Facebook Miscrits PVP Strategies

Facebook Miscrits Strategies from the best PVP Players by David C Grossman

Here is writeup from Griffon!

Curious how Griffon is doing it?

  • PVP Wins 1001
  • PVP Losses 110
  • Special Attacks Used 33
  • Items Used 1057
  • Longest PVP Streak 50

Win a Poltergust WITHOUT magic? Yes you can!

I won’t lie: I have used magic. I was too curious to not dabble in the mystic arts. However, I didn’t purchase spells until after the 20 Arena wins in a row award. How did I do it? Well, that’s why I’m writing this

Here are some of the things I did to make the streak & win my Poltergust:

1) All Miscrits on your team must be the same level.
I know I sound like a broken record, but it is crucial to have your pets the same level. I see too many people bring in a level 20 with 3 level 15’s as back up. If you run into a full compliment of 20’s you’re toast. A level 20 only needs 1 or 2 shots to KO a level 15 regardless of the elemental match up.

2) Create at least 3 – 4 teams of evenly leveled teams.
This may seem like a grind, but it is essential for continued Arena combat. Having 12 to 16 pets of the same level means you have the option of interchangeable Miscrits. You win battle #1 and lose your Nature elemental? No problem. Go back to your house and replace him with another Nature pet and you’re ready for battle #2.

3) Don’t overload your team with the same type of elemental.
I have faced teams with evenly leveled Miscrits, but they bring 2 Fire and 2 Nature or even all Fire elementals into battle. This is a gamble that rarely pays off. You should always have a Fire, Water & Nature elemental on your team. What you load as your fourth elemental is personal preference (I switch between Fire & Water myself).

4) Make sure your team is at least 90% health.
There’s a temptation to enter a battle with some pets dinged up and that’s okay sometimes. However, if all of your team is damaged, you’ll need to heal up before you enter the Arena. My basic rule is that if you have 15 or more points of damage you need to heal. And never go into a match without a full team!

5) Bring 2-4 healing potions with you.
This is pretty self-explanatory. However, make sure the potions you’re carrying are equivalent to your team’s individual HP. Basically, if most of your team has an average of 40 HP, take 30-40 HP healing potions into battle. Bringing in cheaper and lower HP potions will get you KO’d because lower HP potions will usually keep you alive for one more attack. You’ll be vulnerable after drinking a potion, so healing to the maximum amount will allow you (usually) to survive the attack and be able to retaliate (or switch out to another elemental).

6) Line up your pets in the order you want them to fight.
If you start with a Fire elemental make Nature the next in line. Why? If your Fire pet is KO’d then it was probably done by an opponent’s Water elemental. That means the pet that will pop next for you is best versus the Water pet that just KO’d your Fire pet which would be Nature. See how that works? Now, this isn’t 100% effective, but predetermining the order may give you an advantage your opponent hasn’t thought of.

7) Wait for your opportunities.
Too many times a battle will turn into what I call The Elemental Shuffle. It happens when you have a Fire and your opponent has a Water. You’re 1st, so you switch to Nature. Your opponent goes next and switches to Fire. Then you switch to Water. Then he switches to Nature. And so on. After about 10 times of switching, there’s a tendency to get frustrated and lash out with a Miscrit that is at a disadvantage to your opponent’s Miscrit. DON’T. If The Elemental Shuffle has you caught in a stalemate, you can:
a) Wait for your opponent to become frustrated and break the cycle,
b) Change to the same type elemental as your opponent and see if you can get him to fight, or
c) Try using a power that disrupts the cycle such as Sleep, Snare or Confuse.
Option C is definitely risky because of the 50% probability and may leave you open to attack if you fail. However, it is a way to break the cycle and potentially gain an advantage.

8) Fight to the bitter end.
If your Miscrit is engaged in combat, you have no healing potions and your HP is low enough to be KO’d with the opponent’s next attack – FIGHT! Think about it this way: If you withdraw a severely damaged Miscrit, chances are that if the pet has to re-enter the battle he’s going down immediately because a switch usually gives your opponent the next attack.

At this point you might be saying: “But most of my Arena Miscrits are KO’d or severely damaged or the Miscrits I have left are inferior. What do I do?” I have one word for you: WAIT. If you don’t think you can staff a winning Arena battle team then don’t fight in the Arena. Wait for the healer or face the certainty that you’ll be breaking whatever streak you’ve established by sending in an inferior team of scrubs. If you’ve got time before you can heal, go harvest Gold, XP and potions in the Miscrian Forest until the healer is ready for you. Not having the patience to wait until you can field a strong team is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make when trying to maintain a streak.

Getting Gold & Healing
If you’re low on Gold, then take a trip to the Miscrian Forest and pummel the crap out of lower level wild Miscrits. I use my reserve pets for this duty, letting the Miscrits I use for Arena battles to rest at the house. My reserve pets can harvest until they’re KO’d and it doesn’t matter. After all, that’s what they’re there for: fodder.
Once you’ve harvested the Gold you need to heal your designated Arena battle pets, go buy the appropriate healing potions. I know, you’re thinking: “But I can only heal during combat!” Yes, you’re correct. Once you have purchased your potions, switch to your Arena battle team and venture into the Miscrian Forest. Fighting at the entrance to the forest allows you to drink a potion, maybe take 1-5 points of damage from whatever level 4 or 5 wild Miscrit you encounter (sometimes no damage at all if they’re throwing buffs/debuffs) and one-shot KO the wild Miscrit. This is the safest way to heal yourself and control the potential amount of damage taken.

Here is a writeup from Aaron Michael Jackson… (with a little help from Griffon)

Curious how AMJ is doing it?

  • PVP Wins 1294
  • PVP Losses 174
  • Special Attacks Used 528
  • Items Used 1076
  • Longest PVP Streak 187 (On TMobile Broadband)

Since I am using max level Miscrits, this write up is for higer team evolutions.

I like to run a 2:1:1 combo of Miscrits with the 2 typically being Fire Miscrits.

I always order the Miscrits in descending order of vulnerabilities (i.e. Fire is beaten by Water so my next Miscrit after Fire would be Nature so it will be strong against the Water Miscrit that took out the Fire one.). So it would go Fire Nature Water Fire for my typical set up.

I like to have one physical (good physical attacks instead of strong nukes) Miscrit in the mix and 3 nukers (strong elemental attacks).

Speed is key for my setup on the first Miscrit only. I find having first attack or choice to switch to be a good tactical advantage.

Second can be a nuker if your first Miscrit is VERY strong or just a trash Miscrit to die as you will lose two turns after your first Miscrit dies and the second one is slow speed. If its a nuker it should be fast like a flowerpillar so u only have 1 turn lost.

I don’t have a preference of Miscrits just on their stats. Certain stats work well together. If it has slow speed then it needs to have good elemental def and decent HP (75+) so it can survive at least 2 hits. Having low HP and low def will make any Miscrit all but worthless.

So if your Miscrit has low HP he better have very good def stats (60+) or its not worth keeping IMHO. Secondly speed is really only important for the first Miscrit. After that it all takes turns so it doesn’t matter nearly as much.

Having nuker Miscrits (strong elemental attacks) give you much more options with special attacks now being based on your Miscrits EA, which is why I prefer them much more to physical attack based Miscrits. This may change if they add physical based special attacks down the road, but until that happens I feel nukers are they way to go.

You can use tanks well here and there especially if u use potions and heals to buff them up. Stammoth is a beast with a couple def pots and heals and using venom. This is not as flashy as the big nukes but just as effective for those that cant or wont buy magic but have a lot of gold at your disposal.

The biggest tool you can have for these fights is knowledge. Know all the Miscrits strengths and weaknesses. You can then make changes on the fly for strategies as necessary and lets you utilize all the weapons in your arsenal more effectively.

Let me show you an example of what I mean:

Let’s say I am running a Blazebit, a Flowerpillar, a Hydroseal and a Flue (one of my strongest teams). I come up against a 2 Water team of a Aquine (nessy), a Pawthorn (cubsprout), a Anublaze (lumera), and a Kalamos (Shelbee). I know the Aquine has a good amount of Elemental Defence (ED) so even with magic I am not going to be able to 1 shot him unless my guy is very strong and his has bad ED. Do I want to confuse and gamble and try to take out one of the Water guys which are strong against my team, do I try to one shot him if he is partially wounded with a magic Nature attack? Do I switch Miscrits and give him first attack? Is my Blazebit have enough ED and HP to withstand an attack my the nessy? At this point I will probably take the sure thing and hope I one shot him with a magic attack rather than give up my tempo? Even if I don’t kill him on the one hit I will on the second and probably have around half my guys HP left. More than enough to survive an attack by the lion. Even magic probably wont kill him to his low Elemental Attack (EA) stats.

Getting the first couple Miscrits down will give you a huge edge and can take the wind out of the sail of a lot of your opponents. These are all things I consider as I fight. I like having all my Miscrits to have some form of crowd control in case I need to gamble and take a chance if I get unlucky.

This is a guide from Jon Holman!

Curious how Jon is doing it?

  • PVP Wins 1505
  • PVP Losses 278
  • Special Attacks Used 87
  • Items Used 947
  • Longest PVP Streak 64

Part 1 – Starting and developing a team

First of all, you want as many miscrits as you can get. That way you can play for as long as possibly, instead of playing for 15 minutes, then waiting 45 to heal. I have one of every miscrit, except for flue and flowerpillar, so I can play at least 5 pvp matches every hour, and a lot more if they don’t all die each fight. Even having doubles isn’t a bad thing.

Second of all, level them up evenly. You can have some on different levels, but make sure you don’t have any single miscrits on a level by themselves. Save TP so that you can level at least 4 miscrits at a time, even if it is only 1 level each. Having 4 of the same level miscrits is the single best strategy to the pvp arena. If you have fought in the arena and you have miscrits that can still fight, but not enough to form a full pvp team, take those and fight wild miscrits to earn xp/gold/items, but stick to fighting wild miscrits around your level.

While leveling up miscrits, it is important to know which abilities to keep, and which ones to drop. Some people suggest keeping 2 elemental attacks, because you want a strong one, and one that has a higher hit %. I recommend NOT doing this. It wastes a spot that could be filled with a more useful ability. Try to have each of the following:

  • Elemental attack – The most important attacks.
  • Sleep or Confuse – Second most important, but make sure not to rely too heavily on them.
  • Physical attack – Needed in case you are at an element disadvantage or the other miscrit has weak physical defense and yours has strong physical attack.
  • Buff or debuff – Making your current miscrit stronger or theirs weaker is a huge strategy, I will get into this more later.

Part 2 – Putting arena teams together

Like I said, I recommend never going into the arena unless you have 4 miscrits, and all 4 are the SAME LEVEL. So how do you pick which 4 miscrits to use? First of all, make sure you have at least one of each element. 1 fire, 1 nature, and 1 water. The 4th miscrit’s element doesn’t matter, but his abilities do. When picking the 4th miscrit, try to pick one that has high physical attack, like Flue, Cubsprout, or Snortus. That way you have a strong elemental attack in each element, plus a strong physical attack.

Arranging the miscrits in order is very important as well. When one of you miscrits get knocked out, most of the time it is by a miscrit that has the elemental advantage. So you want your next miscrit coming in to have the advantage. The way to do that is to take your starter, in this example, we will say it is fire. Since your opponent will most likely knock it out with a water miscrit, you will want a nature miscrit coming next.

Part 3 – Arena battling

Here is where it gets tricky. There are no fail proof set ups, plans, or tricks. Anything can happen at any moment. Here are the tips that I use every time I fight.

Knowing what attack to use – including sleep/confuse. You don’t have to memorize the stats of each miscrit (who has strong physical attack or elemental defense), but you can if you want to. But if you just play for awhile you will get a good general idea about who is strong and where. Once you have a good idea, it will help you know what attacks to use in each situation. Here are a few general guidelines.

  • It is better use sleep/confuse than take away less than 10% of your opponents health. Even if they are doing minimal damage too, you will have a better chance of killing them faster while keeping more of your own health by confusing them or putting them to sleep and switching to an elementally advantaged Miscrit.
  • Sometimes a disadvantaged elemental attack will do more damage than a physical attack.
  • Knowing when to switch. Switching can be dangerous or life saving. Here are my tips about when switch and when not to. Before you understand these tips, you have to know how the speed/turn system works. If you don’t fully understand it, read this: Facebook Miscrits Speed Turn System Guide

Here are my tips:

  1. NEVER switch when your miscrit is almost dead in order to save it. All you are doing there is wasting a turn. If you can’t use it’s last attack to do enough damage to either kill it or set up your next miscrit to kill it, try sleep or confuse. If you don’t have either, use a debuffing attack, or just attack anyways.
  2. If you know you can switch to an elementally advantaged miscrit and go a second turn in a row, do it. It is a huge break to knock out or almost knock out an opponents miscrits in one hit.
  3. Even if you are at a disadvantage, if you have a strong attack and they have a weak defense, it may be better to attack, especially if you go first. I have beaten 1 level 14 Cubsprout with a level 14 Snortus because my “snort rush” attack was taking more away from him than he was from me.
  4. If you have a miscrit that has been attacked several times by rebuffing attacks, switch him out, then switch him back in, and he will be back to normal. Everytime you switch out, any buff/debuff goes away. Right now I cant think of any specific examples, but always keep this in mind.

Knowing when to sacrifice.

  1. Sometimes it is better to “sacrifice” one of your miscrits for one of theirs. This is usually true when your team is disadvantaged to theirs (if you have 2 fire miscrits and they have 2 waters). If you can take them down to very low health while your dies, and your next miscrit can kill their first one, then you are no longer at a disadvantage, as you both have one of each element.
  2. If your opponent has 1 of each element, but they are not in the right order (For example, Fire, Water, Water, Nature) Then by sacrificing your first for theirs, you now have the advantage because they no longer have 1 of each element, and you do.
  3. If your opponent does not have one of each element, (Fire, Water, Fire, Water) then the same rule applies. If you sacrifice your first fire (and you still have a second) for their first Fire, you again have one of each and they do not. What is so advantageous about #2 and #3 is that one of your miscrits will be an element that your opponent cannot have an advantage over. (in case #3, it would be your water miscrit, since they do not have a nature miscrit.)

Knowing when to use potions.

  1. Never use a heal item when you opponent is taking 50% or more of your life away with one hit. All you will do is waste potions. It sounds dumb, but people do it all the time.
  2. If you and your opponent are attacking, healing, attack, healing and going no where, use buffs instead. That way, they will take a lot less every attack, or you will take more every attack. That will stop the process, and save you some healing potions.
  3. If you are fighting hard for a streak, and don’t want to lose no matter what, use your miscrit with the strongest of both defenses you have (elemental and physical) and start by using a “negate element” potion. Then on your next turn, if you don’t have to heal, use a defense buff (the same kind of attack they are using on you – physical or elemental) Use a few more, then start using attack buffs, healing when you get close to death. While doing this, keep in mind how much damage each one of their attacks is taking, so you know when to heal. This is a very expensive way to win, so I suggest only using it if you absolutely have to.

Knowing when to take the loss.

Sometimes it is much better to lose all of your miscrit, even if you didn’t kill any of theirs and only get 1 xp, then to waste all of your items. If you are fighting and the match is going horribly and you are losing bad, don’t let your pride get in the way, and don’t worry about not getting xp. Xp is free and is always around, but items are (now ever more) expensive.

My favorite team.

  • Prawnja – GREAT defense, or “tank”. I use him first because no matter what, it takes several hits to kill him, even at a disadvantage, so I have time to look at all of their miscrits and make a quick gameplan. His “acid rain” attack and strong defense are hard to stop together.
  • Hotfoot – Strong physical attack and defense, but also good elemental attack and uses confuse
  • Quirk – Good physical attack and defense as well, decent elemental attack and uses sleep
  • Hydroseal – great spead and elemental attack. If used first against any fire miscrit except Lumera, they are usually dead in one shot. I save him for last though.
Here is another strategy from ‘Kelvin Lam!

Curious how ‘Kelvin is doing it?

  • PVP Wins 636
  • PVP Losses 92
  • Special Attacks Used 3
  • Items Used 431
  • Longest PVP Streak 43

Basic PVP strategy

I don’t think I need to say much here. If you are reading my post, you’ve probably read most of the other strategy guides. If you haven’t, go and read them, I follow almost everything that is said in there, solid PVP tips.

My post will focus on strategy against magic users. I’ve been following the forums and noticed the growing number players saying how Miscrits is turning into a game for paid users, I strongly disagree with this notion. Though I dislike magic users myself and magic gives players a slight advantage, it is still manageable.

Fighting vs. Magic Users

So before we begin, don’t expect this to work every single time. This purpose of this guide is to create a situation to bring you back to the same playing field. I’m writing with the assumption that you do not have any magic attacks, but this guide will also work for Mag vs Mag battles. Before I begin, there are a couple of expectations you should keep in mind when battling a magic user.

  • It will be a long and expensive battle, if you want to win. There is no doubt about that.
  • The longer you hold out, the greater the chances. You are using items that are technically free. They are using items bought with real cash, the chances are, you probably have more than them.
  • Though not always true, because most magic users feel like the can ease through the battle, they are pretty single minded- they just heal and spam magic attacks. This could be a major advantage when you follow this strategy.

The key requirement to successfully win against magic users is to have at least one Miscrit on your team that can negate elemental advantage. The more the better. These are skills like overwater, firewater, and the like. This buff, which I will call NEAB (Negate Elemental Advantage Buff), takes out the elemental advantage your Miscrit is weak against, and therefore pretty much nullifying the “element” aspect of the game. It does not matter if they switch Miscrits, the effect will not wear off (unless you switch). Now the damage only depends on how strong your opponent’s EA vs. your miscrit’s ED.

NEAB brings you back to the same playing field as your magic user, but it does not guarantee the match. After all, it’s about the strategy you use to defeat your opponent (figuring out whether to use EA/PA attacks). I strongly suggest for you to have a tank or someone with high HP and ED to do this (Elefauna is another solid choice). I understand that it would seem like you will be stuck with that one Miscrit, yes you are, but essentially your opponent is stuck with his/her whole team since none of them has any elemental advantage over you.

Now that you are on even grounds, heal yourself and start buffing your Miscrit. If you can sneak in a CC (Confuse/Sleep) that is even better. The more NEAB Miscrits you take with you the better the chances. I usually just bring one (Prawnja), but there were too many times where I cut it too close. Often times, your simple minded opponents will continue spamming magic attacks on you, and at this point you will have the advantage.

I believe this can also be done using the new negate element advantage potion. I haven’t tried this myself, but I heard that the affect of the potion goes away once your opponent switches Miscrits :/

Obviously this guide is geared towards Miscrits between lvl 20-30. For those who are fighting at a level below that, it will be much harder :P

I hope my insight will help you guys be more successful when battling against magic users. Don’t get discouraged, there is always a solution.

Here is a strategy for brand new players from Griffon’s wife Kerri Miller Ebright!!!

Curious how Kerri is doing it?

  • PVP Wins 236
  • PVP Losses 62
  • Special Attacks Used 71
  • Items Used 564
  • Longest PVP Streak 20

For those in the Beginner’s bracket, here are a few suggestions that might help maintain your streak:

Get friends
With limited resources, you really need to bankroll yourself. To that end, pimp yourself out and get as many friends as you can. Post your FB profile page in the Add Me section of this forum. Also, put your FB profile link in your forum signature (No, I’m not going to give you step-by-step directions – figure it out.)

Don’t waste time hoarding gems
Gems do you no good when trying to maintain a streak – Potions do. Make sure you let your legion of new friends you need Item chests, not Gem chests (There will be lulls in the game where you can ask for gems & people who’ll ignore your Item chest requests anyway). Take the weak potions and sell them to build your Gold holdings. Keep in mind potions will net you between 35 – 250 Gold depending on the type and are not limited by your level (a convenient loophole if you’re restricted in your potion purchasing).

Remember the basics
Like I mentioned before, take the order of your pets seriously & make sure all 4 pets are = level. NEVER enter a battle without a team of 4 and they should all be @ 90% health or greater. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage before the battle starts.

Archetypes are crucial
Make sure you have a team that includes a pet with speed, one with high PA, one with high EA and a tank (high HP). If your menagerie of Miscrits has two or more of these skills, then that should fill your team build very quickly. And yes, I suggest a little geekery by making a spread sheet so you can chart your pet stats so you’ll have an overall view of your “stable”.

Balance your team
Represent all 3 elements in the build and don’t go for gimmick teams like all 1 element (4 Water) or a dual elemental set (2 Fire & 2 Nature). At the lower levels, a double Fire set (ie: Fire, Nature, Water, Fire) seems to be all the rage. This is just a suggestion, but you might want to try a double Water set (Water, Fire, Nature, Water) – it might give you the slight advantage you need to win.

Use all the powers your Miscrits possess
Going into a battle without acknowledging your non-attack powers can be fatal. You cannot walk into a battle and think you can go toe-to-toe, attack-vs-attack power against an opponent – you must have a few tricks up your sleeve besides brute force or elemental punishment. To that end, your buff/debuff powers can turn the tide of a battle. Personally, I prefer buffs over debuffs because an opponent can simply switch pets to “shake off” debuffs. And no, I am not a fan of using Confuse as a primary strategy because that tends to aggravate your opponent & they might start pulling out the big guns (like spells) to even the playing field.

Potions are your friend
And not just for healing either. As per above, they will fill your coffers with gold (IF you get enough friends). Potions will also allow you to buff your pets to protect against their weaknesses. For instance, you have a Lumera with excellent speed and EA but lousy PD. No problem: use a Fortify potion to increase your physical defense. Even if you go against a pet with an elemental advantage, defensive potions (Defiance or Fortify) will dull the attack while drinking an offensive potion (Enchant or Toughen) will boost your ability to damage. And don’t forget the usefulness of Negate Element. Personally, I carry one of each buff potion (usually in Mythical versions) and 2-4 heals comparable to my pets’ level. IE: a pet with 38 HP should have a Powerful Heal (which is 30 HP) as back up. Think about it: if you needed a 40 HP heal then you’re already KO’d, right?

Other Random Suggestions for your build

  • Try setting up a “sacrificial lamb”. Which is to say bring in a pet you can afford to lose in order to set up your other 3 pets for an advantageous attack.
  • Acid Rain, Poison and Toxic powers are important. These powers cannot be debuffed in terms of damage potential and will either damage your opponent for 3 rounds (which also gives you 2 rounds to compound damage) or make them switch pets to escape the damage.
  • I hate to say this, but Confuse, Devil’s Snare and Sleep can come in handy. Like I said, I have extreme dislike for using it as the foundation of a strategy, but it is useful in certain circumstances. Stopping the Elemental Shuffle to switch to an advantageous attacker or allowing them to (possibly) beat themselves up. These powers are what I call “pattern breakers” and since they only have an effectiveness of 50% are very risky.
  • Never use spells that aren’t at an elemental advantage. You’re wasting your time, money and effort if you hit a Water pet with Bubbling Fury or a Fire pet with Swirling Inferno.
  • Do not use spells as a primary weapon of choice. Nuff said.
  • Know your pets’ strengths. You know this and you’ll know your opponent’s weaknesses in their pets.

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