Runes of Magic Pet Guide

Runes of Magic Pet Guide by registermychar

Getting your first pet

Arriving in Logar, find the pet hunter ‘Matt Sorrun’ at 49.1, 41.0. You will find he is directly across the Auction house as below image indicates.

Remember to learn about the pets by going through various options. Click the option ‘To Miller’s Ranch’ when ready.

Once at the ranch click on NPC in front of you ‘Pykesile the pet hunter’ read about Magic Cavy for a further understanding, then click on ‘Enter Pet Hunting Training’.

You will receive 2 items, a ‘Delicious turkey dinner’ which is bait, and a ‘Huntsman’s Trap’ which is used to catch pets so to speak. You are directed to go to the dried out wooden platform behind you. As image indicates, this is the wooden platform indicated.

Click on the wooden platform to lay the bait, note this method is for training only. A hungry wild wolf will appear, level will be similar to your own.

Once you kill the wold, a Magic Cavy will appear

Click on the huntsman trap in your inventory to lay a trap

If you read the instructions from the NPC about magic cavy, it will explain the cavy will run in opposite direction to you, so to trap it, you need to push it towards the trap.

Once its trapped

Just click on it to receive an egg

Speak to the trainer again, and you will receive a breeding slot ticket, just right click it to open pet egg slot no 3. This means you can have up to 3 pets at this stage, and when these tickets are available in game at a later stage, you can have up to 6. If you wish to have more pets, max should be 5 as you will need last slot to activate pets for merging.

Open pet menu, which is an icon beside your character upper left corner of screen, to open the pet menu. If you right click on the egg you received and all future eggs, you can activate it by dragging to a breeding slot and left clicking.

Looking at the screenshot, you can now see your pet and its stats. let’s look at this screen, to make it easier just look at the picture and enlarge if needed.

Let’s start with the basics. On the INFORMATION tab in pet menu as seen from above screenshots, the GROWTH stats is your pets base stats. The pet in the screenshots is the lowest possible. You will of course find higher ones, so all growth stats = 1, eg STR is 1, Dex is 1, Stam is 1 etc. If you look at the assist values, these are the stats that you will gain when pet is summoned. Pretty neat hey. if you highlight the assist values, it will give you a % of how much the pet assists you.

From this, it shows only 80% as my pet is hungry, when you look at bottom of that screenshot, you have what is called Loyalty and Nourishment. You can buy food from the pet hunter or do the 2 quests in Millers Ranch to gain pet food. You aim for 100% loyalty and nourishment for maximum assist values, eg, more stats you gain when summoned, you want 100% assist. Everytime you summon the pet, it will show you what assist value % you have with pet selected. To feed the pet, pet has to be unsummoned, and click on the feed button as seen in above menu screenshot. To delete a pet, click release and you will lose it forever.

Let’s look at the 2nd tab, SKILLS.

The passive skills are great as they come into effect when pet is summoned. You may level them as you gain more pet TP and of course level your pet.

The pet normal skills as seen on the right, if your pet is happy it will cast them automatically. Each pet type etc will have different skills it will utilize. Once more research is done, you may research these unique skills to each unique pet to choose your main pet accordingly. The passive skills are all the same.

Production tab I will skip at this stage, but from looking, you can equip your pet with crafting items to craft etc for you.

Merging tab I will go into shortly as getting more complicated.

So from above, you now know how to get your first pet and hopefully understand the basics. If you want to farm more pets, just kill normal monsters, and a small chance a magic cavy will appear, you cannot miss this as a message appears on your screen, you then catch it by placing a trap and pushing the cavy into the trap, as per tutorial describes.

What type of pets can you catch?

First off there are different types of pets, eg fire, water, earth, dark etc. Only difference between these are the skills the pet utilizes on its own, so you will need to research which each type/pet does to see how it benefits you, if you are only after maximum stats it gives you, you then hope to catch a pet with high growth stats in the stats you desire.

From tutorial, you saw we caught a Rune Ghost which is the most common, its attributes (growth stats) were all 1, so str, dex, stam, int, and wis were all 1 to begin with. What does this mean? You can level this pet etc but it will not be as strong as say catching a pet with higher starting stats.

The rune egg which is most common has starting growth stats depending on color, and is a all rounded pet, or commonly will be used for merging which I cover later. The basic has starting stats 1,1,1,1,1. (1 in each attribute). There are 2 more colors I’ve seen, with stats 2,2,2,2,2 and 3,3,3,3,3. As you can see this pet is an all rounder, same growth rates in all attributes. If you like this, by all means use it, or if you wish to concentrate on a certain growth stat, lets look at what we can do.

Different types of eggs will specialize in different stats, eg you have chance of gaining the different qualities such as

Wild pet egg = 2,1,1
Natural pet egg = 3,2,1
Amazing pet egg = 4,3,2
Magical pet egg = 5,4,3
Holy pet egg = 6,5,4

An example of an egg from auction house so you can see the growth stats before you equip it.

What do these stats mean? Well the wild pet egg will have 1 stat with a growth rate of 2, and 2 stats with a growth rate of 1. This is considered a low end pet.

The holy pet egg though is considered a top end pet which is perfect for main pet if you are lucky enough to find, or rich enough to buy. As you can see 6,5,4. This means 1 stat will have a value of 6, 1 will have a value of 5 and the other will have a value of 4. Eg Growth stat Wisdom 6, Intelligence 5 and Stamina 4.

Even if you equip this pet, and max its nourishment and loyalty, will give substantially more assist stats than the beginning rune ghost pet. As you level the pet, these stats will grow, if you are not interested in growing a pet to your liking, just look for a level 20+ pet with high stats, keep it max loyalty and nourishment and you will be fine. For the pet growing enthusiast, look for a low level pet, 5-10 recommended, a holy pet egg with stats that suit you best, eg for mage 6 int, 5 wis and 4 stamina for example, and level it yourself as will gain more overtime.

Last tip before the merging and levelling, once you have activated a pet, eg in the breeding slot, you cannot unequip it, so if you don’t like it or no longer require it, you will have to delete it.


To level the pet, eg higher level = more assist stats, and more skills etc later on, there are a couple of methods.

The first, if you speak to the pet hunter you can buy what is called a ‘Powerful pet growth potion’ which will give your pet +1000 exp and +500 training points. One catch though, at this time, you will need 45 guild honor points to purchase it which are attainable if you are in a guild and attend guild war. Also if your pet is high level, you will require a huge amount of these anyway.

The seconds method is to obtain a golden egg which will give you training +50 and experience +100, another slow way but can be done.

You can farm these in Miller’s Ranch by doing the chicken quest, eg picking up eggs, occassionally if your lucky a golden egg will drop. You can also trade this egg into the NPC in the ranch for other goodies.

Now for the interesting part, merging your pet. Lets look at the screen

To merge pets, it needs to be a lower level than your main pet and either same type or no type. Eg from my screenshot I put in a wind type pet level 12 so I will need to sacrifice a wind type or none type thats lower than level 12 to be successful.

Click on ‘CHOOSE AGENT’ to put in your main pet, the pet you wish to keep. On the right hand side is the ‘CHOOSE REAGENT’ which is the pet you will sacrifice so to speak. If it does not let you do it, a system message will appear so try a different pet.

As you can see once 2 pets are selected, it will show the stats before merge and after merge. Every merge will gain you training, and experience and this is how you level your pet. If the sacrificing pet has higher growth stats or a higher aptitude, your main pet will absorb some of this also, as you can see below, the wind type wasteland skipper before merge has no intelligence, after merge it will gain +2.25. The aptitude is how much training and experience it will receive etc.

You can do 3 merges per day on EACH PET. So if you have 3 breeding slots, you can use 2 main pets, merge them both 3 times per day, by using 3rd slot as the sacrificial pet slot.

You can also see a slot for ‘Pair Merging’ this function is not yet available.

Well that’s pretty much it. Merging is fairly easy just use a lower lvl and either same type, or use a NONE type which are pretty common, just make sure it’s lower level, may need to be 5 levels apart, at this stage, works regardless. Use a low level if you wish to have a high powered pet later on, or if not into pets just get a high level and keep max loyalty etc for the assist stats.

If wanting the best pet possible as stated above I still recommend using a level 5 to 10, reason being? You need to merge, eg sacrifice a lower level pet. So if you use a level 1, will have a harder time finding level 1 sacrificial pets to use etc and may be slower. Depends how dedicated you are. I am personally starting with a holy egg level 10.

Here is a screenshot of the wasteland skipper growth stats screen

Just to show you the difference in assist stats. The higher the growth is better starting assist stats and more you gain per level when manually level it. As you can see each pet type can have a different value also, eg in this case Stamina has a growth of 3, Dexterity only has a value of 2 yet gives more assist stats in this case. Depends how picky you wish to be with your pet…A lot of research would be required to list all starting stats, etc, but then you have different growth stats, levels etc so will not compile a list myself. Stick to growth rates, and a low level pet to merge it higher and you should be fine. From above picture if it was a much higher level it would give better assist stats to begin with, great if you want to just stick to one pet and keep it easy or as explained, start low level and build it yourself.

Last tips before I finish the guide.

If you want to raise your TP points for the passive skills, get yourself a bottle of enhancement potion which can be bought for 2 golden eggs at the Miller’s Ranch NPC or bought with guild honor points. Can only be done once a day.

TO raise Aptitude which is what you do want also as its your growth rate per level etc, you can use a potion with same technique, or when you merge pets to level, try get a sacrificial pet with higher aptitude. I currently have a 99 aptitude sacrificial pet I be saving for my main pet

An example of the pets found can be seen below.

Rune Ghost
Type = None
Skill 1 = Focused Beam – Inflicts magical light damage on target, CD 15 secs
Skill 2 = Angel’s Wing – Once master’s health has dropped below 50%, the pet master will recover health every 2 secs

Wretched Shadowmoon Sailor
Type = Darkness
Skill 1 = Surprise Attack – Inflicts % physical damage on target
Skill 2 = Fireball – Inflicts magical fire damage on target
Skill 3 = Enchanted Scales – Increases pet master’s critical magical hit rate points for xx seconds

Growling Hunting Dog
Type = Wind
Skill 1 = Rapid Rage – Inflicts % physical damage on target
Skill 2 = Huntsman Assist – For XX seconds, the pet master’s physical attack power will increase by %

Wasteland Skipper
Type = Fire
Skill 1 = Inflicts % physical damage on target
Skill 2 = For XX seconds, the pet master’s magical attack power will increase by %

Feel free to contribute to this thread, and if someone has the time, someone can make a new thread maybe called ‘Pet Types and Skills’. I will not have time to conduct this. Good luck

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