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Starting Guide by catmanField
First things first. I recommend going straight to the Field and building each available space with a mixture of Farms, Quarries, Mines and Logging Camp. It’s more efficient to place one of each and then upgrade them. Filling the spaces with higher level structures produces more resources, but is completed much slower than starting new ones. A few high level resource gatherers are better than many low level buildings for resource output. This will give you the ability to build several structures in the town that require farm, quarry, mine and logging camp prerequisites.

I recommend that you go to your town after your field has several farms, mines, etc. all at level 5 or 6 to start placing buildings in your town.

When you start placing buildings in the town, the numbers of structures will be similar between yours and other players. You should start with an Academy, Barracks and Tavern. Each one of these has a quest line with rewards that exceed production costs. You might want to make each one level 2 before you continue with the rest of the buildings, so that you have the extra resources to construct most of the rest of what you need in the town. You should also increase the Town Center to level 2. You should keep the Town Center, Barracks and Academy all around the same level so you can afford the next upgrades and collect on the quests in the most efficient way possible. You can fill the rest of the spaces with cottages and save one or two spots in case you realize later that you missed something. In the worst case, you can click on the “Downgrade” button of a building to have the option of destroying it to make room for something else.

Since some buildings are more important than others, I recommend that next you build a Great Hall, March Site, Watch Tower, Workshop, Blacksmith and Storehouse. I recommend that you save space for, but hold off on building a Way Station, Keep, Merchant Square, Stable, Hospice, and most importantly, the Chancery. You can build a Chancery when you are able to fight other players. Building the Chancery, alone, will not reveal your town to other players. You also need to click the “Join the Battle” button when you open your Chancery. As far as I know, you can upgrade your Chancery as high as you want (up to 10) and never click “Join the Battle” until you are ready. The other structures you should wait on serve you little purpose when you start out, and using the resources they would require to build can be used for building things that are more important for efficiency.

You can only construct one building at a time, but you are able to do more than one thing at a time. You can be constructing/upgrading, researching, training, attacking/marching and fortifying your wall all at the same time. As soon as your Academy is level 1 and higher, you should be using it to research as many things as you can while you do other things.

I recommend that you hire at least two heroes from the Tavern. The first hero should have a good defense and a low level, so that he can be a constant Mayor. The other hero should have a good attack and be of any level you choose. Caution, though, because the higher the level will use a higher gold consumption rate. When I started out I tried to get the highest Hero I could in order to let him do all the fighting work, which was a mistake. He took too much gold too fast and I later found lower level Heroes with a higher attack that would have cost me less with better benefits.

Every town can (and should) have a Mayor. The Mayor is a hero, acquired through the use of a Tavern, who resides in the Great Hall. The Hero acquires experiences while he is in office as Mayor, but cannot be sent on any missions. The higher defense the mayor has, the better off his town is if it’s attacked.

Make sure to check your quest book often. You can see some of the upcoming quests, as well as collect rewards for quests you have completed. Some quests will reward you with amounts of resources that exceed the resources necessary to complete them. For example, a quest might want you to upgrade a structure that uses 500 wood and 500 stone, and then reward you with 750 wood and 750 stone. These extra resources should be kept for the next upgrade to minimize the amount of time you need to collect from your field for building and upgrading requirements. Quests for the Academy, Barracks, Town Center and the Wall all yield higher rewards than construction costs up to, and including, level 5. The Barracks continues beyond the others, and has a higher payoff from quests than what you spend upgrading it until at least level 8.
Easy Gold
You can do a few easy quests for considerable gold output. After you build your Merchant Square you will be able to open it’s buying and selling functions. You can complete two easy quests for almost 2000 gold by buying 1 food, waiting 30 minutes for delivery, and then selling it back for .11 gold. Each transaction is worth around 960 gold. You can gain much higher amounts by upgrading and researching at your Academy. Each area of research will complete a quest at level 1 that rewards you with thousands of coins in the quest book.
You can also get some really easy gold after you get your population to around 10,000 or higher. You need to go to your town summary and manage the tax rate. Change the tax rate to 100% and then go collect some revenue quest rewards. As long as the tax rate is not 100% for very long, none of your population or idle population will leave and you can complete a few quests. You should then change the tax back to the original rate.

The barracks is used to train troops. You should start by recruiting 15 Peasants and 15 Militia, in order to collect the quest rewards early. You could produce stronger troops for the rewards, but you don’t need them until you are ready to try scouting/attacking a territory or other player’s town.

The wall can be fortified with traps and other deadly mechanisms. You might want to make 20 traps and 20 of each of the following mechanisms as your Wall increases in level for the quest rewards. Other than this, you don’t really need to fortify your wall until you are ready for a Chancery, and for other armies to attack you.

Town Center
When you are done all of these things you are ready to start training troops. Troops can be trained while you are constructing or upgrading, but you might want to wait until you have your town started and your fields earning you resources before you start producing many troops. Troops are expensive to produce in large quantities, and can’t do much more than attack territories until you build a Chancery. When trying to attack a territory you should be very careful of which area to try to take over. If the enemy is too strong all of your troops will be killed except your Hero, and you can only control the same number of other territories as your Town Center’s level.

extended leave:
Before any extended leave of an hour or more, you should try to do several things. First, you should upgrade your structures in the Field as high as you can, in order to yield the highest amount of resources while you are gone. Next, you should make sure you have a Mayor assigned, which cuts down on completion timers and increases your town’s defense. If you try to take over territories, you might want to send your second Hero with an army to attack a distant territory while you’re gone. You also should try to start a research project with a long duration, and perhaps even some long duration troop training.

I hope this guide helps. I put in as much information as I could from what I have learned since I started playing Verdonia yesterday.

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