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Galaxy Online II Corresponding Blueprints in Treasure Boxes by Josh Jiang

TypeNamecorresponding level of treasure box:
Frigate BlueprintAir Wanderer( Blueprint)1
Frigate BlueprintValkyrie( Blueprint)4
Frigate BlueprintGoGetter( Blueprint)7
Frigate BlueprintSpace Hunter( Blueprint)13
Frigate BlueprintSparrow (Blueprint)16
Frigate BlueprintDevourer( Blueprint)19
Frigate BlueprintPolymesus( Blueprint)22
Frigate BlueprintCybra( Blueprint)25
Frigate BlueprintHamdar( Blueprint)28
Cruiser BlueprintBombardier( Blueprint)1
Cruiser BlueprintDuke( Blueprint)4
Cruiser BlueprintThe Shuttler( Blueprint)7
Cruiser BlueprintWatchman( Blueprint)10
Cruiser BlueprintSpinner( Blueprint)16
Cruiser BlueprintWraith( Blueprint)19
Cruiser BlueprintEncratos( Blueprint)22
Cruiser BlueprintNicholas( Blueprint)25
Cruiser BlueprintHelena( Blueprint)28
Cruiser BlueprintIndustrial Shipt Blueprint)13
Battleship BlueprintNettle( Blueprint)1
Battleship BlueprintDiaz( Blueprint)4
Battleship BlueprintRV766-The Explorer Blueprint)7
Battleship BlueprintPalenka( Blueprint)10
Battleship BlueprintHowler( Blueprint)13
Battleship BlueprintWhirlpool( Blueprint)19
Battleship BlueprintCerberus( Blueprint)22
Battleship BlueprintGenesis( Blueprint)25
Battleship BlueprintTiamat( Blueprint)28
Planet BlueprintMolotov Cocktail( Blueprint)3
Planet BlueprintHeavy Duty( Blueprint)6
Planet BlueprintStar Shooter( Blueprint)12
Planet BlueprintSmasher( Blueprint)18
Planet BlueprintDoomsday( Blueprint)24
Ballistics Blueprint“Tempest” Rapid Fire( Blueprint)3
Ballistics Blueprint“Wiseman” Scatterbomb( Blueprint)6
Ballistics BlueprintGatling Cannon( Blueprint)9
Ballistics Blueprint“Blaze’Auto Cannon( Blueprint)12
Ballistics Blueprint“Typhoon” Speed Cannon( Blueprint)15
Ballistics Blueprint“Tenho” Dimensional Bomb( Blueprint)18
Ballistics Blueprint“Flash” Sonicbomb( Blueprint)21
Ballistics Blueprint“Calamity” Howitzer( Blueprint)24
Ballistics Blueprint“Deathhowl” Shockwave( Blueprint)27
Ballistics Blueprint“Ares” Widowmaker( Blueprint)30
Orientation BlueprintPulse Laser Transmitted Blueprint)3
Orientation BlueprintGuided Laser Bomb( Blueprint)6
Orientation BlueprintThe Sumo( Blueprint)9
Orientation BlueprintMagneto Bomb( Blueprint)12
Orientation BlueprintPlasma Energy Cannon( Blueprint)15
Orientation BlueprintPositron Bomb( Blueprint)18
Orientation BlueprintMeltdown( Blueprint)21
Orientation BlueprintHeartstopper( Blueprint)24
Orientation Blueprint“Princess” Lightspear( Blueprint)27
Orientation Blueprint“Tomahawk” Godfist( Blueprint)30
Missile BlueprintRocket Booster( Blueprint)3
Missile Blueprint“Razor” Missle Pod( Blueprint)6
Missile BlueprintRefined Rocket Frame( Blueprint)9
Missile Blueprint“Poacher” Firebomb( Blueprint)12
Missile BlueprintBoomerang Rocket Rack( Blueprint)15
Missile Blueprint“Hellfire” Missile Pod( Blueprint)18
Missile Blueprint“Destroyer” Rocket Rack( Blueprint)21
Missile Blu eprint“Thunder” Missile Pod( Blueprint)24
Missile Blu eprint“Destroyer” Nuclear Rack( Blueprint)27
Missile Blu eprint“Doomsday” Nuclear Launcher( Blueprint)30
Fighter-based Blueprint“Hunter” Streamliner( Blueprint)3
Fighter-based BlueprintLadybug( Blueprint)6
Fighter-based Blueprint“Nomad” Streamliner( Blueprint)9
Fighter-based BlueprintDragonturtle( Blueprint)12
Fighter-based Blueprint“Leopard” Streamliner( Blueprint)15
Fighter-based BlueprintGuardian( Blueprint)18
Fighter-based Blueprint“Warhammer” Streamliner( Blueprint)21
Fighter-based BlueprintHammerhead( Blueprint)24
Fighter-based BlueprintHornet Swarm( Blueprint)27
Fighter-based BlueprintPandora( Blueprint)30
Structure BlueprintGravity Maintenance Facility( Blueprint)2
Structure BlueprintHull Maintenance Mechanic( Blueprint)14
Structure BlueprintQuick Reaction Armor( Blueprint)23
Structure BlueprintReflective Plating( Blueprint)20
Structure BlueprintEnergy Armor( Blueprint)23
Structure BlueprintDaedalus Control System( Blueprint)29
Shield BlueprintParticle Stun Shield( Blueprint)2
Shield BlueprintHeat Diffusion Shield( Blueprint)5
Shield BlueprintSpace-Time Magnetic Shield( Blueprint)8
Shield BlueprintDetonator Shield( Blueprint)14
Shield BlueprintShield Regenerator( Blueprint)17
Shield BlueprintEos Phase Shift Shield( Blueprint)26
Electron BlueprintAgility Booster( Blueprint)8
Electron BlueprintInfrared Scanner( Blueprint)11
Electron BlueprintECM Booster( Blueprint)20
Electron BlueprintAuto Target System( Blueprint)26
Air-defence BlueprintMissile Interception System( Blueprint)5
Air-defence BlueprintFighter-based Air Interception Cabin( Blueprint)8
Air-defence BlueprintPowered Pulse Cannon( Blueprint)20
Air-defence BlueprintExtreme Counterattack System( Blueprint)23
Transmission BlueprintTeam Combat Engine( Blueprint)29
Warehouse BlueprintStation Warehouse( Blueprint)11
Warehouse BlueprintNano Station Warehouse( Blueprint)23
Special Ship BlueprintFleetfoot( Blueprint)15
Special Ship BlueprintHedgehog( Blueprint)21 19
Special Ship BlueprintBolencia Warship( Blueprint)18 /  16?
Structure BlueprintAtomic Framework ( Blueprint)2
Shield BlueprintOrbital Shield ( Blueprint)5

Blueprints by Instance

Instance   Blueprints (Type)

1          Air Wanderer (Frigate)
Bombardier (Cruiser)
Nettle (Battleship)
2          Atomic Framework (Structure)
Gravity Maintenance Facility (Structure)
Particle Stun Shield (Shield)
3          Molotov Cocktail (Planet)
“Tempest” Rapid Fire (Ballistic)
Pulse Laser Transmitter (Orientation)
Rocket Booster (Missile)
“Hunter” Streamliner (Fighter)
4          Valkyrie (Frigate)
Duke (Cruiser)
Diaz (Battleship)
5          Heat diffusion Shield (Shield)
Orbital Shield (Shield)
Missile Interception System (Air-Defense)
6          Heavy Duty (Planet)
“Wiseman” Scatterbomb (Ballistic)
Guided Laser Bomb (Orientation)
“Razor” Missile Pod (Missile)
Ladybug (Fighter)
7          Go-Getter (Frigate)
The Shuttler (Cruiser)
RV766-The Explorer (Battleship)
8          Space-Time Magnetic Shield (Shield)
Agility Booster (Electron)
Fighter-Based Interception Cabin (Air-Defense)
9          Gattling Cannon (Ballistic)
The Sumo (Orientation)
Refined Rocket Frame (Missile)
“Nomad” Streamliner (Fighter)
10         Watchman (Cruiser)
Palenka (Battleship)
Space Hunter (Frigate)?
11         Infrared Scanner (Electron)
Station Warehouse (Warehouse)
12         Star Shooter (Planet)
“Blaze” Auto Cannon (Ballistic)
Magneton Bomb (Orientation)
“Poacher” Firebomb (Missile)
Dragon-Turtle (Fighter)
13        Space Hunter (Frigate)
Howler (Battleship)
Industrial Ship (Special Hull)
Fleetfoot (Special Hull)
14         Hull Maintenance Mechanic (Structure)
Detonator Shield (Shield)
15        “Typhoon” Speed Cannon (Ballistic)
Plasma Energy Cannon (Orientation)
Boomerang Rocket Rack (Missile)
“Leopard” Streamliner (Fighter)
16        Sparrow (Frigate)
Spinner (Cruiser)
Bolencia Warship
17        Shield Regenerator (Shield)
18        Smasher (Planet)
“Tenho” Dimensional Bomb (Ballistic)
Positron Bomb (Orientation)
“Hellfire” Missile Pod (Missile)
Guardian (Fighter)
19        Devourer (Frigate)
Wraith (Cruiser)
Whirlpool (Battleship)
20        Reflective Plating (Structure)
ECM Booster (Electron)
Powered Pulse Cannon (Air-Defense)
21        “Flash” Sonicbomb (Ballistic)
Meltdown (Orientation)
“Destroyer” Rocket Rack (Missile)
“Warhammer” Streamliner (Fighter)
22       Polymesus (Frigate)
Encratos (Cruiser)
Cerberus (Battleship)
23        Quick Reaction Armor (Structure)
Energy Armor (Structure)
Extreme Counterattack System (Air-Defense)
Nano Station Warehouse (Warehouse)
24        Doomsday (Planet)
“Calamity” Howitzer (Ballistic)
Heartstopper (Orientation)
“Thunder” Missile Pod (Missile)
Hammerhead (Fighter)
25        Cybra (Frigate)
Nicholas (Cruiser)
Genesis (Battleship)
26        EOS Phase Shift Shield (Shield)
Auto Target System (Electron)
27        “Deathhowl” Shockwave (Ballistic)
“Princess” Lightspear (Orientation)
“Destroyer” Nuclear Rack (Missile)
Hornet Swarm (Fighter)
28        Hamdar (Frigate)
Helena (Cruiser)
Tiamat (Battleship)
29        Daedelus Control System (Structure)
Team Combat Engine (Transmission)
30        “Aries” Widowmaker (Ballistic)
“Tomahawk” Godfist (Orientation)
“Doomsday” Nuclear Launcher (Missile)
Pandora (Fighter)
Anti-Matter Engine (Transmission)

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