4Story Online Archer Guide

4Story Online Archer Guide by led lina

The Archer
The archer’s are in my opinion the best damage dealers in the game because of there high hitting combos in pvp and a fairly powerful aoe in pve. The archer wears light armour or heavy leather armour and has the choice between the faster, but less powerful bow or the stronger, slower crossbow. There are three races in 4 story werebeast, fairy and human. The best race to be when you choose to be an archer is human this is because humans have a naturally higher dexterity allowing them to be the most powerful race at long range physical damage.
Hopefully this guide will help players starting out in the game to choose the class they feel is right for them and help players get to grips with the pros and cons of being an archer.


Pro’s and Con’s

Skill build
-skills in general
Character information
-Bow and Crossbow
-Sword and Dagger
-avoiding death

Pro’s and Con’s
Just like any class Archer has Pro’s and Con’s
Pro’s, an archer along with a priest is the main damage dealer in pve largely due to the aoe. An archer is the best class for damage per second making it very useful against rival kingdom players in pvp. Archers have a blind called flash bomb which will stop any opponent using skills against a target for a set time allowing you to deal considerable damage to there hp. Archers also have very low or no cast time on a lot of pvp skills, further contributing to damage per second.
Con’s, For archers to be effective they must always be out of reach of all other classes using there skills at close combat as against archer if you are any of the other 5 classes you can win if you stay next to them and use stuns and speed decrease to stop them getting away. To help archers kiting was discovered to give us the opportunity to constantly attack while keeping the enemy as far away as possible. Archers also are very weak against mage attacks so getting caught in priest or wizard aoe will cause serious damage and an archer only has buffs to help with physical damage (assassin, warrior and archer) and reflect only reflects physical skills. So magic attack mobs and rival kingdom players are very effective at taking down an archer.
One other con is having to take up space with arrows for your bow or crossbow I normally carry around 5-8 stacks of arrows but may need to carry a lot more in some situations like farming a battle request.


As an archer you will start out doing story quests and move on to doing repeatable quests (repping). Due to rain of arrows, bubble and the increase speed skill you are very good at killing mobs so most archers will eventually move on to grinding in mission docs where you don’t participate in leveling from quests instead just killing mobs in a +40% mob exp environment. Grinding also give you the freedom of killing what ever mob you like when in a mission doc. So you don’t have to take on a certain number of magic attack mobs like you would if you were repping. But other classes will want to continue repping for example a defence warrior, and they would be a welcome ally in repping so you can damage deal while your friend becomes the tank.

Skill Build
Skills in general
As you level your archer you will be able to buy new skills with Luna  and skill points to do this just press k and select which skills you want to buy or level then place your new skills where you like in the skill bar. This guide to building skills should help archers to choose what skills they need and there usefulness.
At each 2 levels you will get 2 skill points, for example at level 2 you get your 1st 2 skill point and at level 4 you get another 2 skill points all the way to level cap. There are requirements to buying skills and upgrading them such as
– You will need to have reached the level requirement or higher.
– You have enough Luna to buy the skills
-You have already purchased the skills needed before this (skills are set out like a tree).
-You have enough group points (every time you buy or level a skill you will get 1 group point on the tab you brought it from).
If you need to delete a skill, you can do so by using an oblivion potion whish can be obtained by unsealing goddess tears, you will get the skill points returned to you but you wont be refunded for the Luna u spent buying /lvling the skill. Alternatively there is a CS item which will reset all your skills and return the skill points and money spent.

This page shows you what type of armour and weapons your class can equip and the basic skills. An archer will already be able to use all the basic skills here but you will need to do a quest to equip:

– Light Armour (level 13 Quest from starting village)
– Two handed sword (level 4 Quest from starting village)


Good archers will want to ignore the left side of the battle tab there are only three or four useful skills on this page as it mainly focuses on close combat attack with your sword. I have brought the close combat skills sword energy of the wind and open wounds so I could get the knock back skill shout of air.
Shout of air– this will knock back opponents it can have some use in pvp to knock back an attacker. It isn’t worth spending any more skill points on it, as it is already 70% and levelling it only increases the success rate.
Fast movement– This buff will increase your physical defence. It is a must have skill and you should always use it when fighting mobs or other players. Max it as you go.
Blessings of Wind– This buff is extremely useful it will reflect physical attacks which miss you. It is not the damage reflections which are the best thing about this buff it is the stun reflections and this could win you a fight against a warrior or assassin.
Sharp Senses– This skill increase your physical critical rate it is useful skill particularly in 1vs1 but because of short effective time it isn’t a great buff.

This tab is the most useful for archers and contains all the long range attacks. Try and buy all the skills and you will need to upgrade most of them depending on your personal preference.

Sharp Arrowhead– Basic extra damage skill. This skill is very useful and you will want to max this out as it can be used while kiting so is great against a rival kingdom player.
Deadly Poison Arrow– This skill will cause continuous damage on your opponent. I found it useful as a very low level but now it isn’t worth upgrading as you can easily cause more damage with other skills in less time.
Continuous shoot– This is another great extra damage skill which you will use while kiting after sharp arrowhead it also has more extra damage then Sharp arrowhead and doesn’t cost any mp.
Buckshot Arrow– Not a great pvp skill and damage is weak. But worth it against a lot of mobs to finish them off after rain of arrows.
Vacuum bomb– you could add this skill in to a combo in pvp but it’s mostly used to attract the attention of two or mob mobs close together as it can be used while on the move.
Rain of Arrows– Easily the most useful skill against mobs as it will normally kill all the mobs. In pvp it is useful for keeping away warriors and sins or wizards who are looking to freeze you. This aoe is also useful for when there is a stand off between the 2 enemy kingdoms as it keeps your enemies at bay (can be used while blinded).
Spirit’s Guidance– This skill is only really useful when it is maxed out as at each level another arrow is added. At max level in 1vs1 it’s as powerful as snipe but against multiple opponents the arrows will spread out and hit different players or mobs who will share damage. You can’t shoot on the move with this skill and it has a cast time of 0.43seconds.
Flash Bomb– perhaps the best skill in pvp it will blind your opponent and stop them using skills which they need to target u for. Also stops portal hopping but a player can still use skills which don’t need a target for instance an aoe or bubble max it as you go.
Chaotic Arrow– Also known as the debuff. All the other classes envy us archers because of this skill it will remove any buffs a player has including defence pots therefore making your opponent considerably weaker. Max this skill to increase success rate.
Will of Hunt– This buff increase your long range damage. It’s always worth using this buff although it would be nice to have a longer effective time. Max this skill.
Snipe– The final skill on this tab is the very powerful snipe which when maxed will cause 220% damage to an opponent. The downsides are it can’t be used when kiting due to cast time and takes up a lot of mp use this skill at the end of a combo to hopefully finish your enemy off.

Eagle Eye– This skill is purely for pve and is very useful if you don’t have a radar as it will show you where every mob is on your map giving more coverage then the corps radar.

Shadow of soul– great skill when fighting another player it will make u invisible for 12 seconds unless the other player is an assassin or a warrior who use intuition to see you when you’re invisible. This skill will also slow you down slightly. (aoe’s still cause you damage).
Escape– Awesome skill keep this in a good position on your skill bar. When stunned use this at the right time and you can escape. The reuse time 12s so you may only get 1 chance. (Thanks Elwyn for teaching me to escape all those levels ago).
Lapriris Arbitration– No use in pvp but can cancel threats from mobs chasing you.
Lapiris Touch– This is a great skill with a reuse time of 12 minutes and is used to cancel all the reuse time of your skills. Very useful if you get debuffed or if your waiting to teleport back.
Move like the Wind– Increases moving speed good skill to use before kiting or if you want to simply leave the battle or just use any time to make the journey slightly less.
Air Shield– very good buff which will increase physical defence by even more then fast movement. Level this skill as you go.

Lapiris Blessing– this skill/ buff will make you invincible for a short time as you can imagine it’s very useful. But can be debuffed.

Character Information

This is my character information, notice the high dexterity and long range damage these are what you should look for as an archer and are helped greatly by having the right accessories.



You should always carry with you a bow or cross bow as primary weapon and also have a 2h sword or 1h sword with dagger along with armour and accessories. 

Bow and Crossbows


You have a choice to make do I choose to use a bow or an xbow. Of course this is completely your decision and what ever you’re most comfortable with is best. The bow’s speed is fast with reasonable damage however the x bows is more powerful although slightly slower. If u want to go with the masses then you should choose the xbow this is also what I choose to use. But this should be your decision so make sure you try both out first.

If you want to be a powerful player particularly at a higher level you will want to upgrade your weapon before anything else if you don’t pvp and pve will get very hard. (See upgrading guide)
You may also want to add other properties to your weapon by enchanting and then refining them. Properties such as:
-Long range attack speed
-Attack rating
-Physical critical rate
Sword and Dagger
These weapons aren’t really very useful in pvp and a good archer should not need to use them. They can be useful in pve though for instance when you’re covered in mobs and you have rain of arrows doing most of the damage you can then switch to your swords and kill any mob lucky enough to survive the initial onslaught provided by your aoe. Once again you have a choice between using a slower but more powerful 2 handed sword or a faster combination of 1 handed sword and dagger. At some point you may have used a 2 handed sword but as I’m sure most archers would agree you should choose the 1 handed and dagger option. But with these weapons they don’t make much difference so it’s as much about how attractive they look as the usefulness.

Armour is essential without it you will die to both mobs and rival kingdom players so never be with out armour. Just like your primary weapon you will eventually need to do some upgrading, refining and enchanting In order to make you survive as long as possible and win battles. You will start of wearing heavy leather armour but archers can unlock the use of light armour by completing a level 13 quest at the starting village. As you can see by my armour I choose to use heavy leather armour firstly because it has a slightly better magic defence but also because it looks better in my opinion. There is 5 pieces of armour you will need (6 if you include cloak). The chest armour which gives the most defence, pants, helm, boots and gloves which give the least defence. The cloak is an expensive extra and has a level requirement of 34 and can be made by a craft merchant costing around 5000 merit but the extra defence is very much welcome.


You can and should equip 5 accessories 2 rings, 2 earrings and a necklace. Accessories are designed to add extra stats with different options for all classes. As an archer the only stats you would want on your accessories are:

-Dexterity (Increases long range damage)
-Vitality (Increases hp and hp recovery rate)
-Hp (Increases hp)
-Mp or mentality (Increases mp and mp recovery rate)
You can choose to make more then 1 set with different stats but I choose to only use these ones as they have very good dexterity, vitality and mentality.

This concludes my look at the equipment you will need as an archer. But if you are struggling to make decent equips then you can farm the boss Aron at dungeons and he drops good equipment depending on what level dungeon you are on. For instance the current highest level dungeon is at 75 and this Aron will drop +16 armour and weapons with very good options and good accessories.

Player vs. Environment

Fighting mobs and levelling isn’t as complicated or as difficult as pvp. As an archer you will start out simply using 1 or 2 skills shooting on the move and attack. These are the basic long range and close combat skills but soon you will learn new skills and will learn combinations of skills as you mostly take them on 1vs1 before you learn you aoe at level 22 which makes everything a lot less complicated. At a higher level you will therefore only need 3-5 skills firstly move like the wind then you may want to use a skill like spirits guidance or vacuum bomb to attract any mobs out of range, once you have all your mobs next to you It is time to use your aoe land of arrows to deal serious damage and kill a lot of the mobs you may also want to use your bubble (lapiris blessing) to stop them killing you and even with very good armour this skill is useful to stop your armour breaking as quickly. To finish mobs either kite around them, use buckshot arrow, use close combat skills or simply reuse your aoe. You may also want to use Eagle eye.

Player vs. Player

Okay you’re a high level now its time to defend your kingdom, earn merit and honour and the respect of your kingdom.
You will need to learn how to use your abilities as an archer to the best possible use. Perhaps duel friends to learn how to pvp before u go at it for real. Archers are the big damage dealers we are like the opposite of a defence warrior and we can hit and get hit pretty hard.
First of all if your not fighting warriors or sins you may want to phantom or bubble until your ready to attack remember to wait for the right opportunity but if your friends need you it is time to step up to the plate and give it your all.

You should learn the combos needed for pvp and arrange them close together in your skill bar (for instance you don’t want a buff in-between your blind and continuous shoot). The combo I use starts with Flash bomb, Sharp arrowhead, Shoot on the move, Continuous shoot and vacuum bomb. You should do all of these while kiting to stay away from your opponent and then you can use snipe, aoe or perhaps even spirits guidance (use aoe at any stage of your attack depending on circumstances). You will also want to use a debuff if the player has good buffs for instance priest buffs. At this point your enemy probably won’t still be blinded. He/she may infact be dead if not and you don’t have an ally there stunning him then you may play safe with a phantom or bubble and wait to attack again. Remember warriors and sins can see you with intuition when u phantom. If all goes well you should restart your combos and if some are still waiting for there reuse time to return to 0 you can start you combo again at any stage.

A great pvp archer will have learnt how to kite I can remember when realgoon/Dro taught a low level ledlina how to kite. Kiting is basically what we do to use our damage combos while staying away from an opponent. You will use the strafe left and right skills to run and shoot you will then have to turn, as the aim is to try and kite in a circle this is difficult to do because you have to stop moving to turn. So when u need to turn jump then stop strafing and turn you character then repeat the process and if you get it right you will be hard to catch with most stuns like freeze etc. also useful to finish of powerful mobs in pve.

Another way to kite is to use left and right keys to turn while holding right mouse button and moving hte mouse left or right to strafe, although can be difficult if you are used to using mouse for skills.

Avoiding Death

What! So you’re in trouble you have been stunned by a defence warrior or frozen by a wizard and no one can get you out of this mess you will have to do it yourself or you will die very soon. If you are stunned the first thing you should do is use your escape skill if its successful kite out of there you may want to use speed boost to escape danger and heal when needed. If you’re being attacked by your nemesis the rival kingdom archer they will probably blind you and yes you know what an archer can do so you’re dead right? Wrong simply bubble to protect yourself hope the other archer doesn’t debuff then either try to phantom or set an aoe down to hurt you opponent (you will have trouble aiming this when blinded) and heal if you can. If you survive you can either chicken out and use speed boosts or mount to get out of there or you can hit back at you opponent with your own combo starting with blind.

Okay I think this is it my first 4 story guide finished I hope you will find this helpful and I will look forward to any questions or criticism.

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