Divine Souls Frequently Asked Questions

Divine Souls Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Cant I Continue My Combos?
It means either your combo sequence was bad or you got glitched. To solve the glitch part you just need to relog. It happens from time to time if you wondered why your combo reset so fast even though u did a 10hit+ combo. For the combo part….. you need a new combo sequence

2. My weapon durability is 0! How do I Repair?
Its simple.. you dont. Just equip the 0 durability item then reequip it and it should go away. Durability is currently broken in CB.

3. I Cant Learn Any Skills! WHY?!
Double click on the skill you desire instead and click learn when the message pops up. Dont click the learn button on the bottom right, its broken i think lol.

4. What does Hang Up do and Why Doesnt it Work?!
Hang Up is a skill that can only be used against certain boss monsters, starting with Chimera on the level 12 map set. First, down the boss by dealing it enough damage so it falls to the ground. A red circle will appear around it. Once you have downed the boss, hit the button that you have hotkeyed Hang Up to, to send your character flying on top of the boss monster’s back. Now that you are on the boss’ back, use your attack button to assault the boss while on top of them.

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