Last Chaos Elementalist Guide

Last Chaos Elementalist Guide by Erichk

Elementalist is a high damage dealing class that uses spirits as his main weapon.

– High attack speed and damage
– Can deal rapid high damage without casting skills
– Very good at SP farming
– Very good at PVP
– Very High MP
– Always has two loyal friends near him Smile

– Low HP
– Low Defence
– Low HP / MP regeneration speed.

Stat Points:
Intelligence: +0.67 Magical Attack
Dexterity: +1 Close-range Evasion, +1 Long-range Evasion
Constitution: +3 Health, +3 Mana
Strength: +0.67 Physical Attack, +0.08% Weight

Stat Points Distribution:
You can take a look at this page.

Active Skills:

Chain Lightning (L44 – 327 SP – 52 Int): AoE attack that hits 6 enemy. You can cast skill with or without spirits — description in master sorcerer is false.
Mana Screen (L70 – 1450 SP – 100 Int – 3.5M Gold): Self buff that increases spirits’ defence by 30%. Whenever spirits gets hit MP will be decreased by 3%.

Spirit Skills:
Hand of Earth (L32 – 262 SP – 12 Int): Close-middle ranged AoE attack that hits 8 enemy nearby
Soul of Fire (L32- 262 SP – 12 Int): Fire spirit skill that sacrifices spirit after using. I dont recommend maxing this skill.
Jail of Water (L38- 293 SP – 17 Con): Middle ranged stun that removes buffs, decreases defence (-125). At level 5 it stuns enemy for 5.5 seconds with 80% chance of success. Brings fear to your opponents.
Sword of Wind (L38 – 293 SP – 17 Con): AoE attack that hits 8 enemy. Doesn’t require a target to use.

Spirit Buffs:
Spirit Haste (L32 – 262 SP – 12 Con): At level 5, increases target spirit’s attack speed by 30%. Very good for PVP.
Spirit Blood (L38 – 293 SP – 17 Dex): At level 5, increases target spirit’s magical attack by 18.

Summon High Earth Elemental (L32 – 276 SP – 2 Int): At level 5, increases Earth Spirit’s defence by 11%.
Summon High Fire Elemental (L32 – 276 SP – 2 Int): At level 5, increases Fire Spirit’s defence by 9%.
Summon High Water Elemental (L38 – 293 SP – 35 Int): At level 5, increases Water Spirit’s defence by 9%.
Summon High Wind Elemental (L38 – 293 SP – 35 Int): At level 5, increases Wind Spirit’s defence by 9%.
Mental Spirit (L50 – 573 SP): At level 5, increases all spirits’ accuracy by 15%. After maxing this passive you’ll notice big difference in egeha that spirits usually wont miss.
Sudden Evolution (L60 – 889 SP): At level 5, increases all spirits’ magical attack by 70, physical defence by 100.


After job change, elementalist gets no passive for himself. You need best armor possible. I Recommend getting at least your level +6 armor, horse mount for buffs and lvl31+ unmount pet with 30 stats on p.def.

Fallarm with plus are very rare. You can use dragon fallarm till level 50s then make your own fallarm or try to find one for sale.

Recommended Accesories:
– Rage of demon / Eye of wiseman for additional magical attack and MP.
– Stone of life for HP increase

Keep spirits alive:
Spirits are your best friends. You need to protect them in order to stay alive.
– Always watch their HP in PVP.
– Use vital conversion when needed.
– Don’t kill agro monsters. They’re usually trouble, some hits your pets, some hits spirits..

Spirit Stats:
Spirit stats are calculated at summoning time. If you cast horse buffs, velocity and stone skin, then summon spirits, they’ll have same buffs also velocity will last 6 minute on them. In other hand, if you summon spirits first, then ask another party member to do horse buffs, spirits wont have horse buffs. Note, water spirit can be concentrated (Royal Knight Skill) in order to make jail work without failure.

Where to SP farm?:
Do NOT go to egeha before you max all of your skills available.
L32- Merac: Berserkers/Bandits.
L38- Merac: Gnolls Soldiers/Lancers.
L45- Merac: Merac jail.
L50- Merac: Salamander Ruins.
L52- Dratan: Giants.
L57- Dratan: Master of secret technique.
L59- Dratan: Arcane Golems.
L60- Dratan: Wafes.

This is the main reason why i became elementalist. 3vs1 advantage usually works great. You can jail the enemy while you’re stunned/snared/silenced/stoned. Against long ranged or powerfull players you should only use earth/water. Also till lvl44 elementalist can kill anyone in fair fight. After 44 you will need strategies. These are my experiences for lvl31 – 60:

– Against melee classes, always keep the distance between you and your enemy. Let spirits hit them, when they’re jailed use ice spike, chain lightning.
– After lvl44, never say yes when someone asks for close combat fight.
– Unless you’re having fair fight, you can hide behind wind spirit.

Knight: Till lvl69 they can’t kill you in fair fight. Don’t get close to them. Use Ice spike, jail of water, chain lightning, hand of earth then they’ll die.
Titan: This will take a while to kill due their big hp but use same strategy with knight, also watch out for warstomp since it can two hit kill your spirits.
Rogue: They’re fun to kill.
a- Invisible rogue in arena: Use attack first mode in spirits. Use jail of water / hand of earth, this will remove their invisibility then they’ll be ready to die.
b- You’re in arena and agreed to PVP with a rogue. Get in arena, use ice spike or chain lightning. This will allow spirits to chase rogue even if he/she gets invisible, when they gets in, use jail of water, hand of earth, ice spike and chain lightning.
c- Rogue uses death motion. Don’t worry spirits will continue hitting.
d- Rogue snares you. You can still cast ice spike+ chain lightning while you’re snared. Spirits will continue hitting.

Long ranged:
– You have to use earth-water spirits.
Healer: You need to cast ice spike before they silences you. After you use ice spike, use jail of water. If you can land jail at their 2nd or 3rd hit you’ll win, otherwise you’ll die.
Mage: Same with healers, you need to land jail at their 2nd hit. After casting jail of water, spam them with skills. You might need to cast jail of water again.

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