Facebook Miscrits PvP Guide

Facebook Miscrits PvP Guide by patomaluco

My total wins are 324-32 (most of the 30 cause I forgot I was pvping x3)
Biggest streak: 80

well 1st thing is to choose the level that you fight at, I play around lvl 20s because:
1- Lvl 10 is about who nukes harder (it isn’t my style)
2- LvL 30 is TP expensive

Also, I don’t fight in lvl 20 exactly, try fighting on 18-22 there are more chances of getting nabzors :D

2nd Thing to remind… put them all on same level. Or your opponent may kick your ass. xD



I don’t build my team based in elements but in skills/stats.
My team positions are:

1- Engager (the miscrit who iniates combat)
2- Beast1 (This miscrit should be able to crush an entire team if needed)
3- Tank (If things are going wrong a miscrit with good HP and Defenses)
4- Beast2 (This one is rarely used, it is your last boost of destruction)

So I will give you some Miscrits to fill this positions


Snortus is my favorite engager. He has Lull which removes his elemental weakness and may sleep, confuse, and high physical def. and physical damage.
So if you get a nature opponent Try Lull if you can land sleep you got 2 options, change miscrit or confusing. After your oponnent is confused you can take him down with snout rush.
If he is fire, just spam H2O. Any Other element Confuse -> Snout rush to death.
Your worst nightmare is to get a flowerpiller in the otherside. Pray to it not to happen.

This is my 2nd Option as engager. Confuse and high elemental defense and attack. Not even fire miscrits can’t stand after confuse spam Whammy.
Poison is also a usefull move but never try it before Confusing your opponent. Water Miscrits are 2 Blooms kill.

This isn’t in my miscrits checklist so I’ve never used it. Since many pple suggested it has Engager I can also recommend. Still, I think that it extremelly depends on the type of the miscrit on the otherside, but fast enought to switch if you see troubles. This may work now but I can predict that after MT.Gemma oppening this won’t be that effective.

This Wind miscrit turned out more tought than the expected, He can be your engager by is defenses, but he doesn’t have a big capacity on the offense.
Still he can own the enemies engager on 1 on 1 or help your beast taking care of it.
Not tested yet but it seems like it!

-> Any other miscrit with Confuse and Strong Elemental Defense (Note: Snortus doesn’t have strong elmental defense but he has Lull) can fill this position. Feel free to look for them.

-> Engagers are Usefull to win the 1st 1 on 1. DON’T PANIC IF THEY DIE. Also DON’T SPEND POTS ON THEM. You will need them next.

–BEASTs 1-2–

I always try to get snatcher as my beast 1. Snatcher is one of the most imba beasts at this levels. The tatic to play with him is Basic. Remember even against fire, you have the advantage.
So Snatcher Strong points: Strong Elemental defense and Strong physical damage. Devil’s snare is your best weapon so as Merciless.
Overpowering tatic: When you face a miscrit that you don’t have weakness to and he is not using physical attacks, use Devil’s snare, while sleep use Merciless on the 1st turn and then Devil’s snare right next. Do this has much as you want. After this, blast Claws in theyr face. Enjoy your massacre. :)

Yes, Poltegust is almost as good as snatcher. Like snatcher he has Strong Elemental defense and Strong physical damage, but he also has Strong elemental attack.
I usually take it has Beast 2. tatic is the same but instead of Take Aim and Devil’s snare you got Sleep and Feebler. After that spam Dive (Care against lightning spam physical attack).
-> Note that debuff is better than buff in some cases. Buff is untill you get killed and De-buff is untill you kill. That’s why I take Poltergust as Beast 2. You debuff theyr last miscrit and the match is over.

Woot? Lumera? Beast? NO WAY! xD before I got Poltergust I had Lumera as my 2nd Beast. It’s kinda complicated when you don’t have pots or when your last opponent is a water miscrit.
Against Water -> NO WAY xD
Against Nature -> Flame Tail all the way
Against Everything else:
Unbreakable some 3 or 4 times. Use pots if you need. keep using Unbreakable until you reduced the damage that they do to something like 4-6. Use poison. Spam Claw. If you can do this, you won.

-> Any Miscrit with a perfect combination of stats and combos can do the BEAST position.
-> Crowd Control and some resilience are needed. But important is the physical damage. If you can combine this into one miscrit you get a beast!


(Dark or not) Prawnja
Love him so much
Prawnja has good HP nice defences, a good poison and Overwater.
OverWater is awsome. Use it whenever you see a Nature miscrit. Use it 1 time, Effect lasts forever. 1st Move is to Poison, then Use claw until poison is gone. Repeat.
If you get a fire Miscrit has your opponent, use pincer chop instead of claw.

(Dark or not) Flue
O.o yes he’s a pretty nice tanky slayer. nice HP, nice P.attack, confusion. Start with confusion, BASH all the way. (care with miscrits that have high P.resist, like snortus)
Tatic 2: You can use confuse and use de-buff while enemie is confused and then strike. This is a lil bit more risky, still it is an option.

He has tank stats, but his moves suck. I tryed sometimes and meh… I don’t think you should use him as tank. At least if his moves don’t change.
UPDATES: Fossillia move set was changed so, due to what I read around, you can actually use him as a tank.

This guy can be your Engager or Tank. Just depends on stats.
Confuse your enemie and blast him away!


I found out that Waddles is also a good one for the Engager position since it has nice stats and confusion. Not so good as snortus on the defense, but is also pretty good. Care against elemental weakness.

Squilbee & Shellbee

Squilbee & Shellbee both have poisons which makes them deadly. By stats I would pick Squilbee over shellbee. But the difference is not that big.
Never had them in a team. If you have few beasts make a few tests with them. They may fit that position.

Cubsprout, Luna, Hydroseal, Weevern and Nessy don’t suit this tatic.

-> Never Spend HP pots on Engagers. Only Tanks and Beasts are worth it. Get some pots before you fight. You may need some (or not) ;)

Hope I had helped. Feel free to comment and rate. I will keep this updated! :)

Miscrits that I have my eyes on:

ThunderCracker (Lightning) : Is stats are quite similiar to Poltergust and Snatcher but even better! This one may be a good beast. All will depend on his skills.

Mun Kee (Wind): Max Elemental Attack, and Strong Elemental Def. Hm… Another possible beast

DrillDent (Earth): Max Physical Attack and Defense and Strong HP. This one may become a tank. :P

Craggy (Earth): Strong Physical Attack and Defense and Strong HP. A lil bit worst than DrillDent on status but as I dunno theyr skills…. It may be an option to it!

SparkSlug (Lighting): Not so good in stats as ThunderCraker but if he has interesting skills he may become a BEAST



Miscrit Tested: Luna
Luna was kind a suckling miscrit when it first came out, but I’ve trained a “New breed” Luna and I can asure you they are quite stronger.
They can be both Beast or Tank on your team depending how you got they stats.

Good points:
Schorched Earth – awsome against your weakness (Earth)
Toxic – Poison
E.Def – Strong
No Weak stats

Bad Points:
Weak against physical damage
If it just had more health it would look like prawnja.

Gameplay Hints:
Against your E. weakness use Schorched Earth, Toxic and then Physical attacks.
Against the rest: Toxic and Electify.

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