Iris Online Sages Guide

Iris Online Sages Guide by fayereagan

Hello everyone,

I am TaylorHayes, a Level 46 Sage from the Luminous Star server. Well it seems I can’t find any guides here for sages, so I plan to make a decent one. This is my first guide that I made in any kind of games I played. I’m making this guide to hopefully help aspiring young shamans to become good powerful sages.

First of all what is a sage?

A sage is a support character, has good decent attacks for pve and should have good survivability in pvp. The roles of a sage are to heal the injured and give sufficient positive buffs to players in need. Don’t be stingy!

To start of my guide, My sage is not perfect. There might be a lot of contemplation and questions regarding my unorthodox build. I am playing my character as I see fit.

My sage has 3 attack skills and good buffs and good heals.

Skill Sets for shamans:

Passive Skills :
I maxed out these passive skills as I saw fit to my needs
1.) Flexibility
2.) Increased Wisdom
3.) Increased Intelligence
4.) Cane Expert
5.) Devotion

planning to get Fortified Cloth Armor for pvp

Heal Skill Tree:
I maxed out these skills as I saw fit to my needs
1.) Cure
2.) Delayed Cure
3.) Fortified Rescue
4.) Life Wave

Buffs Skill Tree:
I maxed out these skills as I saw fit to my needs
1.) Sacred Prayer
2.) Ancient Knowledge
3.) Bestowed Agility
4.) Natural Power
5.) Potential Growth
6.) Communion
7.) Magical Ascension
8.) Magical Amplification

Attack Skills
1.) Level 1 Magic Arrow
2.) Max Flash skill

Debuff Skills
1.) Weakened Dismissal
2.) Argumental Dismissal

Special Skill
1.) Revive – GET THIS !

Optional Skills to get
1.) Spiritual Blessing – Reduces Cast Speed and adds weight
2.) Empower Cloth Armor – Reduces Cast Speed…

I didn’t get cast speed because heals just have to be timing…but maybe in the future I might get it …

Skill Sets for Sages:

At level 46 I have 4 skills remaining and deciding on where to place

Passive Skills
1.) Flexibility level 2 – I plan to max this
2.) Devotion 2
3.) Increased Wisdom 2 – I plan to max this
Planning to get Fortified Cloth Armor 2 and maxing it

Healing Skills
1.) Cure 2 – not really using this but you need it for pre-requisite of skills
2.) Curative Wind – maxing this out helpful really
3.) Healing Wave – Really useful in tight situations
4.) Soothing Tide – Max this Again
5.) Sphere of Life – just get this for pre-requisite of Life Wave 2

Buff Skills
1.) Heavenly Wisdom Max this
2.) Sacred Prayer II Max this
3.) Celestial Shield – useful for characters who are a bit weak in defense
4.) Bestowed Agility 2
Planning to get Natural Power 2 and Potential Growth 2 when the level reaches and Pillar of Life

Ground Aoe Skills
1.) Moonlit Sanctuary

Debuff Skills
1.) Hallowed Ground Get These … Debuff Efficiency 10
2.) Enchanted Ground Get These … Debuff Efficiency 10

Attack Skills
1.) Flash – level this up
2.) Judgement Arrow

Those are the skills I got and will be planning to get.

So you might ask? A Sage? Attacking?
Yes, my sage attacks… in fact I solo daily quests and even elite quests… you can ask players about this.

What items to get.

Items are important to supplement your needs. Because I have an attack skill I require 2 sets of armors. I have my very own Intelligence Set armor which should supplement + magic attacks and stamina. My skills can damage to about 800-900 for monsters 2 levels above me.

I also have a different set for Dungeon Supporting / Boss Support. Mainly these items focus on + heal skills recovery and Stamina.

Here is a tip for future sages… Have a good amount of HP/ Def. Your HP/ Def can save you… Place Def cards in B Slots , +Heals in A slots, +Def in B slots and +Sta cards in O / AB .

In a scenario like Hard Laioha, many healers will die due to Special’s Aoe. Hp / def can save your healing abilities to heal the tank. Of course you’ll live if you have potions to aid you.

Always prioritize on healing your party in the dungeon and get potions on yourself. If you die , the party dies of course.

At times when the party is wiped out, don’t blame yourself… its always teamwork…and always be courteous to fellow players.

As for Titles, Get titles that have HP on them Like “Gold Hand, Faith Hand” Focus on HP rather than Heal Recovery for title.. , but it all depends on your play style.

As for the skills descriptions I will try to enumerate it soon.

Below will be a guide on what to do when in dungeons.

1.) Always make sure your party has a proper tank… good level tanker…
2.) Always heal the tanker, even when the party have low hp bar, use Heal
Aoe to heal them, but focus on the tanker
3.) Always Cast the necessary debuff circles to your tanker
4.) When there is a Roar Cast ( Long range Skill Debuff) Cast Debuff circle on
yourself, this is to eliminate a short range distance between boss and you.
5.) Have 2-3 Aoe Heal skills you never know , you’ll need it.
6.) Cast Moonlit Sanctuary on Mages, and Other Healers, it will help
7.) When the boss is chasing you don’t panic… lead it out so the tank can get
proper aggro (having a high hp means you can tank the boss a little
before tanker gets aggro)
8.) Always focus attention on boss skills, knowing boss skills and timing heals
is necessary
9.) When a summoned unit by the boss hits you… Try and stay still, heal the
tank and potion on yourself, the DD’s will take aggro from you.
10.) Good Luck I hope this can help you !!!

Below is a brief “How to level up your sage guide”

With two attacking skills as a shaman to sage until 45, magic arrow, and Flash is very useful. You can solo a lot because you have heals, but your DPS is slow. I suggest you get into a party to finish the quests faster.

1.) Daily Quests – always do Daily quests.
2.) Daily Battlefield, Death Match , Flag Match.
3.) Have a party to Grind.
4.) Last option is to solo.

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