Last Chaos Party Etiquette with Healer and Cleric

Last Chaos Party Etiquette with Healer and Cleric by babydol

Foreword:Want a cleric to eagerly join you on your adventures? Want them to want to party with you? Then understand their Character class and be considerate…. Trust me, there is no better friend in a party attacking mobs than the Cleric you’ve got in the party with you!

  • Always Protect your Healer/Cleric! They’re your ticket to health, so if they die, your’ out of luck.
  • Be fair to your Healer/Cleric and make it an Equal party. If all they do it heal, they really have not reason to be in a Combat party, and you’ll end up on your own.
  • A Precedence party is not always fair to a Healer/Cleric. Most people in Precedence party demand to keep the loot from monsters they kill, which means that your healer gets nothing or nearly nothing if they are concentrating on keeping your healthy.
  • Keep your eyes on your monster. Monsters love healers and Clerics, often abandoning the person attacking them to aggro onto the healer.
  • Keep an Eye on Mana: Both the party members and the Healer or Cleric need to keep an eye on the healer’s mana. If their MP runs out and they don’t have any mana pots, everyone suffers. In a battle it’s easy to lose track of your own mana, so help a healer out. ^^
  • Retreat!:If the situation gets too rough, even with a healer or several constantly healing, let everyone know before you run. This goes for every class, including the healer(s) in the party.
  • If you form a big party or tend to power lvl, don’t expect that only one healer/cleric will be able to do all the job. Maybe try to be with 2 healers/clerics, or maybe an additional archer that is willing to help. Also please use your health pots to help out, in the end your Cleric or healer is a helper and it is YOUR responsibility to keep an eye on your health.
  • Stay within your healers radar (mini map) so that you can get healed and more easily found to resurrect you. When you wonder away heals won’t reach you and you may be difficult to locate as well.
  • Remember the risks you take going into a dangerous situations, can also put the healers at risk, especially if your surrounded by aggro monsters and you die. The healer needs to seek you out and practically stand over your body to resurrect you, if the healer dies, you are both out of luck.
  • Watch your Buffs: For all Classes, not just Clerics, take your time to rebuff if needed before attacking another mob. These buffs help the Cleric to keep you alive, give everyone a chance to buff all party members and please ask, “ready?” to make sure all buffs are finished before attacking. When buffs are finished by all just a simple response “rdy” is a great way for all partied members to know that all are prepared for the next round.
  • Don’t expect Healer to Horse Buff etc: Your Clerics mana is easily reduced with 1 Greater Heal and 1 Fast Heal use, this is more then one mana pot can handle (especially since only small mana pots can now be bought in game.) Please don’t expect the Cleric to Horse Buff as much needed mana maybe lost doing this and in exchange lives could be lost. So basically if you are an Archer, please help out by buffing with the Mana Shields when needed. And all classes should help with horse buffs (as well as other buffs) and should be sure to buff the party as well. The Clerics mana is precious and the use of these extra buffs can make a difference between life and death of the party members. Buffing is Everyones Responsibility
  • If you are an Archer: Don’t worry, Sisters of the Cleric, we don’t expect you to do all the heals, actually it wastes our (the Clerics and your) mana when we Clerics power heal (Greater Heals = 2 times the regular heal and Fast Heal = 2 times faster heal) and your supplemental heals aren’t needed at that time. Your supplemental heals are a great asset to any party, but so are your wonderful attack talents! Smile But I have one plea, do not use the party heals with agro creatures (ie: demons in Egeha). If you Archers are too tempted to use party heals, do your party a favor and take party heal off your hotkeys, there have been many deaths by party heal that I have both experienced and witnessed. thank you. Smile

***I wish to thank all the healers and our friends in the LC “High Elf Healer” forum for all their help, patience and support with my writing of this Guide… you have assisted me in seeing this “my baby” come to fruition and it’s now it’s time for me to cut the apron strings and send my little baby forth into the big world of LC. Smile Thank you so much my friends!

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