Spiral Knights Materials Price Guide

Spiral Knights Materials Price Guide by pringerX

This is by no means a fully comprehensive list of popular materials, but it is a listing of some of the more popular materials and an average, reasonable price over time. Keep in mind that prices are very much subject to the supply of said material (what gates are in rotation). It is not unusual for the price of a material to be double or half of what is listed here, so it behooves the reader to confirm current prices by checking the Auction House. The most stable market tends to be 2-3* materials; shards and 4-5* materials tend to fluctuate a lot. There is no 1* market because these are typically sold in bulk for about 5-20cr apiece to crafters. As always, if in question check the Auction House and sort by Buy Price for a general idea of the going rate for a material.

Sun Silver ~16k
Philoso Feather ~16k
Plasma Cell ~15k
Flame Soul ~8k
Shadow Steel ~7k

Trojan Horseshoe 4-6k
Ghost Bell 4-6k
Warp Dust 1-1.5k
Blaze Pepper 1k
Heavy Gear 4-6k
Meteor Mote 0.5-1k
Mug of Misery 0.5-1k
Silver Coil 0.75k

Fine Fabric 1k
Bushy Tail 0.5-1k
Force Dynamo 1k

Monster Bone 200
Swordstone 300
Iron Gear 100

0* (Shards)
Blue 75
Green 75
Red 20
Light 20
Dark 30

Recipes are a tricky business. I have little experience selling non-5* recipes, so my information may be of limited use. That said, my impression is that for recipes between 1-3*, there is not much of a market, and only a handful of 4* recipes sell with any regularity. Even among 5* recipes, the majority of them don’t sell. Most recipes, I would not pay for more than a 1k cr or 20% markup, whichever is more. I will list some of the popular 5* recipes, but be advised that prices can fluctuate by ~5k based on current availability. In general, any other “useful” 5* item like Shivermist Buster, Acheron, or Ash of Agni typically retails for 30k, give or take a few k cr based on availability. Low utility recipes like the Silvermail series or Dragon Scale series sell very poorly, with wildly fluctuating prices.

Vog Cub
Grey Owlite Shield
Divine Avenger
Barbarous Thorn Blade

Gran Faust
Ash of Agni
Shivermist Buster
Volcanic Salamander

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