Cosmic Break How to Fight Haku Guide

Cosmic Break How to Fight Haku Guide by griffen

This guide is based on my personnel experience.
I am not a pro in this game or fighting haku, neither is this guide. Some more experienced people may disagree or know some exceptions, this just a basic guide. (my english not good so my excuses for grammar mistakes).


You need atleast 2 bots who are equiped to fight haku, the third bot can be used to lvl up.
I recommend to use atleast one land bot with a body part that can do direct melee damage and a air/land bot to fight haku. (and smal or medium bots if you planning to use 3-way)

why air? To get treasure and to outpost as fast as possible and fly over the trap’s of trap haku form.
why land? Cus they normal has higher STR then other types wich deals more damage on your melee attacks (3-way dagger included)
why not artillery/support? Cus they has lower WLK/FLY/STR. It really not recomended to use them to fight haku since they mover slower then air/land bot (so you lose more time) also you risk to solo the trap haku (wich most of the time = huge time wasting if you have a slow bot wich deal low melee damage).


  • 3-Way dagger: This is the most used weapon against haku. It easy to use, deals great damage (most of haku forms are weak against melee) and it only cost 600 UC in the shop.
    (If you have RT and can get Combination dagger from garapon then use that instead.)
    (However in some situation a melee weapon with high DPS can be more convenient to use then 3-way but since melee weapons have different attack patterns i leave this to your own discovery wich suits better for yourself)
  • Shotgun/Blaster: Like i said not all forms are weak against melee (green/red form = boss 3/7). This is where a shotgun/blaster deals more damage then 3-Way dagger or any other melee attacks.
    (Actually any ranged weapon with high DPS are good to use i just use shotgun/blaster cus it most used and haku is that big so you don’t need to worry about the accuracy of your weapon).
  • Arm/Leg or Core part wich deal direct melee damage: This is only needed for the fourth haku (bleu = boss 4) form. Cus his shield blocks projectiles (and 3-Way is a projectile) so you can’t deal damage with 3-Way or ranged weapon.
    (You can also equip a melee weapon (sword,spear,halber,axe,…) with ranged weapon on your third bot since most melee weapon does more damage then Arm/Leg or Core part but this is not necessary)

Like mentioned most haku forms are weak against melee so it would be logic that you use dual wonderbits wich deal melee damage. (it not necessairy to have it but it will finish your haku run faster)

Haku forms
There are in total 10 hakus forms. 9 forms and last form all 9 previous forms become one final boss
(btw sombody noticed the size of the 9 forms together is hugher then the final form? Did some parts vanished when he turned in to one huge fox? XD)
Only 1 or 2 people will be summoned to fight him (rarely 3 people (is it actually the meaning 3 people face him?)) after some time it will summon other people in the arena.

  • Boss 1:(Spear form)
    Has only one attack. It will look for a target, ready his spear and then charge straight forward (if he hit you he can brake you arms/head/leg). This boss attack is very easy to dodge, when he ready his charge, the top of the spear will tell you where he gonna charge. Knowing this makes it easy to predict where he gonna move and when you need to dodge.
    He takes time when to prepare a charge attack and turns a short time idle after his attack both give you the oppertunity to get close to him and attack him with your 3-Way dagger.There 2 strategies to attack him. BUT YOU MAY NOT FLY TO DODGE HIS ATTACK OR CHARGE HIM!!! If he aims on you while you in the air it makes it harder to predict his charges and where he gonna land (and for your teammates) wich wast time . I have seen alot air people fly dodging/charging and most ended dead cus they got stabbed in the air while chasing (or trying to dodge).Strategie 1: (for land/air) (This gives you 2 full 3-way attack hit (and some bullet damage) if donne correctly)
    STEP1-> Let him charge to you and dodge it.
    STEP2-> If you where far enough from him before his charge he will almost be next to you after you doged his charge, get close to him and attack one time with 3-way.
    STEP3-> Wait until he lower his spear again (to prepare his charge attack) if the spear point at you dodge it quickly followed directly with a 3-way attack.
    STEP4-> REPEAT STEP 1. After his second charge he wil be far from you again DON’T follow him instead wait and let him charge to you again(you can shoot your shotgun at him if you want).

    Strategie 2: (for land) (This gives you 2 full 3-way attack hit (and some bullet damage) if donne correctly)
    STEP1-> Dodge his attack.
    STEP2-> Run to the boss (you can shoot at him while you run to him until you close to him) attack him one time with 3-way.


  • Boss 2:(Purple form)
    Vines (the green spike circles) the main threat of this form, they wil bind you wich make you unable to move (but you can stil attack) if you get binded use melee when he is close to you and shotgun when is out of reach for your melee weapon. He also shoots homing energy balls, but they are a minor threat if you’re already on him. This boss can be killed very fast, and should not be a major concern.


  • Boss 3:(Green form)
    This boss is not weak to melee, shotgun easily outdamage melee. It will make short quick spear thrusts and shoot homing green energy balls. Either attack inflicts a brutal shell drain (spear trust can also brake parts) that will rapidly suck your guns dry. This is bad, since without bullets you can only melee him. Shoot it while moving to evade the shell drain and it will die.


  • Boss 4:(Shield/bleu form)
    This boss is usually surrounded by a bleu shield. The shield protect the boss from projectiles (ranged weapon and trowable melee weapons 3-way and combination daggers included).
    You must use a direct attack weapon or wait for it to warp and drop the shield or suicide and get the right equiped bot. If you are outside its shield, you can be hit by its homing energy shots (wich seems also brake parts) , so stand inside the bubble to avoid all damage here.


  • Boss 5:(Black form)
    It telleports himself to one of the 4 edges of the area or in the middle of the area. But it summons a set of five wonder bits in various patterns that fire various types of bullets. They will all fire the same bullet type at any given time. Try to dodge his bullets (The rifle shots can tear off arms) by moving circles around him and moving forward the same time, if you get close enough behind him spam him with your 3-way.


  • Boss 6: (Shadow Clones form)
    Eight pillars will spawn, four each inside and outside on the edges of the area. Also, a horde of miniature black hakus appears. Haku will himself split into several shadow clones and reform back into himself after some time. The only way to force him back together is to smash all eight pillars. The clones can both do spear trust (can brake parts) and shoot homing shots an can’t be killed. Use melee on him. (When haku is surounded by his shadows it better to use a melee weapon since your melee weapon can attack shadows and haku together while 3-way may be absorbed by his shadows and leave you deal nothing to haku)


  • Boss 7: (Red/fire form)
    This is the second form that you want to use ranged weapon on. His main attack is to create a pillar of fire around himself. If you enter melee range, the two wonder bits will shoot flamethrowers at you. The burning effect makes him almost impossible to aim at him (since you keep running cus your ass on fire Razz), so melee is not advised. Stand back and shoot. He usually does not approach if you not far him. Try to figur wich the distance you need to stand so he won’t chase but you won’t get hit by his attack either, once founded shoot him down. (3-way CAN hit him from a safe distance, but guns will hit harder) .


  • Boss 8: (Trap form)
    He set up trap inside (and outside) the area. He don’t attack instead he will move and teleport whole the time until he is death. The purple traps are the one you MUST in all times avoid cus they slow your movement down wich makes it harder to chase him and attack him with melee. (if you do get hit by slow try to bump into any other trap besides the yellow one this wil remove the slow effect)


  • Boss 9: (Nuke form).
    This form has one attack. A single explosion with radius equal to half the width of the arena, anybody who is in that radius when he explode is dead. People outside area may not drop his guard. After nuking, he stands iddle for a few seconds, this is the oppertunity to charge him and deal melee damage. He also takes several seconds before setting off the nuke. It is possible, with two people in the arena, to kill him in the pre-nuke window, if he appears right next to you. Otherwise, back away (unles he is almost dead and you sure he wil die before he nuke again) and charge in after nuke. It is possible to dodge the nuke by summoning (when white circle around him appears) and directly unsummoning your wonder bit, but this is VERY risky. Only try this if you can get off multiple 3-ways before the explosion. Otherwise, the risk is too great.


  • Boss 10: (Final/nine-tail form)
    Nine-tails. This is the final round, and the entire party will be inside the fence for it.His attacks can be split in 2 groupes:

    1. Sword combos: He will launch a vertical swing, then a horizantal round-swing in the air (if you stand on the ground this will not hit you). Both have start-up delay, and both move him forward (so try learn his attacks so you can predict when he will attack so you know when to dodge/attack/chase). Later, he will have lightning bolts coming down wich when hit will stunt you for short time.
    2. Casting hurricanes/purple bolts/fire birds : He will warp into a corner and begin casting spells. While he charges up, he can (and should) be meleed. After this though, a whirlwind will blow any attacker to the far corner, run back to him and stay at the corner while you shoot at him untill he stops casting and charge him with melee. When he warps to cast spells, he will leave behind a group of shadow clones, depending on his HP and the difficulty. Avoid them as best you can, they vanish after he stops casting.There are three different spells he can cast:
      SPELL1-> He cast huge amount of purple bolts. These deal moderate damage and stunt it zigzag outward. They do not hit along the edges of the fence.
      SPELL2-> Small whirlwinds straight out. This spell is particularly dangerous as the whirlwinds can hit you up into another, and another, and keep you stuck in the air.
      SPELL3-> Volley of homing fire birds projectiles, there’s nothing to note about this one.While he almost dead and is casting (lesser then 1/4 of his life), keep an eye on the sky while you approach. If a large magic circle appears, RUN TO A CORNER IMMEDIATELY. (if you shooting him try to stay close to the fence and the boss without getting blowen of by the big hurricanes to protect him from melee attacks, if donne right you won’t get hit either) This is a variant on his nuke, detonating in midair, and is instant death.

      Also, at around 50% HP, he will warp to the center platform and prepare his nuke attack. Run to the corners to survive (if your fast air bot you can lay 1 (or 2) hit with 3-way and still run back to and edge without dying). He only uses this nuke once.

      (A support type with wonderbit equiped can be used to higher the DPS of your entire party)

Extra tips from other people (my little edit or comment)

NumeroDoS wrote:
On eight Haku, I find it easier to get myself in burning status then make a mad air chase for Haku so I can hit him some 3way. Also, the jump from the trap gives you high enough elevation so you wouldn’t need to worry about other traps.


Raven wrote:
And that’s due in part to something I’m surprised I haven’t seen mention of yet. In a party of 4 or 5 people, send 2 (if 4) and 3 (if 5) to fight Haku by themselves. The other two sit in the area before the outpost (Area 12, on the blue gates) and farm for stat chips. As soon as the Nuke form appears, send a /member message telling them to get their butts over there. With between 2 and 3* attack, the Nuke and Final forms will fall in 2 minutes or less (this doesn’t include death penalties).

The 2/3 fighting Haku themselves will have no problems since he only allows 1-2-3 people fight him at any one time anyway.

Heavier wrote:
@Haku Forms 1 & 2
You can use WB activation/deactivation to nullify her attacks and improve your timing. For the former form, it works in line with your second strategy and for the latter form, this helps to negate her vines if you choose to do so.

@Haku Form 3 & 7
I’m very surprised people don’t do this more often but I guess it is a hassle sometimes. Haku will always follow you at form 3 & 7. Furthermore, there are 4 gaps in the wall for range/melee attacks to go through. One of them happens to be at about the 7 o’clock position relative to map design (the right side of the second pillar on the wall where you get summoned outside area). For these reasons, you may also improve timing by dragging Haku to the wall. Your teammates beyond the bounds may then be able to help you.

Segawa wrote:
At Shadow clone haku, (if you solo). No one can hit the outer pillar. But dont worry. He is STILL THERE (invisible). You just need to find him. if you solo you have biggest change hitting the bos with an weapon that has a wide range attack and where the shadows are most concentrated.
At Final haku when he summons the little hurricanes and you are using an Air mech keep getting hit by his little tornado and soon you will be able to fly over him.
Have fun backstabbing him then (just be careful not to get into the big tornadoes that push you away to the corner ><)
if he finished with his magic and gonna attack you with sword attack,stay on the ground and attack him while staying in the corner and WB dodge (summon or unsummone WB) when he about to slash you, this way haku will move in to the corner and you dont have to chase him (give more time to attack him).

At the haku where its better to shoot instead of melee. Like the fire/green one. I heavily recommend Eight vulcan. i tried on my Red Squarel and they more effective then when i equip a shotgun.

Suguri wrote:
Melee weapons with enough range can hit haku through the wall from anywhere, not just the gaps. Most people do this with a Kamui Staff, but it works with plenty of other weapons too; I usually combo with Ouka for it. This is more recomendet if all 5 people going to fight the mini hakus, if only 2 or 3 people gonna fight haku it better to use 3-way or other high DPS melee weapon.


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