EVE Online Federal Defense Union Guide

EVE Online Federal Defense Union Guide by Kessiaan

So, you’ve signed on to fight for the Federation but don’t know what to do? Well, here’s some quick info that should point you in the right direction.

Important Systems
Villore – It’s 0.5 and borders lowsec. This is the main Gallente FW hub. Most fleets form up here and there’s an FDU station with good agents in it.

Old Man Star – First jump into lowsec from Villore. Almost always full of pirates and/or squids. Try to avoid this place whenever possible, unless you’re looking to play in the meat grinder.

Nennamalia – It’s a Caldari system but we hold occupancy. It seems to be a main focus of their plexing efforts so this system and the surrounding systems are generally pretty good places to get fights.

Tama – It’s like Old Man Star, only for the squids. Since there’s a hell of a lot more of them than there are of us, it’s generally not as full of pirates. That doesn’t make it any safer, of course.

Nourv – One jump from Tama, it’s the main Caldari highsec FW hub.

Things to Watch Out For
1) Don’t fight the blob. The Caldari militia is almost twice the size of the Gallente militia, fighting head to head at those odds is stupid. Join a roaming fleet, or just keep moving yourself. Pick off lone plexers and small gangs that you can beat. Let the squids sit on the gate in Old Man Star all they like and fight pirates while we go around them.

2) The main route to Oursulaert from much of Gallente space goes through two CONCORD-sovereign systems. Set up your autopilot on your hauling characters to avoid these systems as you do NOT have the protection of the factional Navy while you are traveling through them and have a serious risk of being attacked. The main alternate route is much longer and goes through Villore, but is a much safer, all things considered.

And here’s a Caldari version

So you’ve decided to die for the Federation? Umm… Good for you I guess. While we Caldari cannot really fathom your exact reasons for doing this, we have developed a few theories. So you may want to review the following guide before embarking on your new self-destructive pastime.

Philosophy & Mindset
The first thing to understand is that you are doomed. Your socialist, hedonistic, morally bankrupt culture stands no chance against the noble freedom-loving citizens (and indentured wageslaves) of Caldari capitalistic fascism. The sooner that you realize this, the easier things will be for you. As you are most likely ethnically Frog, you should already be aware that you descend from a long and distinguished lineage of conniving cowards and surrender monkeys. (Note – If you are of some other race and have been sadly brainwashed by Frog propaganda, the following probably still applies since you are obviously a gullible idiot anyway.) This lineage and cultural deficiency will be the basis of many of your tactics and defeats in the battles to come. It is important that you remember it since you will need something to blame (other than your own failings, obviously) when everything turns to ****.

The typical pace of Faction Warfare is fairly simple. The stalwart pilots of the Caldari State will form a fleet and go rampaging down the pipe looking for Frogs to kill. Your militia chat channel will begin squawking madly, and you will be alerted to take cover in Villore. The Federation will then be able to utilize the most devastating weapon available to them – boredom. More Caldari fleets have been killed by sheer boredom than anything else. As long as you stay holed up in Villore nothing should happen. The Caldari Fleet will eventually get bored and go away. After which a Frog mob (preferably larger than the Caldari Fleet) can be formed. The mob will quickly run up to Tama and then back again. This cycle will be repeated about every 2-3 hours. The timing of this is exceptionally important, since waiting too long or moving too early may result in an actual battle. As a Frog you probably want to avoid this at all costs. It is understood that the main Frog motivation in Faction Warfare is to maintain their sense of “elan” by being part of a military force, but not actually having to do anything in it.

Unfortuantely, mistakes do occur at times, or some Frog may do something very un-Froglike and wish to engage in a battle. In situations such as these, you will be required to die for your corrupt government. However, it is recognized that you are probably too incompetent to manage this on your own. Fortunately, you will have the help of your Fleet Commanders (ie. FCs) to accomplish this. From what we have gathered, the typical Frog FC is chosen not due to merit or skill, but simply because he makes the most noise. These so-called FCs apparently possess only the slightest grasp of ship performance and weapon capabilities. Consequently, they will be eager to throw you and the rest of your mob into situations that will inevitably get you killed. This is what Frogs misguidedly refer to as tactics. These “tactics”, combined with your inability to follow simple orders, will generally result in the complete annihilation of your mob.

We have noticed that a large number of Frog pilots have adapted to this ineptitude by fleeing the battle at their earliest opportunity (see Ship Fittings for more details). It is highly advised that as a new pilot you adapt this way as well, since it will lead to two things. First, it will sacrifice the slower and less selfish members of your mob, thus ensuring your own safety. And secondly, since the FC is probably in a slow ass battleship he will be the one getting killed. With enough losses of this sort, he will eventually get frustrated, quit FCing, and you will be able to step into his shoes taking the glorious FC position for yourself.

Ship Fitting
From what we have parsed together by sifting through the wreckage of Frog ships, there are two main requirements for Frog fittings – Gankage and Personal Safety. Apparently, Frogs are susceptible to the idiot mentality of “bravery in numbers”. Most Frogs will fit their ships with as much firepower as possible, foregoing any sense of defense whatsoever. Interestingly, these high damage Frog weapons also tend to have an exceptionally short range. The combination of these two factors can result in large numbers of Frog casualties. Usually focused fire from long range Caldari weapons will quickly mow through the non-existent tank as the Frogs attempt to close the range or mill about in a blind panic.

This brings us to the second fitting requirement of Personal Safety. While it is possible that an overly elaborate low-slot tank could lead to a longer lifespan, most Frog pilots opt for a different solution. And that solution is the ubiquitous Warp Core Stabilizer (ie. stabs). While many of your compatriots will deny using them, the killmails tend to indicate otherwise. Most likely they are hoping you will be the one that is caught so that they can make their quick escape. We advise that you do not find yourself on the losing end of that particular competition. Now, the typical fit appears to be a single stab. Understandably, a single stab is not terribly useful against multiple opponents with warp disruptors. Most likely, the single stab simply gives the Frog pilot more incentive to flee the battle the moment he is locked. From what we can surmise, the measure of Frog victory is not that they stand victorious afterwards, but whether or not they actually managed to survive a battle. (Note – It is possible that the lack of killmails with multiple stabs is a negative indicator. Meaning that multi-stab ships are the ones that survive, while single-stab ships are the ones that are destroyed. Frog pilots are encouraged to experiment with this to determine which works best for their own personal interests.)

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