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S4 League Combi Guide by PureMusic

Hi there!
Welcome to the Combi Guide!

Here you will find out how the combi system Works within S4 League!
Don’t forget to read the warning wich is about a bug in the combi system on the bottom of the page!

Why would you use the combi system?
First of all, it is fun. With the system you will connect more with other players you don’t know. So besides getting extra’s, you might get some new friends to!

How to make use of the system?
First of all, make sure you are logged in on S4 League. Now look if a friend is online or a random person you might want to know (preferably if the person in question is lower than level 13, will be explained later). Now, go to the community panel and search for the person you want to combi with.

Right click on the person and click on “Add Combi”.
When you do that you must name the combi. You may use any name you want, it is not important. Remember that the name has to be unique.

If you did it correctly you will get a message that looks like this:

Now you can see the combi you made in the combi list. If you want to delete the combi, click on the big [X].

After doing that you will be asked to copy the name of the combi into the text field. This is to confirm that you want to delete it.

Do it correctly and the combi will be removed.

More experience?
Yes, what you read is what you get. If you play a match from the start along with your combi, you will earn 3% more experience! Mind that you must play the match from the start till the end with your friend! If one comes in later or leaves neither of you two will receive the bonus.

The level system
The combi system is provided with a level system. You need experience to level up. Gaining experience is a tough job. First you need a combi with someone whose level is lower than 13! Now, whenever your combi levels up you will receive one experience point! When you reached a certain amount of experience points you will level up! There are 36 levels in total.

Why would you level up?
This is definitely the “Raison d’être” of the combi system. When you reached a certain level you will be able to buy unique clothes. Clothes that only other players that reached that level can buy! When you reached the max level you will be able to look like this:
You will be able to buy those clothes permanently! No timers!

The Limit
Don’t forget you can only have 5 combis at the same time. So choose wisely!

There is a minor bug in the system. It may occur that you can’t delete a certain combi. This occurs when the person you invited for combi went offline without accepting. The request remains open till the person in question returns and answers your request! There is no other way to delete the combi! So when occured and the person doesn’t come online anymore, you can’t invite till 4 combi’s. Though, others are still able to invite you till you are full. The best way to prevent this is whispering the person you want to invite and make sure he won’t go offline in the next few minutes of when you are going to invite him!

Also, keep in mind that the I and l(i and L) look very similar to each other in S4 League. It could be that someone might invite you with a name that looks like IIIIIIIIIIIII. All those symbols are probably not the same letter! People send this to you so you can’t delete the combi! It is very hard to delete those as you need to guess if the letter is an i or L. So never accept such invites!
Here is an example of such problematic invite:

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