Divine Souls Mage PvP Guide

Divine Souls Mage PvP Guide by richard913

[100] Introduction
[200]What for Mages
~~[210]Skills to Get
[400]Intro Vs Other Classes
~~[410]Mage Vs Fighters

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I’ll say this first, I am basing this on total experience (been through about 100 battles, 60 wins, 40 loses). Fought tough opponents, hard opponent, spamming opponents, newbie opponents. I do not spam spiders (which maximum i do is about 4-6 per game, which 3 are at the beginning). I have background knowledge to games that are like this , which I have written a guide before. This guide is total opinion and experience, of myself as a melee mage most of the time. I don’t know ANY names of the fighter’s and Slashers attack normals so bare with me.

TBA: To Be Announced

Metres: Not in real metres of course. Just the feeling/distance from you and the enemy.


Mages are seriously underestimated for their potential in PvP. Mage in my opinion have vast amount of ways to control the room. Fighters and slashers take advantage of the moment they are within their comfort zone and they explode, but for mages, they do it the long way, and chip chunks of hp off of the opponent. If you know how to control the flow, judge distance, and maintain control over your opponent, in the long run, you’ll be capable of fighting better fighters. Mages have 3 routes they can follow. Spamming, mid/long range, or melee mage. For me, I am more of the melee mage type (which I am mostly going to explain in).




Fireball: Your basic of the basic blast.

Teleport: Never really got this, 5SP is abit too much, and you have the 3SP teleport air later on. So my advice, don’t get.

Multi-Shot: [PvP. 50-50. PvE. 75%Yes- 25% No] This is a so-and-so skills. Does a below average damage, but it can pile up pretty fast, with the range it got. In PvE it’s a good Aggro skill, and a nice range too.

Frozen Circle:[PvP Must. PvE: Recommended] Love this skill. Be careful though, the cast time is scary since they must be really close, and this skill has a semi-long cast time (you’ll know what i mean once you are close to the opponent…).

Flare:[PvP: Recommended. PvE: Recommended] TBA. But based on how i have seen it on videos and how it works, it’s like a beefed up ver. of Multi-shot, but stronger. Unstable but it deals a nice damage if it hits.

HP Mastery [PvP: MUST. PvE: Recommended] Seriously, HP = everything. Survive longer = more chances of you winning/dealing more damage to the opponent.

Attack Combo: I don’t use this much but this is only nice if you are about 2.5metres- 3m away from them or they are downed. If they don’t know how to roll when they are downed, spamm that attack combo on that corpse! Otherwise, NEVER do it when they are about 2m close to you

Teleport Back: I see it having a potential, but the cast time for it and the lag issues for it makes it not worth using. Unless you plan on mastering this (which means mastering block with it), not recommended for amateurs.

Hold Cannon: Basic of the Basic. Can’t say much about this skill. It is replaced with Manes if you get that skill and Grab only should be used when you are about 75% confident you’ll be able to grab.

Air Pitch: Never used this, never will. Doesn’t hit ground people, has a long drop time.

Cannon Upper: Again, it’s a simple but if used wisely or surprisingly, it’s a nice skill.

Chaos Wheel: See Fire Pitch.

Pitch Combo: NEVER USE THIS! This first blow might be good, but as I experienced it, the second swing has like a 0.4second delay from the first swing, which means you are 100% going to get interupted if they are spamming that left click (unless they are mage which I never tested yet)

Spider Bomb: [PvP, get it. PvE, maybe, vs Boss] I’d say one of the most balanced if used properly, and annoying as a -beep- if you fight/ spam it. Really useful. Used to judge movement from enemies since most of the time (or all the time), they run away from it. If you have low stamina, use this little guy and follow it as you recharge ^^.

Down Shot: [ PvP, good for moving PvE, not too recommended] This is another skill which I like but most of the time use during fights with melee-ers. It’s a nasty combo with teleport if you use it correctly since. It’s mostly used for it’s distance, not for it’s damage.

Fire Pitch: [PvP. MUST!! PvE hm… yes.] The core melee I would say. The spin has a nice range vs fighters, but not so good vs slashers. One of the best melee skills (or ‘only’ i should say) for a mage.

Teleport Air:[PvP. Recommended. PvE. So-so] This skill is like your only second-to only skill to surprise those melee-ers. Also a great escape use, instead of running. Beware the timing. You have a slightly 0.2-0.3s vunerable time after this, which if they haven’t started to attack yet, you are half a step faster than your opponent.

Dancing Roll:[PvP. Don’t. PvE. Meh, if you like more Melee] Just tested this. Really Sh1- doo doo. Re-readed Pitch Combo ^. The fireball at the beginning already hard enough to cast with if they are close,and to top it off, the second whack has too long of a cast time, and too short. Unless they remove the second whack or give it a shorter cast time, don’t get this.

Firewall: [PvP: depends on style. otherwise, 50-50. PvE Recommended] Firewall. Underestimated by Mages, overestimated by other classes. Use this on PvP, you just need to predict which direction they’ll go- left or right then teleport there. But this is too overestimated by other class which puts you to the advantage. It doesn’t cause flinch (at least thats what i see), and only does the damage once, if they touch the wall. Does a nice critical damage.

Manes: [PvP: Recommended. PvE: Depends on How you play] Love this skill. Combine with a few criticals within the 3 blast you have a nice damage. This is a nice combination with Frozen Circle.

Seize Combo: [PvP: No-no. PvE: Yes-ish.] TBA. PvP? really? random chances of hitting, really loong cast time, and a flashy finishing shot. Meaning, no.

Seize Ice: [PvP: Recommended. PvE: Dunno] TBA. Heard you can lock someone with this. But really? you gunno anger them off for just a win? I rather use this wisely. Otherwise, a nice skill. Has a sorta semi-long cast time in the video.

Seize Fire: [PvP, PvE: TBA] TBA. Based on the video, it’s a real, no in a 1 vs 1. The cast time is like 2 seconds? Which means they can just dash at you in less than 0.8 seconds.

Teleport Cannon: [PvP: TBA, PvE:Not recommended] TBA. This skill looks like it has a big potential. By the looks of the video, you can combine this with Down Shot afterwards, and then you can do a nice teleport air toward them. That’s my thought anyways.

Round Attack: [PvP: TBA, PvE: TBA]TBA. I’d say an attack ver. of teleport air. Only down side i see to this, is that the cast time for it after you teleport. Otherwise, a nice AoE attack.

Fire Cracker: [PvP: TBA, PvE: HELL YES!] A melee + AoE splash?! wewts. only downside to this attack is that delay/cast time between the melee and the AoE.


For a mage, this is the only opinion. Control the flow, predict their movements. Get the fu..dge out of their range, and get into your range. As a mage, you don’t have much of a combo-lock/combination which you are able to gaurantee a nice amount of damage. Instead you focus on keeping them in line, with your ranged attack, and then predicting at which location they’ll be able and strike there with certainty.

[310]Mage VS Fighters

I’d said there are about 3 types of fighters. Runners, Experienced, Spammers. Fighters are more annoying as it feels like it has a force field within a metre’s distance from their character. If you stupid enter this ‘comfort’ zone of them, you have a 15% chance (im guessing of course) to be able to brawl them into winning that space.


Yup, you should know these by now, those ones that hide behind the Pot in the middle all the time, spider or no spider. But it’s simple to beat them. Instead of chasing them or spamming more spiders, which of course doesn’t work, walk slowly in a diagonal towards them. Like Anyone, they’ll see that you are close to them (about 1.5m away.) they are bounded to come straight for you. take a step back so that there is about a 1.5m distance, (never 1m), and either you do a spider, or you instead, take a step forward, and do a Fire Pitch.


One of the most annoying people. But same as runners, if they can’t reach you, they can’t spam you. Create a distance between you and them. But watch out, most of the time spammers have experience, so they know how to get close to you. Once you are in their skill spamming trap, pray that they’ll screw up or you manage to get away. Most of the time they screw up 1 out of 4 times. For mages, you only have 4 chances to live. 3 chances if you don’t have the right equips. The only type of fighting spammers which i remember is a fighter that spammed the throwing skill. He threw me into a corner and when ever i came out, he threw me back into the corner. Somehow that throwing skill has the same range as a slasher melee or not, even more longer. Keep your distance, and spider him if he charges towards you.


Oh boy. Most pain in da -beep- ones yet. These guy play fair (well, 7/9 of the times, they do/you feel like it), and you’ll have a great time fighting them. These guys know how to combo, and know how to maintain/cover distance in a split second. You only have to be caught 2 to3 times until you get combo-ed to death meaning, that’s the only chances you have to live. Distance is the key. 1.75m -2.5m is the ideal distance that you want them to be in (about the same distance as firewall).

~~~4-6 metres away from you(the length your normal attack, 3 fireball)

Don’t spam spiders.They’ll just go away from you or walk into a circle and back at you. By the time you spam the spiders they’ll just wait it out and I know that you’ll be the one that has the lowest health since you are desperate enough to spam the spiders. If they are closing in (about 3-5m) then use a spider to judge how they will react. Most of the time they either move away from you which means you have to start all over again, or they move to the sides. The opinion you want is move to the sides. As the move to the sides, they WILL move closer to you, or you will move closer to them. If the spider is almost dead (about 3/10 seconds left), and you still haven’t reached the 3-4 metres, you can repeat the spider trick or you can be the aggressive one.

Use teleport air (space + space) and go diagonal of the direction they are going (like in the direction 1 step ahead of them). Teleport air will give you a 1.5m boost but you’ll be about a step behind them in terms of cast time. If you use this trick, you can judge how they react to you coming closer. If they are the type to back off from the spider, and the teleport, be more aggressive, but NEVER get too close to them (2m) with teleport air, because you’ll be a step behind them.

~~3-4m (mid distance) Little to half way from your normal 3 fire balls, and just out of the reach of firewall.

This is the fun part, this is where they most of the time are going to want to get close to you and this is near the tip of the blue dash skill that the fighter has. This is also a risky distances too. You have 3 options, spider, teleport, and if you have, fire wall. Spider is your safest option but it’s the one with the most chances of removing your aggro-ed opponent and sending him running (just like in safari zone in pokemon ) I’d say only spider if you are confident enough that he is going attack you within the next 4-7 seconds. You must know his pattern/behaviour of his aggressiveness by now.

Using teleport, the second opinion is a 70% win 30% lose, chance. If you pick the right direction, you’ll be right in front of him by surprise and have half a step advantage to cast the Fire Pitch. If you miss the distance of the Fire Pitch (which you haven’t cast yet), either you teleport to another area close to him, teleport away, or Fire Pitch for safety. Or you can do the last thing, bait him with a jump> down shot which he’ll be punching at you by now, and when you do a Down Shot, use teleport to that location again and use fire pitch. If he is 1.5m away from you, you can use Frozen Circle, but beware.

Firewall opinion is a risky double edge sword. If he rushes towards you, while you are casting it, you are might as well doomed. But he maintains his distance, firewall is a good opinion to limit his mobility, which makes it easy to follow up with a teleport technique above, since he is moving left/right. It is more better if you angle the firewall so that the chances are, he’ll go to one direction.

~~1.75m – 2.5m
(teleporting distance)

The best area of them all. This is the distance you are after if you are a melee mage. This is out of the reach of the fighter’s fist (but within the reach of the blue dash), but you have the advantage. You can either teleport attack, or bait them to come close to you and do a Frozen circle. Either way, this area is your domiant. you have a 1/5 chances to screw up You can spider them, and then chase them down with teleport and Fire Pitch, or you can do a normal fire attack. But watch out if you do Frozen Circle. 2m (about the inside distance of Firewall), is an area which Frozen Circle can’t reach, and Frozen circle’s area, is within a fist’s distance. After the Frozen Circle, you can either Mane, or normal fire them. If they are any closer to you, they have the advantage.


Finally I am done. Credits are to the people who developed this game, me for writings this over 4k words guide, and to the others that will contribute in the future. Thank you for reading this essay.

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