Spiral Knights Weapons Introductory Guide

Spiral Knights Weapons Introductory Guide by unicornkitty

Hello, people of Earth, knights of Cradle. Because I have nothing to do at work
today, I’ve decided to concoct an elementary gun guide for the newbies in the
vicinity who crafted Thwack Hammers or bought Frost Guns in the Bazaar.

Here is a somewhat comprehensive guide of the better weapons in the game, and
my analysis of them. Don’t expect anything grand, but I’ll keep it rather Spartan
because there are so many weapons out there. I certainly won’t cover ALL the
weapons, but perhaps I’ll finish with some more advice.

Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you to NEVER buy a weapon from any of the Strangers,
since, more often than not, the weapon will suck and it will be outrageously
priced, something you could have gotten in the Auction House (your best friend)
for less than half what you paid the Stranger.


Calibur- 3 swings, deals normal damage.
Brandish- 3 swing, elemental or shadow damage (depending on upgrade path)
Flourish- 3 swing, piercing damage.
Troika- 2 swing, good damage and great knockback, but hard to adjust to.
Cutter- 5 swing, super fast and no knockback, and you lunge all over the place

The former two are going to be almost identical to the Proto Sword you brought
in from boot camp, and so will be the easiest to use. Coincidentally, they are also
the most popular.
Flourish isn’t a good starter weapon, but you’ll come to rely on it more against
enemies weak to piercing (which are coincidentally some of the most annoying).
Troika is a good sword to use, although it doesn’t upgrade to 5*. Largely I’d
recommend it as an excellent sword to prepare you for your future when you no
doubt are using a similar Sealed Sword (everyone and their mother has one now),
and instead of struggling to adjust to it then, you’ll already know how to use
it correctly, unlike myself and others.
Cutter is a popular and fun weapon to use, and it’ll take you where you’re going.
This sword will carry you through the Jelly Palace, and it’s also super fun to use.


Blaster- 3 shots. the Calibur of guns.
Alchemer- 2 shots. the Brandish of guns.
Magnus- 2 shots. fast bullets, piercing damage.
Autogun- 2 clips, each clip fires ~6 bullets rapidly, but no moving while firing.

Guns never shined too brightly in the game after the massive nerf, but with the
recent (partial) un-nerf, we can go back to using them again.
Blaster is a standard gun, whose 5* form shoots 5 faster bullets. Recommended,
since it’s a nifty gun to have, good in all situations, but not exceptional.
The alchemers (namely Firo and Cryo) are great if you use them right. The
shots have ricochets that can do excellent damage or crowd control.
Magnus is slow to use, but shoots very fast bullets that deal stun/knockback. It’s
a good gun for interrupting enemies, despite vulnerability from the heavy recoil.


Haze Bomb- very popular. upgrades deal status effects, depending on upgrade path.
Blast Bomb- does raw damage in a blast radius, pretty diverse upgrade paths.
Crystal Bomb- the flourish of bombs. sends out 8 piercing spikes that interrupt.

I’ve never seriously used bombs, but I’ve seen others use them, and they’re certainly
good when used right. Despite their role of being a support weapon, nobody complains
when you save their lives with a well-placed bomb.
Haze is super popular for players of other specialties who need to step in with a freeze
or fire status every now and again, but also a necessity for a true bomber.
Blast Bomb makes big explosions that send enemies flying, which keeps you alive but
may fling them out of your teammates’ reach.
Crystal Bomb doesn’t knockback enemies, but the 8 radial spikes will interrupt enemies’
attacks and hit out-of-reach switches.


Boss weapons
You can buy a lot of weapons with boss tokens, the most popular of which are
Sealed Sword- 2 hit sword, elemental or shadow upgrade path. most popular of swords.
Antigua- 6 shot revolver. Not the best gun, but sexy and desirable.
Pulsar- 3 shot gun. upgrades to normal or elemental damage. Eclipses Voltech alchemer.
Catalyzer- essentially a gun that shoots bombs. Fun to use, and nifty if done right.
Spine Cone- Like the Crystal bomb.
Snarbe Barb- Like a Flourish, but with a ranged charge attack that shoots spikes.
Static Capacitor- Like haze bomb, but deals the shock status effect.


Now, you may be wondering “Hey.. where’s MY weapon on that list?” Well, as I told you
already, not all weapons are on here, and it’s probably because they suck. Apologies for
the bias and dismissal of what may be your favorite weapon of course. You’re entitled to
love and swear by your Prismatech or Cautery Sword, but I’m just letting others know that
it’s probably not the best choice of weapon. Weapons that don’t get to 5* generally suck,
and it doesn’t make sense to spend all that energy on something you’ll never fully
upgrade. This may be contradicting what I said earlier about Troikas, but the 2-swing
experience is a valuable one if you’re going to be using a Sealed Sword.

All in all, you’ll learn a lot more about different weapons just by experiencing the
game, but I hope this guide helped you decide against that weapon you’d probably
end up regretting once you realized it’s useless compared to others out there.

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