Which attribute should I boost on my hero?
A: I am not sure about this one, but looks like it is agility and power. Command adds only 1 soldier per point, so not worth it, and intelligence doesn’t seem to do anything yet. Maybe that will change in future update.

11.  Q: How do I assign a combat hero to a campsite?
A: When you are in world screen click on the campsite and then on the button called “UNITS”. Select the hero and press on travel.

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