Facebook Social Empires Collections Guide

Facebook Social Empires Collections Guide

Collection Item Area Found Collected From Reward
Mysteries of the sandEgyptian HieroglyphPyramid
The Pharaon MaskPyramid
Written PapyrusYou EmpireHarvesting TreesPyramid
Horus StatuettePyramid
Ye Old ChestWooden SurfaceTreasure chest
Curved PlankTreasure chest
Golden LockTreasure chest
Treasure MapTreasure chest
Large NailsTreasure chest
Flower PowerRed RoseGarden
White LilyGarden
Blue GeraniumGarden
Soil FertilizerGarden
A Renaissance TouchGolden RivetGolden Fountain
Golden StatueGolden Fountain
Solid ColumnGolden Fountain
Intricate BrickGolden Fountain
Pure WaterGolden Fountain
An Ancient DiscoveryBrown FurFrozen Mammoth
TuskFrozen Mammoth
Ice BlockFrozen Mammoth
Ancient PeanutFrozen Mammoth
Fossil FootprintFrozen Mammoth
The Hunting ThreatLeather BracesKilling big trollsAxe thrower
Large Fang*Killing big trollsAxe thrower
Leather HarnessArtic IsleAxe ThrowerAxe thrower
Horns HelmetKilling big trollsAxe thrower
Sharp AxeArtic IsleYeti BossAxe thrower
An Arctic DiscoveryCold WaterEnemy EmpireHealer/CannonPenguin
Smelly FishPenguin
Solid IglooKilling the YetiPenguin
Snow BallEnemy EmpireHeavy Knight or Long SwordsmanPenguin
EggArtic IsleYeti BossPenguin
Snow JourneysBlue PeltEnemy Empire?troop?Yeti
Sharp TuskYeti
White FurYeti
Chipped HornEnemy Empire?troop?Yeti
Giant ClawArtic IsleYeti BossYeti
The Diabolic AppearanceGold BootsWar Troll
Skull BeltWar Troll
Golden EarringUnknown IsleRavanger TrollWar Troll
Black PonytailArtic IsleBattle TrollWar Troll
SwordWar Troll
Scent of magicCloth HatEnemy EmpireArcherWizard
Cloth TunicEnemy EmpireArcherWizard
Wooden RodWizard
White BeardRavager Trolls / SkeletonsWizard
Magic Spell BookDesert Isle*Killing GolemWizard
A mortal trapMudCrocodile Pit
StoneCrocodile Pit
FrogCrocodile Pit
Cannibal PiranhaCrocodile Pit
Ferocious CrocodileCrocodile Pit
The Circle of LifeDelicate StatueLife Tree
Strong RootsYour Empire*Harvesting TreesLife Tree
Small BranchLife Tree
Pink LeavesLife Tree
Life SeedsLife Tree
Sentence of DeathWooden ShacklesGuillotine
Strong PlanksGuillotine
Head BucketGuillotine
Guillotine BladeGuillotine
Trapped in the DarknessCell lockPrison
Iron BarPrison
Iron shacklesPrison
Prisoner SuitYour EmpireHarvesting StonePrison
Hero TributeStone PedestalSolider Statue
Stone LegsBig TrollSolider Statue
Stone ChestSolider Statue
Stone HelmetSolider Statue
Stone SwordSolider Statue
Trolls best friendRed NecklaceYour EmpireHarvesting TreesFly
Tasty BoneUnknown IsleRavanger TrollFly
Brown FurFly
Red BalloonMysterious IsleTreasure ChestFly
Sky MaskDesert IsleStone Golem BossFly
Little ball of furCute NecklaceYour Empire*Harvesting TreesMishy
Tuna CanYour EmpireBoar RiderMishy
FurDevious TrollsMishy
Small Sleigh BellUndiscovered IsleTreasure ChestMishy
Wool BallArtic IsleYeti BossMishy
Bare bonesFleshy BoneYour EmpireHarvesting StoneSkeleton
Rusty SwordArtic IsleAxe ThrowerSkeleton
Rotten SkullcapEnemy EmpireArcherSkeleton
Shriveled ShieldUnknown IsleTreasure ChestSkeleton
Evil SkullDesert IsleStone Golem BossSkeleton
A Monstrous AllyLeather Shoulderpad*Killing AxethrowersRavager Troll
Eerie HelmetRavager Troll
Reinforced BracersRavager Troll
Jaw BonesRavager Troll
Spiked HammerArtic IsleYeti BossRavager Troll
Sound of the ForestLong BowYour Empire*Harvesting TreesHigh Elf
Golden DiademKilling War Trolls/*Harvesting TreesHigh Elf
Sharp ArrowYour Empire*Harvesting TreesHigh Elf
Leather QuiverEmergent IsleTreasure ChestHigh Elf
Wooden OcarinaDesert IsleStone Golem BossHigh Elf

12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    you can get sharp arrow by going to an enemy empire and killing a light unit,a draggie,or an elf unit

  2. Anonymous says:

    you get the sharp tusk from going to enemy empires and killing a spearman or a light unit

  3. Anonymous says:

    bahamut heart? where can i can the collections

  4. Anonymous says:

    Golden Bahamut: Dragon isle, Celestial isle, and Monster isle…..
    Red Bahamut: Dragon isle, Necro isle ,Monster isle….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wheres the Bahamut collections?

  6. Anonymous says:

    What does the crocodile pit do???

  7. Anonymous says:

    What does the life tree do??

  8. Anonymous says:

    add the dragons

  9. draco2011 says:

    to reedem them they will be in your box but if you mean finish them go to collections and click finish

  10. Anonymous says:

    how do we redeem these units?

  11. Anonymous says:

    nice but, can you explain what are they useful to? please

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