S4 League Combi System Guide

S4 League Combi System Guide by KimimaroXX

Hello everyone
As i know many new ppl in our game have problem to figure it out What exactly is S4 League “Combi“.

So what exactly is the Combi system ?

The Combi system is built on the concept of teamwork. Grouping up with people using this system and playing with them in the same room on the same team will give you an EXP boost. It has been confirmed that the boost is +3% EXP per person, and since you can have 5 friend pairs, you can get up to +15% EXP if all 6 of you play in the same room on the same team. You are limited to being in 5 Combi pairs, so make sure you’re going to be playing often with that person.

How the Combi system works ?

The Combi points are based on the users level ups. You do not have to play with them in order to get Combi points/levels. Just add whichever Beginner/low leveled Rookie you see in the Free channel and let them do whatever they want. If you’re lucky they’ll level at a decent speed, if not then ditch them for another random. You don’t even have to talk to them. Just add them and they will probably just confirm it and do nothing more (maybe whisper you).
After Combi Master 10 (starting at level 11), apparently you need 20 Combi EXP for each level instead of 10. I would imagine that after Combi Master 20 (starting at level 21), it will rise to 30, as well. Someone who claims to be level 12 has already had to obtain 20 EXP for one level, so that’s all we know.

I think that in theory, all your doubts will be dispelled.

Now i would like preset how it goes in game :

1 Where is combi ?

Mainly ur Combi u can find in Community button.

2 How i add Combi partner into my Combi ?

Basicly u search ur partner in whole Channel/Server then u have to click Right Button on the player that u want to become ur Combi partner and press Add combi.
Remember! That ur Combi partner must be below lvl 13 otherwise u will be not able to get more points from

3 How can i remove my Combi partner ?

Similar situation as with the addition of a partner but make sure that he will confrim it otherwise u will be not able to remove him from ur combi list. Your partner dont need to be on line to be removed from ur list.

4 When will be able to wear the Combi Master Costume ?

Certainly Full Combi Master Costume will be able after that u reach maximum Combi lvl. Which currently is 36.
Each parts are distributed that 5/6 middling levels.

I also got permission to add a small tutorial/guide how to do not mess Combi
Here is it :

Combi Leveling Guide

FaiKun wrote:Ever wanted to get those sexy Combi Master Clothes?
Getting pissed off at bugged combi’s and can’t delete them?

Well here is some advice to know how to go get combi levels fast and easy.

[1.] Check on the person’s stats to see if they can play well (high score averages means they’ll get exp fast and have no troubles leveling, a theory of mine that they are not beginners at S4.)

[2.] Give them a whisper to make sure they’ll accept combi request (you can’t delete a requesting combi, this bug has not yet been fixed, trust me that combi bug is a pain in the ************** what a long censored word!)

Keep an “eye” on your combi list, if your combi partner doesn’t play daily or a lot, you might as well remove them and find someone else! (trust me if you want fast levels do it!)

Combi works both ways meaning as long as the person and you are lower then Level 13 you both get Combi Exp! So don’t mind a combi request from a Newbie, you’ll get combi exp either way!

[[*A know how*]]

Knowing these combi tips you’d think getting that master set is easy right? Well Let me tell you the requirement combi exp between levels! Yay! *cough* I think it’s really BS j/k

*1 newbie level = 1 combi exp* (you can only obtain combi exp within your combi partner’s level of 1-13)

Level 1-10 Combi Requires 10 Combi exp
Level 11-20 Combi Requires 20 Combi exp
Level 21-30 Combi Requires 40 Combi exp
Level 31-36 Combi Requires 80 Combi exp

You do the math on how much combi exp you need ;D or just look under this sentence! *gasp*

YOU NEED A TOTAL OF 1100 COMBI EXP to get that Combi Master Set!
Yes… That Combi set seems very very very very VERY far away…

Follow these steps and try to play with your combi partners cause they could use the 3% exp bonus per game ;D

Hope this Helped!!

Credits to XHaruhiSuzumiyaX for Combi Exp Level requirements

Special thanks to FaiKun for providing me this information.

I hope that all the conclusions about Combi system will be resolved. ;) Enjoy

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