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Verdonia Rouge City Guide by Yrolog

Hi in here you can post any info about Rogue towns—how you are farming them what medals/items you got from it and Ress amountUPdate** Some Rogues Bugged again!!! Data for 10lvl Added!

Resetting time for Rogues 6 hours

ill start and will try to help ppl to grow faster with it as Rogue towns is the Best way to Grow fast!!

Fastest and cheapest way is Militia/Peasants attack ill write about it!
Only Militia With layer and Peasants to carry res back
and you will not get “abatis” bug this way )
NOTE****** XP your hero will get Depends on His Attack lvl also

  1. 1lvl 90k food 35k all other 50k gold= 245k
    with it you have several options—- best was for new player– 1200peasants 2000 militia 1swordsman 1billman 1spearman also doable with Horses with small looses and with Ballistas and wagons with no looses at all around 500 xp for Hero
  2. 2lvl 180k food 50k all other 60k gold=390k with ballistas you will lose 7of them and as its a lot of time rebuilding not best idea 3000 peasants with 6000militia 1sword 1billman 1pickman to grab all ress——- 650 peasant 350 militia died 1.1k xp for hero
  3. 3lvl 850k food 120k all other 80k gold=1290k for minimal loses best way to use 65k+ militia with 1peasant/sword/bill/pick/archer/cavalry/knight will lose around 900 militia Only Why 65k Militia because they can carry all res from city. Here is big Difference in XP (my theory it depends on how many troops you sent in attack) around 60k XP (with the setup i gave*)From here attack is always Same Layer (1 of each troop) + Militia
    As fast as possible must be sent 2nd wave with same Layer + Peasants+ some Militia (at least 2k better more to lower peasants loses)
  4. 4lvl 1.4mill Food 200k other 110k gold=2110k this one can be done in a wave with Militia 2.2k militia dead Around 60k Xp for hero
  5. 5lvl 2.7mill food 300k other 150k gold=3.75mill it cant be done in 1 wave of militia
    1st wave around 3-3.5k Militia loses!! 2nd wave with peasants around 300 peasants and 150 militia Dead 70k xp
  6. 6lvl Idont have 6lvl Rogue i already captured it so cant add Info on it Doable with 30k militia +Layer (if any1 got info pls share )
    ill abandon it soon and will post anyway
  7. 7lvl BUGGED 4.4mill food 600k other 260k gold=6.46mill in a 1st Militia wave 10-11k loses
    2nd Peasants +Militia+layer 400-500Peasant and 200-300 militia Dead!! same 6+mill XPnot best targets for loot But Perfect For Capturing
  8. 8lvl Still doable with Militia 30-35k loses second wave if fast 500-1000 militia loses Regenerate slowly after 30min attack still not full defense in the city fairly low casualties. Some times Resetting to full Deff but not resets Happiness so be careful better send Big waves will take longer but for sure… normally 30k militia wave is more than Ok for 2nd-6th wave to capture town
  9. 9lvlfor now cant give correct ammount about res in the city i used 33k peasants to take it and probably it wasn’t enough 7.5mill+ food 560k+ others 450k+ gold almost same as 8lvl with same looses as its most wanted Lvl ill post Pictures of Attacking wave with 30k militia loses only
  10. 10lvl 20mill food 1mill other 700k Gold cant do with Militia

P.S right now i dont have time to post Minimal Setup to win Battle Will add it a bit later today

LASTchanges= Now every attack lowering Happiness only by 5!!!!!! and rising muuuch faster All who was happy to get you High lvl Rogue GRATZ others too sad now need much more troops to take them*****

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