Last Chaos Specialist Guide

Last Chaos Specialist Guide by Liof

Well there isnt any guilde for specialist so I thought I would make one…
Now its pretty much finnished (I will add a few things later)
If you wanne add something to the guide and give more information: pm me…
dont put in the posts anymore cause then there will be a chance i’ll look over it =/ Well I hope you enjoy this Guide Smile


Sonaba break is now called sonic break !!



    1)What to know about the specialist first 2)A pro/ con list 3)Stats 4)Deeper look into the transforms 5)skills 6)Armors and weapons 7)fighting strategies

1)What to know about the specialist first:

      *A specialist uses transforms to fight. (He


      use normal form but then he is weak) Forms :

        – Earthsea evocation (knight): Very high defense but lower attack – Firewind evocation (Demon): Very high attack but lower def – (For both forms hp will be increased)

*A specialist wont always pown in arena … But he does most of the time true his godly eva We specialist aren’t the best pvp class in the beginning… U will start being medium to good at it when u get sonaba break (earthsea evocation) then get godly in demon form when u got lvl 50 passive * U WILL LOSE SPIRITS !! * U NEED YOUR SPIRIT PASSIVES !! * You should become specialist at the end of lvl 31 (going to 32) cause u wont get transforms until then and u DONT have spirits.

2) A pro/ con list


    – u look cool in transforms – High Defense (knight) / Attack (demon) – If you know how to fight u will get good in pvp ! – good HP – No spirits anymore


      – till Sonaba break u will almost always be owned in pvp. – Specialist don’t have to many weapons that are +’d on the market… (this goes for all the sorc classes) so for weapons you will pay or to much or not enough at all


    the only problem is … Finding the weapon. – Low Defense (Demon) / Attack (knight) -no spirits anymore

3) Stats
When u reach lvl 31 and u need to put your stats, put them like this

    Str: 0 dex: 12 int: 6 con: 12

For the next lvls u will need to put your stats on intelligence and some on dex so you can get the higher skills
(the effect of the stats u get later… i dont have yet if someone knows please tell me Smile )

4)Deeper look into the transforms
*First of all the earthsea evocation a.k.a the knight

Stats and Stuff

      -hp increased -def increased:

        Physical def : + 42.5 % (personal test) Magical def : + 29.7 % (personal test)

-Attack lowered:

    Magic attack – 13.6 % (personal test)

Skills (only for earthsea evocation)

    1)Eartquake ACTIVE (attack, slowdown skill) 2)Sonaba break ACTIVE (stun , debuff, attack , AoE skill) 3)Enforced earthsea PASSIVE (increases attack of knight form)

Why would u use it ?
This is a form for Tanking and pvp.. the sonaba break (or just sonaba) Is EXTREMLY good for pvp cause it gives you the advantage of buffs Smile
the most fun thing about this form is its Huge def Smile (and the fact that u dont have to use ur leggs)

*The firewind evocation a.k.a The demon

*i’m not running these tests myself yet cause of incomplete lvl 44 skill*
stats and stuff

    -hp increase -Magical attack increase -Defense lowered


    1)inferno volt ACTIVE (heavy attack) 2)lightning shock ACTIVE (AoE skill) 3)Enforced firewind PASSIVE (increases M.attack in demon form)

Why would u use it ?
this is your Damage dealing transform. You will use it in egeha (like demon parties) and on mobs that dont damage you to much.
for pvp its less liked then the knight form cause of its low defense.

5) Skills
(the sp mentioned is the TOTAL sp needed to get skill to lvl 5)


Firewind evocation: transforms u into the demon form

    Sp: 0

Earthsea evocation:Transforms u into the knight form

    Sp: 0
    Inferno volt (Demon)

: High damage dealing skill

    Sp: 262 Power: 300 LVL: 32

Lightning Shock (Demon) : The AoE skill (hits 5) not that damaging

      Sp: 294 power: 150 LVL : 38

!!! Dex must be 17 !!!

Earthquake (knight) : Slows down enemy and damages

    Sp: 262 power: 250 LVL : 32

Sonaba break (knight) : stuns, damages and debuffs enemy

      sp:294 power: 280 LVL: 38

!!INT must be 35 !!!


Enforce Element (Knight) : makes attack of knight better.

    Sp: 262 power: +27 (yup I know its not much but think about it as an extra) lvl: 32

Enforce FireWind (demon) : improves demons attack.

    Sp: 327 power: +100 lvl: 44

Sudden D Ente: Improves accuracy rate of transforms

    Sp: 573 power: 15 % lvl: 50

sudden attack : increases hit rate (makes you hit faster)

    Sp: 889 power: 15% lvl: 60

wind’s blessing : a buff extender Smile (makes buff last longer)

    Sp: 1450 power: x2 lvl: 70

*Note: you will not always be able to get all the skills at the right lvl because you dont have the right stats

6) Armor / Weapons
Armor: About armor… as specialist i reccomend atleast +6 armor to the lvl 55 armor and after that one try to get +10 Smile (this is cause after lvl 50 u will be using more and more ur demon form to)
Weapons: well first we sorcs use a scythe Smile you will need one to lvl 45+6 atleast and after that the highest + possible Smile

Moonstorms scythe:

    lvl: 37 M.attack: 124

Riverquake scythe

    lvl: 41 M.attack: 136

Proconnas scythe

    lvl: 45 M.attack: 159

Portnoils scythe

    lvl: 49 M.attack: 182

Finalstic scythe

    Lvl: 53 M.attack: 206

Winirlair scythe

    Lvl: 57 M.attack: 229

Impaction scythe

    Lvl: 61 M.attack: 252

Bluechonin scythe

    Lvl: 65 M.attack: 281

7)fighting strategies
Close ranged people:
1) Use Knight form
2) try to be far away as possible and use earthquake
3) when they r almost near you use sonabe (when they are in range)
4) use earthquake again
5) run
6) repeat

Long ranged people:
* For long range people… the ones that r close to you and dont run away in attack use knight. other than that use demon*
1)use Demon form
2) start hitting

The knight form is better for pvp … but when u r fighting a runner its useless cause u wont be able to catch up with them…

About guide:
*The screens and the personal tests … the screens i took myself… and the personal tests to Smile so if the tests are a little bit wrong, I’m sorry Smile if u wanne see my complete test resaults pm me.

What am I gonna add in the future:
-the numbers of attack increase with demon (need to have passive lvl 5)
-more info about scythes
– Much asked questions
– Things that you guys pm to me to add Smile

I hope this wasnt the worst guide ever. (if it was … then i’m sorry :p)

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