How to send a message to all your Facebook friends

How to send a message to all your Facebook friends

If you take the time to create a friends list of ALL your friends, then it is easy to send messages through the Events Function (WITHOUT the restriction of 20 people)

1. Create a new Friends List – for example, call it “MY FRIENDS”
2. Create a new event by clicking on “Events” from your Home page ( you will have to name it something – and it’s a good idea to make it private so no one gets confused seeing it on your profile)
3. Click on “Select Guests”
4. Click on the “Filter Friends” drop-down menu and you will see the new friends list you just created (“MY FRIENDS”)
5. You will now see “You are viewing XXX friends from….” and directly to the right is the option to “Select All”
6. Click on “Select All”, and then “Save and Close” at the bottom
7. You have now created an “Event” with all of your friends as “Guests”. You can now send a message to everyone by clicking on “Message Guests” in the top-right corner of the Event’s page.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Is this still working? Because when I send a message using the event, my friends do not get any message in their inbox. Reply is highly appreciated. Thank you!

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