Spiral Knights Elite Bomber Guide

Spiral Knights Elite Bomber Guide by Fallout

I’m tired of seeing bombing threads that make me cringe by reading them…. and then the same kind of bombing thread over and over.

So here i am making the elite bombing thread… with all the bombing information you need. (yeah it’ll need some help, but i got blast bombs covered =D )

Don’t tell me off for not knowing how to bomb…. trust me iv’e been doing this since 09… and my name is Fallout…

Very big sprosions and you.

I am a pure bomber, and own all blast bombs (or am following the alchemy path to the better versions) and currently own a master blast bomb, irontech, Heavy decon, freezing atmoizer and a couple of random super blasts. basically I am working towards a Nitronome (no UV…. can’t stand this bomb with a small radius), an angry blast with any UV probably at least high gremlin or something, Irontech Destroyer (if you hate it, you’ve never used it maxed), A heavy Decon with High construct damage (hehehe bhuai-bye lumbers) a shivermist buster to switch to for soloing (low charge bonus but yeah) and perhaps a ironized salt bomb ftl. basically idc what demo suit i have… V demo would be nice…. but i would rather be equipt with a top hat and monocle and something resembling tesla armour. Who shields when you’ve got a bomb?

Being a bomber.

being a bomber is one of the most satisfying tasks in a party. You range from shielding others from freakishly annoying wolvers, shielding yourself from freakishly annoying wolvers…. and flailing in a corner just out of reach of gun puppies. Sure it doesn’t sound fun, but if you have picked up a bomb, you will understand that evil laugh, that prods anyone into becoming a mad bomber.

First step to being a bomber, is overcoming the spam randomly thing.

As soon as you pick up a bomb, you feel the need to run circles in a room… this makes things frustrating using a blast bomb as enemies fly everywhere and more often then not, into you – mid attack. one simple strategy is to place a bomb, run towarsds your enemy, make a sharp U-turn and place another bomb in the same spot. this results in successful spamming.

Second is caring about you party members.

the blue screen of death….. thats what people tell me as i spam nitronomes everywhere. And as when the eerie blue cloud dissappears everyone is dead…. and everyone blames Fallout. Blast bombs are great for Soloing, but in a party, your group will begin to tire of not being able to see enemies, and have constant jellies fly into them mid attack. it might be fine for you standing at the epicentre of your bomb….. however try to thing of your fellow knights. The only real way to effectively blast bomb in a party is to follow members closely if they have a gun, or just heard enemies into a corner for your swordies to make their move. And if you Don’t blast…. great you can skip everything here apart from the blue screen of death business. And being a pain in the neck with ash + oilers or ironized + quicksilvers isn’t nice.

3rd is to know party pad placements.

Dungeon knowledge is key in bombing. knowing where to place a bomb before running to the party pad will mean you and your party can last that much longer. Devs have been evil, as spawn spots now change quite a fair bit. Don’t worry about the jeering you’ll recieve from fellow knights after placing a bomb that does’nt hit, just make sure its a vaporizer…. at least then you can say you’re pre-firing.
4th is dealing with range mobs.

there is essentially not a lot you can do being just pure bomber against gun puppies or devilites (etc). blast bombs wont help, and unless your skilled with crystal bombs your out of luck. the only way to get anywhere is to freeze or poison them when you have the chance…. otherwise be me and sit in a corner while waiting for Njthug and Riodaisho to sort things out for you.


remember this thread is for pure bombing.,.. none of that sword or gun business. there are a few ways to be a major help in danger rooms or bosses, and it might take time to learn them, but they work.

Corner shielding.
One of my favourites is to grab a big radius blast bomb, sit in a corner while the rest of your team guns. it keeps melee mobs distant and your teamates will thank you when a zombie starts noming on their face.

Graviton + Freezy + Fire + Irontech.
if you can afford four weapon slots, and still be pure bomber, this is essential for clearing out rooms solo. basically heard your mob crowd with you graviton, stick them in one place with a freezy. drain their damage with fiery then blow the bajeebus out of them with a well placed irontech. this is serious fun, and can be minimized if a party all puts in for one bomb type – all stand in one place and let it rip.

situations can unfold where you’ll have to take one for the team. a prime example is against spiny toxilargos, where poison really demoralizes he team. simply place freezies next to him risking running through the poison field as the status affect of the bomb is all that matters.

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