Divine Souls Fighter Class Combo Guide

Divine Souls Fighter Class Combo Guide by cdc321


First things you should know:
If you want fast combo’s like in king of fighters, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden and street fighters, fighting enemies as close as possible,
smashing werewolves to the ground and punching the hell outta them(err..) then you CHOSE the right class!

About this Class:
Fighters are grapplers that like to fight up close and personal. Equipped with a technologically advanced and
magically infused Power Fist, a Fighter can knock enemies about with ease, or pick them up and drill them into
the ground. The Fighter isn’t the fastest class, but they have a good balance between strength, speed, and stamina.

Weapon of Choice:
Power Fist(AKA Arm or Fist)- The prototype Power Fist was nicknamed “the fist of the gods”, and when combined with
the Divine Matter, it could punch through solid granite. With further tuning and honing, the Power Fist became a fearsome
weapon for both offense and defense.
Polaris, the organization tasked with protecting the Divine Matter, issues this close quarters combat weapon to the people
who join up for the cause.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
-they have a good offensive and defensive rate
-they can link combos faster than any other classes
-they are good tanks for parties
-they are good at both aerial and ground attacks

-they are slow when it comes to attacking

Well.. okay now lets stop with the copy pasting shiz, now for my own opinion:
Fighters OWN Divine Souls, and by OWN I mean OOOWWWNNN!! they have the most destructive and Critical damaging combo’s ever,
and some say they can continue a combo with no end(PAWNT) if in the hands of an expert Fighter User of course.

Combos in Mouse Mode:
Attack Combo
LMB+LMB+LMB+LMB (available at lvl 1)

Mount Combo

Air Knee

Hold Upper


Force Down

Screw Hammer

Fist Shower

Earth Quake

Back Tumble

Tripple Storm

Shooting Star

Dead Leaves

Combos in Keyboard Mode:
Attack Combo

Mount Combo

Air Knee

Hold Upper


Force Down

Screw Hammer

Fist Shower


Back Tumble

Tripple Storm

Shooting Star

Dead Leaves

All these combos can be seen here, except for Dead Leaves… And some of the skill Commands here are just wrong..

(Tell me at some points if I forgot some combos so i can update this guide)

Hidden Combos:
I dunno how the heck he did that o_O

Combining Combos together:
Now this is the part where you get experimenting with the combo’s you got, its alot of fun coz you Link
Combo’s together to have a more devastating combo, like for example, these are some of the Linked Combos that I do and are useful:

3hit Attack Combo+Tripple Storm+Air Knee+Shooting Star (i prefer to use this combo as a last resort in pvps)

3hit Attack Combo+Fist Shower+Hold Upper+Full Air Knee(2 knees with a slam down)+ Earth Quake (this combo is pretty effective in fighting hordes infront of you, just make sure you hit em all)

3hit Attack Combo+Fist Shower+Dead Leaves (its kinda connected already, just spam E for mouse or D for Keyboard, after Fist shower)

3hit Attack Combo+Hold(press E or D just once)+Mount Combo (One of the Basic Combo’s ever)

Try em out if you like.

Now that your set with your Combos, Time for the Skills with my own descriptions:

Divine Fighter= Punches the ground with your Gauntlet causing a force wave to blow away enemies around you(doing skill will make you unvulnerable)
Required Level 5
Double Kick= Double Kicks your opponent to the air
Required Level 15
Steam Fall= Pulls an opponent to your front
Required Level 20
Straight= Dash and stuns your enemy
Required Level 25

Now I guess your all set, here’s some simple advices:

1. make sure your opponents are infront of you
2. If your HP is low, dont try being a hero..
3. Be creative in using combos
4. Dont give breathing rooms to your opponent
5. When in Deep trouble(enemies all around you), get the heck out of there
:and lastly 6. Dont be afraid to die.. its just a game..

Well thats it, this is the end of my fighter guide, correct me if im wrong at some points of this guide, and also give me more insight about the class so I could update this

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